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Old Aug 5th, 2021, 09:22 PM
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RPGX Tech Talk: Chat with Birched about the future of RPGX

Hey! Are you a tech and/or design literate individual with thoughts on RPG Crossing? If so, I'd love to hear from you. For years, I've been planning to update and upgrade the underpinnings of this site, but my path has been strewn real life's +5 caltrops and nothing has come to fruition. It's time to change that, and I need some help. The first help I think I need is just advice. A conversation.

Here's the plan. I am inviting community members with technical web experience (I'll let you decide if your experience qualifies) to a 1 hour voice chat through the RPGX gaming server on Discord (Note: I do not run this server, but they're cool with it and I think it's a reasonable place to do this.) I will do a brief intro and I'll come with some questions that I'd like people's thoughts on. I will spend no more than 1 hour on my intro and questions, and then I will open the floor to questions from those in attendance, if there are any. This is an experiment, and I don't expect to get through everything in one session. If it works well, I'll schedule a followup (perhaps at a different time, for those in other time zones.) If not, then I'll try something else.

What? RPGX Tech Talk: Chat with Birched about the future of RPGX
Where? RPGX gaming server on Discord
When? Tuesday, August 10 at 8 PM EDT for 1.5 hours max
Who? RPG Crossing community members with technical web experience
Why? It's time to get this project moving

Please send Birched a pm if you have any questions, or you intend to attend (or even if you just wish you could.) I will send an update on Monday evening to those who have contacted me by then. If you do not already have an account on the RPGX gaming server, then please go there in advance of Tuesday and make an account that displays your username here, so that we all know with whom we are chatting.

Hope to speak with some of you Tuesday,

Mark / Birched

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