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Persons of Interest

Post your original application here as well as a link to your.character sheet. use Myth-weavers to create your sheet.
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Diana E. Hartman
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Class: Sophmore

Character Concept: A mobile Superhero timeout. This martial artist and Soccer captain in training has the ability to Nullify powers of those around her. While she may not consider it to be as cool as being SuperGirl or Wonder Woman, this power may come in handy later. She also has the ability to open up a dimensional pocket in the universe, for stowing things - or people. Mostly she uses it to carry exercise clothes home or school books, though is she does both, her books still smell like sweat socks.

Diana stands tall in her crisp blue and white soccer uniform at a muscled five feet and four inches, weighing in around 140 lbs. Brown hair mimics the latest Emma pixie cut and her hazel eyes are hidden behind colored contacts that turn them to a dark emerald green. When she's not in uniform, she's dressed in jeans, sneakers, a loose t-shirt and a school sweatshirt, her belt loop sporting a belt made of a chain holding a green lucky rabbit's foot that she carries with her to all of her games. She carries a pair of pink knitting needles and some yarn with her for class lectures, which she uses to keep her hands occupied and her mind on the lecture.

Personality: "Beat it, loser, before I break your arm with my pinky..."Diana likes to be highly active, and her rigourous schedule of morning training and afternoon practice is what keeps her sitting and focused in the classroom. Attention Deficit Disorder used to make her unable to focus in the classroom without medication, but recent years teachings of mediation and focusing techniques from Kung-fu practice has helped with her classroom work and helped her develop a thicker skin when people confront and tease her. She is slightly loud and boisterous, and likes to hang out with people that can respect in-your-face confrontations and honesty.


As a sophmore, Diana's main focus at the moment is kung-fu, soccer, her driver's test, and her schoolwork, preferably in that order. Someday she thinks she will be working as a police officer or a sports star, but for now, she needs to get her driver's liscence so she can stop taking the bus.

Clique: Jocks.Sports teams are like a ready-made group of friends most of the time, and with her time constraints holding her back from spending time making friends, Diana's main companions are soccer teammates or those that she sees from the dojo in the mornings. The Male and Female soccer teams are held in a lower position than football, especially in the fall, but they start ruling the spring when the football season ends. The women's team has been on a winning streak lately.
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Name: Scott Reynolds

Age: 18 years old

Gender: Male

Appearance: Before the accident, Scott Reynolds was an average teenager. Scruffy brown hair, a few zits here and there, and an awkward aura around him that only a teenager could possess. He did have two things going for him though, a nice smile and deep forest green eyes. After the accident, he was dismayed by the fact that his eyes were no longer their lustrous green, but instead a dull blue. His hair became permanently straight, with a slight curve towards the right as it got nearer to his forehead. The most prominent change to his appearance was the white that replaced his hair color. Add to that the fact that he became ruggedly handsome seemingly overnight and he was suddenly a different person.

His hair has since been dyed back to his natural brown, or as close as he could get.

Background: Scott was an average teenager, with an above average intelligence that allowed him to keep his grades in the top ten percentile of his school, but he had a habit of annoying his friends. He didn't try on purpose, it was just that he had no willing suspension of disbelief. As such, he would find the faults in everything, jokes, lies they told to look cool, movies they liked, until eventually it was time to find a new group of friends. After a while of this, he decided to not talk much, putting up a shield of indifference and not getting close to people. His parents were always kind to him, if a little impatient. They didn't mind what he did, so long as he kept his grades up and stayed out of trouble. He had nothing to ask for, but no connection with anyone. All he had was a picture of his two best friends from his childhood.

"Wake up Scott! If you miss the bus I'm not driving you." Scott stumbled downstairs, toothbrush in his mouth and a belt hanging loosely around his waist. He picked up the money for food off the counter then kissed his mom on the cheek and walked out the door. She needs to work on her threats, missing school would be great. The bus left right as he got out, so he picked his bike up from his driveway and rode it until he was halfway to his school. He pulled into a gas station, then jumped off and ran into the convenience store. He came out with a slushie, blue raspberry of course, and started pedaling to school again. He walked into the school nervously, it was the day he took his road test. He said hi to his friends for the year, then walked back to where the driving lessons were being held. "Excuse me, Mr. Martin? I'm ready to take my road test." Mr. Martin looked at him for a minute as only a person who worked at a DMV could, then motioned with his hand for Scott to follow him. They got into the car, Scott performed his hand signals, how to turn on headlights/blinkers/and windshield wipers, then he put the car in drive and did the course. He did excellent, avoiding every cone and passing each obstacle perfectly. At the end of the test the instructor looked at him with those blank, soulless eyes, then said "Congratulations, you pass." with no hint of emotion. Scott took his paperwork and went down to the DMV after school. He waited two hours, but it was worth it to finally have a license. He rode his bike back home, then stopped in his driveway, his parents bought him a car. He whipped out his cell phone, calling three people: two of his old friends and the object of his desire.

They all showed up, even his crush surprisingly, so they went for a joy ride as any teenager would try to do immediately after getting their license. They drove a few blocks, went over the speed limit here and there, and braked hard at the sight of any cops for a little over an hour before they decided to stop and get some food.
Scott dropped off the other teens at the restaurant, then drove around aimlessly attempting to find a parking spot. He finally saw one at the end of the block, in front of a strange looking chemical plant. He sped up to make it to his spot, when all of a sudden another car cut him off. Scott crashed head on into him, getting launched out through his windshield. Miraculously, he was launched all the way into a vat of liquid he didn't recognize, but thankfully was big enough to catch him after his initial "skip" on the surface. He got out of the vat, feeling bruises and broken bones everywhere. He began stumbling to get somebody's help, eventually falling over and feeling a sharp spike of pain. He rolled onto his back, looking up at the sky about to give up, when all of a sudden two other teenagers came out of nowhere and helped him up. When they grabbed his arms to lift him, the pain was gone. He couldn't understand it, but he was just grateful to be alive. He thanks the two teens, then recognized them: they went to school with him.

Personality: Fairly sensitive and attuned to the emotions of those around him, but through different experiences he's put up a wall of indifference and cynicism.

Clique: Scott never belonged to a clique, rather he had a different group of friends in school every few years. He had two best friends from an early age, but they had all split and gone their different ways as they grew up.
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Name: Quentin Masters

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Concept: Quentin seems to be becoming some sort of Overmind. His mind has expanded to the point where he operates on a higher level of consciousness. His intelligence is frighteningly high along with various psychic abilities such as aura reading, telepathy, and mind control.

Appearance: Quentin has taken to wearing more sunglasses since the accident but otherwise he seems unchanged. His eyes seem to have more eye shine then a person but that seems to be all. He keeps his hair short and his face clean, but likes to get his hands dirty. Thin and kind of dorky looking he sort of mixes punk and hipster trends in his dress.

Personality: 'Live As A Poem Or Die As A Fool' are the words he lives by. If you can't do something with any sort of style or artistic merit then what's the point of doing it? Have a little showmanship, a bit of pride in what you do. Is also very idealistic, though he can be a right sneaky bastard when the situation calls for it. And of course he gets outright snarky, especially when Raven Wilder is involved. Right now it's a friendly rivalry and, contrary to some rumors, nothing more.

Clique: Of course he's a drama club geek. He's done acting and tech work for school plays before and he has no intention to stop. Although with his expanded intelligence he's getting the attention of the science clubbers as well. Just because he prefers drama, doesn't mean he's not become insanely good with science, mathematics, and engineering.

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Name: Christian “Chris” Kane

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Animal Mimicry. By tapping into the Earth’s Morphogenetic Field he is able to acquire the traits and abilities of the animal kingdom.

Appearance: Since the accident, Chris has went from an a lean average sized teenager to a well toned muscular young man. His dirty blond hair has grown exponentially and now hangs down to the lower part of his back while maintaining a wild 80’s hair band style. His canines have become noticeably longer and sharper, but not to the point where they are like those of a vampire from an old movie. Chris’ green eyes have intense greenish-yellow hue to them since the accident and can seem to shine if the light hits them just right. A pair of black tribal tattoos mysteriously appear on his face running from his cheeks to his forehead whenever he taps into the Earth’s morphogenetic field. Chris tends to wear earth-toned colors such as browns, blacks, and greens primarily. He is very seldom seen not wearing either his brown leather jacket or his black leather jacket regardless of the weather. Chris tends to wear boots at all times, whether they are hiking boots or biker boots depends on his ensemble for the day.


Personality: Chris has always had a bit of a defiant streak in him. He resents authority, but doesn’t actively seek out disrupting it. He just kind of gets himself in situations where he is confronted by it. Whether it is the way he looks, the way he dresses, or his attitude, he always seems to find himself at odds with the accepted norm. “Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do” seems to be his motto. Oftentimes he will do something just because someone tells him not to do it. This is within reason. He wouldn’t jump off a cliff because someone told him not to do it, but he would have no qualms about going up and standing at the edge of a cliff because someone told him not to do it. Since the accident he has become far more hot tempered than he ever was before. Easily angered by even the smallest of things. This had lead to an increasing number of confrontations and fights, both physically and verbally, than he had ever had before. Often working off instinct, Chris tends to think with his gut and heart over his head. He has a deeply hidden empathy for people and animals in particular. He wants to make friends, but often finds it difficult to get his personality to mesh with others. Chris doesn’t like to admit it, but he tends to look after those he considers part of his pack with intense protectiveness and will not suffer any harm in any form of the word toward them. While he deeply cares for all animals, he also is an avid carnivore who understands the circle of life.

Clique: Non-Conformist by circumstance due to his trouble making friends and his over protective nature.

RP Sample (Warning: It is long)



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Name: Samantha Julia Walker

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Concept: Paragon style character using touch-range telekinesis for shields, strikes, and to simulate super-strength

Appearance: Samantha is a very attractive young woman who stands just about five and a half feet tall and has a trim, petite build. She was a competitive swimmer at her former school and although she has not joined the swim team at her new school, she still makes a point of swimming almost every day. She has blue eyes and long auburn hair that she typically puts a red rinse through to enhance the red color.

Background: The youngest daughter of a Minister and a Social Worker, Samantha has an older brother and sister who are fraternal twins and seniors in college. Samantha led a fairly sheltered life and was enrolled in a private school until she was 15, when her life was forever changed...for the first time. A sophomore in High School, Samantha quickly fell in with the popular girls and her parents were happy to let her go out with them to what they though was the movies. Samantha's new friends really took her to a party where alchohol was in abundance and her friends were happy to indulge and convinced Samantha to try her first, second and third drinks. They stayed at the party past Samantha's curfew and on the way home, Samantha's friend swerved out of control and struck a telephone pole, which caused the death of one of the girls and injured the rest of them. However, Samantha's "friends" showed their true colors and the driver coonvinced Samantha to sit behind the wheel and say she was driving because she was the youngest and the cops would be more lenient. Samantha believed them and for almost two years she would be in a legal battle fighting to prove her innocence.

Home schooled from that point on and Samantha was the center of attention every time she went out into public. Many people, including the parents of the dead girl, thought she was guilty and others sought her for interviews. Once she was acquitted, the attention slowly diminished and she eventually convinced her parents to let her return to school, although it was to the public school, not the private one she had been a student at before the incident. The first few weeks at the new school were hectic and she once again was the center of attention but things slowly quited down. She has been hesitant to make friends since her arrival but a few seem sincere and not have ulterior motives.

Personality: Being the daughter of a Minister and a Social Worker, Samantha has been brought up to be considerate of others. Despite this, Samantha always wanted to be part of the popular clique and was quickly taken advantage of by the popular girls, even being wrongfully blamed for one of their crimes, something that has caused her to have to switch from private to public school. Her experience has caused her to become jaded and wary of trusting others and she seems very stand-offish at first, although once she has taken someone as a friend, she goes out of her way for them.

Clique: A recent transfer student, Samantha is still finding her place at the new school. Although attractive enough to be part of the popular girls, her reputation and initial hesitation at meeting new people has kept her somewhat apart from the student body in general.


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Name: Katrina “Kat” Townsend

Code Name: Bitc…wait! Make that…Blindside!

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Concept: Life Control and Time Control with an emphasis on Life control. I plan on having an entire host of alternate powers, from healing (self and others), Boost, Emotion control, etc. She’s a team player, she just expects to be in charge of the team unless someone else has proven their worth as a leader.

Appearance: Standing five feet and eight inches at only 16 years old, Katrina stands above her teammates and much of her class both on and off the soccer field. Her long black hair is often in a straight cut that leaves it halfway down her back but it is always in a ponytail when she is on the field. She moves with an easy grace and speed that is the product of soccer practice, distance running and time in the gym that has left her with a lean, trim build that is still well proportioned enough to leave most of the boys looking at her chest rather than her face when they are talking to her. Although not a fashion icon like the trendy girls, Katrina’s wardrobe, when not in uniform, is of the more recent fashions. Some people have commented that she resembles Megan Fox and she accepts the compliment for what it is but seriously? The actress should look as good as her!

Background: It was finally Saturday and the teachers had an in-service day on Monday, which made it a three-day weekend. To top that off, Kat was having her party for the soccer teams and everyone was coming. She had some trouble convincing her parents to let her have the party when they were going to visit her grandparents with her little brothers but once Kat had assured them it was just her teammates from the girls team it proved much easier. If she thought she was going to get caught then it would be a simple matter to claim that the other girls had started bringing their boyfriends and if things really looked bad, she would just call the police to rat out the party. A few tears went a long way and as long as she kept a careful eye on the situation, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Looking around she spotted Johnny, Captain of the boy’s soccer team. He was cute but he always had moon-eyes for that cheerleader, Cheryl or Sherry…it was something like that. Speaking of moon-eyes, Kat realized that she had not seen Diana yet. Diana was starting to be a problem and Kat thought she had dealt with it once and for all, at least she thought she had been clear that not showing was not an option. Sure, Diana had tried to beg off saying that her parents had to work and she had to watch her little brother but she seriously needed to get over that. Kat could admit that she was good on the field but she had been neglecting practice and was slowing down. Perhaps Diana needed to be reminded that she shouldn’t be eating from the snack bar, were her shorts starting to look tight?

Kat remembered when Diana had joined the team but the girl’s in-your-face attitude and hard work had made Kat consider her for co-captain up until she started acting weird and neglecting her practice and her teammates. She was quickly becoming a weak link and her distraction was beginning to affect the rest of the team. Those new friends of hers were the obvious problem and Diana would soon need to choose them or the team. She couldn’t have a distraction on the team. Hopefully Juliet would come around if Diana found herself off the team or else Juliet would need to go as well. Either way, the team would be stronger once Hartman had either been brought in line or was dealt with.

Speaking of Diana’s new friends, which was most likely where she was, that redhead was the one who had her cousin, Tammy , tossed into prison. Although she would not say it out loud, Tammy was a real pain-in-the-tuckus and had most likely been driving and had killed that person. But still, she was family and everyone had been upset for a long time over it. After all, Tammy’s dad had been going to run for Senator and everyone had been excited about it until his daughter was convicted of drunken driving and tried as an adult for vehicular manslaughter. Yeah, the redhead had been hanging around that Scott guy too, who had suddenly changed from nerd to beefcake overnight and there were a lot of rumors saying she was keeping him awake all night. Kat wasn’t sure about the sudden muscles on Scott but there was no doubt roids were involved. But still, she thought with a dreamy smile that she would never admit too, yummy!

Oh yeah, there was Dr. Dolittle too. Seriously?! Someone said that Diana had skipped out on that one practice to meet him in the woods. Seriously?! Maybe if it had been that Scott guy she might have understood. But the tree hugger, or was that earth grubber? If Diana had come to her party she was sure she could have gotten her interested in one of the guys. Somebody said that they had seen Diana at the mall with those three and that drama geek, Quentin. Kat didn’t think it could get any worse after squirrel-boy but Diana had managed it. Kat was being way to kind giving her all these chances and she would need to do something soon and most likely permanent.

Personality: Driven, outspoken and ruthless, Kat’s philosophy in life was that there were leaders and cows. Kat was clearly born to lead and she worked hard to make sure she was the one in charge of the herd. She might not have been the best player on the team but she was ruthless on the field and had a reputation that had more than one opponent and fellow player alike moving out of her way instead of blocking or assisting. She could take and follow orders but she really only respected those who had proven themselves to be at least as good as she or whose authority she had a hard time questioning, like the coach. The previous captain of the soccer team had proven a formidable leader and had earned Kat’s respect. She had been sorry to see her leave but was happy to fight for the position and win it once she was gone.

This did not mean she neglected her friends or teammates, in fact she was very protective of them. Like the time Melissa had been targeted by a couple of the other team’s players and they had ‘accidentally’ run her down. The one opponent’s nose had ‘accidentally’ collided with Kat’s elbow and the other was lucky to be able to walk after Kat ‘missed’ kicking the ball and got her in the side of the knee. The opposing coach had argued with the refs but none of them thought she had done it deliberately, especially after she stopped to help both of the girls she had taken out.

Clique: Jocks. Sports teams are like a ready-made group of friends or in her case, followers. The Male and Female soccer teams are held in a lower position than football, especially in the fall, but they start ruling the spring when the football season ends. The women's team has been on a winning streak lately and Kat knows that it is all thanks to her. Recently a couple of the promising players have been slacking when it comes to the team and they will need to be dealt with one way or another.

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Name: Jake O'Neil

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Concept: Density Control

Appearance: Clean cut all-American boy, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He seems a little bigger than his 6'1" frame would suggest and he is well muscled from working out daily because of the sports he participates in. He is usually found wearing jeans and T-shirts. Every once in a while he will wear a jersey of a professional sports team, but only if that team happens to playing that day.


Personality: Jake is pretty easy going. Mostly because his life always seems to work out the way he wants it to. When he sets his mind to something he usually achieves it. Whether that is playing quarterback for the football team, singing a solo for the glee club, or just getting good grades in school. Jake is one of the lucky ones. His aww shucks demeanor sometimes gets him teased by those he considers friends, but his popularity within the school keeps him from becoming a joke to all but the most bitter or jealous of students. That's not to say he doesn't have his days. Everyone does. When he is depressed or just not feeling good, he can be a little short with people, but he tends to apologize afterward. Jake really doesn't dislike anyone for any reason. Even those that he might have reason to dislike he doesn't really have anything against. He feels more pity toward them that anything. That doesn't mean he doesn't fall into the trap of being mean to people just for the sake of belittling others, it's just that when he does so, it is often the result of peer pressure and fitting in with the people he is around. Appearances amongst other students is important after all and he really doesn't want to lose his status in the school hierarchy.

Clique: Popular Kids/ Football Team/Baseball Team/ ahh hell we'll throw him on the Glee Club too


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Name: Alex Smith...Or is that Joseph

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Alex is pretty easy to overlook, given he's usually stuck with his head in a comic book somewhere at the back of class and isn't all that tall to begin with. He stands at just over five-six and weighs in at 185 pounds, though it's hard to find even that much on his lanky frame. He has light-brown hair swept into a neat sidepath that barely brushes his forehead. A pair of big hazel eyes attempt to hide behind a pair of neat wire-rim glasses, though the lenses have the side-effect of making them appear even larger. Once or twice he's been told that he'd clean up nicely, but he has neither the time nor inclination to do so. His clothing seems to consist of a number of shirts with rather geeky pictures or slogans, along with blue jeans and black sneakers.

Transformed, well...Let's just say there's no way anyone will ever connect the tall, well-built athletic pretty-boy who saunters around with a button or two of his shirt usually left undone with Alex.

Personality: The archetypical nice guy, Alex gets along well with anyone who he speaks with, whether they're old friends or have just met. While he can be social if the occasion, Alex is a bit of a wallflower and prefers to lose himself in a crowd of conversation rather than be the center of it. He's got a positive outlook on life and tends to think the best of others until they prove him wrong, though there have been some rumours and whispers that once or twice a year, people actually see him *gasp* depressed. He's got a rather large blind spot when it comes to women, especially redheads, and is utterly unable to say no to them - while he doesn't have a suit of armour or a horse, Alex at least tries to be a gentleman, and one of the fastest ways to end up on his bad side would be to hurt or badmouth a girl.

Background: WIP

Clique: While he gets along well with most people, Alex is most at home amongst his fellow geeks and can usually be found hanging around with the computer club, or with the modern art club, the latter of which he's the president of and has pretty much turned into the unofficial comic book club.

"How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some higher principles in his nature, which interests him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it, except the pleasure of seeing it." - Adam Smith

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Name: Jessica Steiner - Jess

Code Name: TBD

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall at 5’10”, Jessica is thin and best described as gangly. She has begun to fill out and gets a few looks from the boys but her height is intimidating to most of them. She keeps her sandy blond hair long and pulled back and she always wears her glasses over her dark eyes.

Background: Born and raised in Atlantic Falls, Jess’s life was fairly normal. Her parents have always encouraged her and while they are not blind to her repeated failures they always support her, despite her near certainty at having her hopes dashed yet again. Although she never would have considered joining the yearbook committee, Jess turned out to have a natural talent at photography and a way at being at the right place at the right time.

OOCMore on the way…

Personality: A nice girl, Jess has known a lot of failure throughout her High School career. Her coordination has a lot to be desired and the stories that float around the school about her attempts at joining the sports teams are legendary. If someone were to look in the dictionary at the definition of faceplant, they would see a picture of Jess.

Despite her repeated failures, Jess is a trooper and always tries again, much to the chagrin and the usual amusement of her fellow students. She goes out to take photos of most of the events taking place in the school and if nothing else, she has a lot of school spirit.

Clique: Jess is well known throughout the school but not for any of the normal reasons. She’s not in any of the normal cliques; not pretty and stuck up enough to be in with the popular girls, terrible at sports although she always tries out for them and even went out for cheerleading once, which resulted in her not coming back for three days from embarrassment. The Goth groups were too out there, her music skills atrocious and although she did alright in the mock debates and problem solving, she didn’t like the academic competitions.

She finally found a niche with the school yearbook group and it was well known she always had a camera nearby. This simple fact made some students wary of her and others seek her out in the hopes of having multiple photos included in the yearbook. She also started posting photos on a bulletin board right outside the cafeteria. She typically posts three photos a day and students are encouraged to vote for one of the 15, the winner becoming the photo of the week and automatically being put in a weekly section of the yearbook.

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