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Old 06-16-2018, 02:56 PM
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Having been in standoff situations more times than she could remember and reasonably satisfied that this priest might help, Neri's hidden eyes beneath her scarf centered on the leftmost (hopefully) unsuspecting goon. She wasn't certain Manoog hadn't seen her ploy, but she might catch one of them in their overconfidence.

Her muscles twitch as she begins to hurl her dagger as soon as Hassan finishes "..thieves?"

Dice Initative:
1d20+3 (13)+3 Total = 16

Baron, I'll edit this text out, but let me know if I can get a surprise off on one of them. I realize they are probably expecting violence, so no biggie.
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Old Yesterday, 10:09 PM
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The battle BeginsThe men stutter in reaction to Neri's quick movement, "Hassan, you would align with these animals who attack while we speak?" he says on the defensive. The men prepare themselves for combat but not before Neri is able to release her dagger.

Dice Initiative:
1d20 14

If you beat the roll above, you can post in any order. Ask any questions for clarification in OOC

Their AC is 11
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Old Yesterday, 10:44 PM
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Jools Cherrier
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"We serve the true King, he who is ordained by gods and blood, the exiled"... The scarab, Jools's frown deepened. The fact the woman with the journal was followed to the meeting place worried him. Someone in the Claw was either reckless in the face of a formidable rival or bought. Either of the options did not bode well and additional measures would need to be taken when sending the report.

On the other hand, this turn of events was quite fortunate for Jools personally. This was a valuable piece of information, and Jools had been struggling to meet the expectations as of late. If only he could get apprehend one of these men...

Lost in thought he didn't notice when the fight started without him.

Dice initiative:
d20-1 (9)-1 Total = 8


Rise up, eyes up, wise up. Tug up!

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