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Old 04-16-2019, 02:43 PM
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People of Fort Eilloarrior

-Fort Eilloarrior is one of the few bastions of true civilization within the Savage Isles, a naval fortress loyal to Sai’tha and dedicated to the safety of trade through waters west of the isles. Of course this makes Fort Eilloarrior, and by extension Sai'tha, believe that they have authority to monitor and tax any ship traveling through these waters and sometimes it's captains can be as merciless as pirates.
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The Silver dragon of which the Fort is named, Eilloarrior is the son of the dragon who attempted and failed to drive the pirates from the Isles so many years ago. When his father was disgraced by his failure and forced to return to the capital it was Eilloarrior who refused to give up and invested all he had into creating the Fort. Although an Adult many of the Draconic Council believed Eilloarrior to be too young for such a position but he proved them wrong by gathering numerous talented individuals to help rid the Isles of the pirate threat.

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Eilloarrior hates pirates with a passion, blaming them for the embarrassments he has been forced to face over the years ever since his father's failure. In Eilloarrior's eyes the only good pirate is one hung from his fort's ramparts as a warning to others with every soul in the Maw, even if they've never been on a boat, being worthy of this honor. To this end he has been slowly trying to starve the pirates by focusing on attacking them when they scurry out of their hole to scavenge; placing numerous boats along the West Coast trade routes to patrol for any pirate activity. He has even hired young dragons to fly out above the ocean with magical means of communication to report on suspicious ships they might spy. All of this is however not cheap and has forced Eilloarrior to impose hefty taxes on anyone traveling 'His' waters. This has angered some but no one can argue that the Savage Isles are not safer with Eilloarrior hunting pirates.
-Panom Gresso "The Mariner"
Human Male Battle Harald, 41 LG (Pirate Hunter)

-Otto K. Reiclanger II

A recent arrival to the Fort, Otto comes from a long line of merchants plying the coasts of the Proguas Sea. Now the head of his family's trading company Otto has been in negotiations to expand his trade routes further north, starting with shipments to Fort Elloarrior. Many wonder why Otto has decided to trade in such a dangerous area, especially to such a relatively new settlement,
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