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Old Jan 5th, 2017, 02:52 PM
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3.5E/Pathfinder Stage 1

Post Catalog

1) New but Old Way to Do Classes for 3.5E and Pathfinder
2) 3.5E/Pathfinder Stage 1
3) 3.5E/Pathfinder Stage 2
4) 3.5E/Pathfinder Stage 3
5) 3.5E/Pathfinder Stage 4

In Stage 1 : I deal with the Character Creation Process

As an explanation these rule changes were developed initial for ADnD 2E and then later ported to DnD 3.5E and Pathfinder. Now while it might not cover every new Feat (or Class Feature Feat) that exists those should with a bit of care to balance be easily added into the mix of current Feats. Or you can present them as a comment and we can figure out how and where they might fit in the best when we get to the Feats stage.

Note : I have distilled every Class Feature (except magic) down into a Class Feat and almost all Class Features can be done this way.

I am starting with this as it lays a foundation of a mix of the later game styles with those of the early game styles. For it allows for freedom (later styles) but also allows for that element of the randomness (early styles) which was a fairly popular item for some.

1) Roll Attributes : Roll 1d6+1d8+6 for each Attribute in the following order : Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma

This nets a range of 8 to 20 with the average falling at 14. However, I have a stipulation if the character's stats do not average above 13 (and this has happened numerous times) the player may choose to re-roll all their stats. I give this as a choice because if you rolled a 20 you might not want to re-roll your stats even if they do not average above 13 and frankly no one wants to get stuck with a character that is not at least above average. Still it leaves room for 1 or 2 not so good Attributes as well which can be fairly fun and challenging to role play. Personally I look at the PCs to be above average because if they were just average they would probably just be doing some average job and further this keeps the randomness from completely hosing you with say all eights (8).

2) Roll a Special Starting Feat : Roll 1d10 and consult the list below :
RollSpecial Feat
0Blooded : The character gains a +2 Initiative and +2 Spot checks and +2 to Resist Fear
1Bull Headed : The character gains a +1 to Willpower saves and a +2 to Resist Taunts and +2 to Concentration checks
2Courteous Magocracy : The character gains a +2 to Spell Craft, Alchemy, and Artifice checks
3Luck of Heroes : The character gains a +2 to all Saves
4Light Fingered : The character gains a +2 to Open Lock, Sleight of Hand, and Dex based Craft checks
5Light Footed : The character gains a +2 to Balance, Jump, and Move Quietly
6Silver Palm : The character gains a +3 to Appraise and Persuade checks
7Snake Blood : The character gains a +1 to Reflex saves and a +1 to Initiative and a +2 to Resist Poison
8Strong Soul : The character gains a +1 to Fortitude and Will saves and a +1 to Resist Death Magic and Negative Energy
9Thug : The character gains a +2 to Initiative and Persuade checks and a +1 to Damage rolls for physical attacks

Again this promotes that random element and I allow players to re-roll if they get something that does not match their chosen class path — such rolling a 2 and being a fighter. If the second roll is equally bad I generally allow them to swap it for "Luck of Heroes" as that is a fairly good generic Special Feat

3) Race Selection : Choose a Race or Roll Randomly

RollRace. .RollRace
1Human 7Brownie
2Half-Orc 8Minotaur
3Half-Elf 9Saurian
4Elf 10Thri-Kreen
5Dwarf 11Yaun-Ti
6Hin 12Special

The player has the option to choose one of the pre-defined races (1 to 9) or they may roll randomly on the above list. There are no re-rolls if rolling is chosen. The Special Race is simply a race that is not one of the predefined races and thus must be worked out by the GM prior to inclusion. Of course it has to be a race that can be implemented choosing to be a DiJinn is most likely not a viable race.

4) Attribute Swap : The player may now swamp two and only two Attributes (or 1 set of Stats). For instances they could swap the value they have in Strength with the value they have in Intelligence and that would be the extent of their swap.

5) Final Touches : Choose Class, Pick Beginning Feats, Set Beginning Skill Ranks, Roll Beginning Resources

In all the above random list other Feats and/or Races can be swapped in or added on but having too many is a lot of work and can be fairly diluting. Of course if you do not want to have as many as listed a smaller die can be used — or you can use a bell curve by rolling more than 1 die. But this gets the ball rolling and most of the players whether they had no idea what they wanted to play and those that had a clear idea of what they want to play

The last thing to do is figure out the Calculated stats

Fortitude Modifier = (Strength Modifier + Constitution Modifier)/2 round up

Reflex Modifier = (Dexterity Modifier + Intelligence Modifier)/2 round up

Will Modifier = (Wisdom Modifier + Charisma Modifier)/2 round up

Speed = Racial Bonus + Strength Modifier + Dexterity Modifier + Feats

Initiative = Base Reflex Save + Reflex Modifier + Feats

As you will note that all 6 Attributes are part of a characters saving throw modifiers. Further they are also a bit more realistic in that someone with a high Strength would naturally have a better Fortitude save against certain things so it affects that save modifier. Further Reflexes are not just your physical reaction speed (Dexterity) but it also incorporates your mental reaction speed (Intelligence). And last and perhaps one of biggest contention points has been Charisma is not how good you look but your force of personality. Hitler was not very good looking or impressive physically but he was very charismatic and while force of character factors greatly into was ability to resist mental influence so does Wisdom. This is how I came about this method for save modifiers by analyzing the things I felt were wrong and then coming up with a method that made solid sense and was fairly easy to implement.

Now you all probably know what Initiative is but you might be wandering what Speed is, well that is ones ground movement. To me it is obvious that folks of the same race do not necessarily run at the same speeds but how do I reflect this and keep it balanced. Having a background in numerous game systems helped as well as actually studying how runners improve their ability to run faster and this is what I settled on and it has play tested out wonderfully.

Next Stage will deal with the pre-defined Races and making them balanced. So that picking one race over another is about flavor and not about which race gets the most perks.
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