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Safiyah Rashaad

Safiyah Rashaad
-Which Legend has taken root in me? Manāt: Goddess of Fate, Fortune, Time and Destiny.

Age: 18
Occupation: Bike Messenger
Mythos: Manat

What we Know about Manat:
Considered a goddess of fate, fortune, time and destiny, she was older than both Al-Lat and Al-‘Uzzá as theophoric names including hers, such as Abd-Manah or Zayd-Manah, are found earlier than names featuring Al-Lat's or Al-‘Uzzá's. Aside from being the most ancient of the three chief goddesses of Mecca, she was also very possibly among the most ancient of the Semitic pantheon as well.

Her now-lost major shrine was between Mecca and Medina on the coasts of the Red Sea, likely in al-Mushallal where an idol of her was erected. The Banu Aws and Banu Khazraj were considered to be among the most devoted of tribes to the goddess, so much that the place to make sacrifices to her was commonly referred to by its significance to the Khazraj, as known from a poem:
An oath, truthful and just, I swore
By Manāh, at the sacred place of the Khazraj

Her early representations included a wooden portrait of her, which was covered with sacrificial blood, but the most notable representation of her was her idol erected in al-Mushallal. When pre-Islamic Arabians would pilgrim to al-Mushallal, they would shave their head and stand in front of Manāt's idol for a while. They wouldn't consider their pilgrimage complete without visiting her idol.

Appearance: Safiyah is tall, nearly six foot, lithe and muscular. Her body has been shaped by riding her bicycle everywhere in the city. She still wears her headscarf to cover her hair and it is usually a pretty color streaming behind her under her helmet as she rides. She has caramel skin and beep brown eyes. She has to dress in a drab brown and generic uniform for her job, but in her downtime she tends to favor flowing and fully covering dresses with a matching headscarf.

Biography: Background: Safiyah doesn't remember much about her early life in Afghanistan. Her family are refugees and she grew up here in Pesgan. She knows all of the taunts and teasing from other kids from when she wore her headscarf. She remembers how hard everything was in a traditional home expected to find a traditional boy and marry. She remembers it even as she zips her bike around town getting deliveries places really fast, sometimes mere moments after she's been given them.

That life was not to be though. She never like any of the boys she met and her head was far more often turned by pretty girls. Perhaps she would have been fine if she had been able to stay secret with her feelings, but she let her parents know and they, in turn, threw her out of the house. She only took one thing with her. The bracelet of Manāt, a relic passed down from mother to daughter. Her mother, well her mother disagreed with her father and brothers, but she was not strong enough to do more than give the item to her daughter and hug her goodbye.

The bracelet is golden in hue and she had at first thought she'd sell it, but it turned out that the goddess had other plans for her. Manāt, original goddess of Mecca, goddess of fate, fortune, time, and destiny. She guides Safiyah now and Safiyah listens her new mission is to help others, to guide them, to help them better their fortunes, find the right fate and ensure that their destiny is achieved.

Some auxiliary NPCs:


Power Tag Summary:
Adaptation Mission Routine Personality
Power Tags: Transportation Throw a punch Knows every street Tough as nails
Time Hop Social welfare Parkour Diy repairs
Luck Street cred elegance incorruptible
Weakness Tags: Uncontrolled too eager overcompensating mistaken for a terrorist

Mythos: Manat

"Fate, Fortune, Time, and Destiny" - Adaptation Themebook

Those waiting to be activated:


"Guide Others" - Mission Themebook:

"Messenger" - Routine Themebook:

"Steel" - Personality:

Crew RelationsThe What:

Help Hurt
Saranya Rajadurai  

The Why:

Defining Relationship:


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