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Old 04-15-2019, 09:49 AM
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Mobius and the pirate of Nivel - Tabletop Group

Tabletop Game recap from 4/13/19:

The newly rescued members of the "S. S. MobiusSpelljammer Ship Mobius" were passed guardianship of the vessel from the previous captain "Krull the venerable". Krull was an ancient Tortle, being nearly 70 years old, and was expecting to pass on any day. In his haste, he was only able to gather 4 crew members and training them, before departing to parts unknown. The crew, now alone with the Mobius, wasted no time venturing away from their home sphere. During their travels, they studied the books left behind by Krull and learned more about their host-ship and how to travel with her. Coming to their first respite at the Port of Nivel, the crew disembarked to purchase goods and supplies for their future journey. In the process, the crew learned of some available bounties and, in looking into a bounty on the head of one pirate, found and killed another, after using him as an informant. The crew then killed the two bouncers that were with him and convinced the port authority that all three were pirates, and collected three bounties instead of one. Upon leaving the Port of Nivel, Larrel learned that the "Necklace of Cummunion" that he purchased was a fake. Nothing more that a string of wooden beads.
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