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Old 09-05-2014, 11:26 PM
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Future Heroes (Group 2)

Group 2 please post character information and sheets here.
After some time away, looking to get back into gaming here.
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Old 09-06-2014, 01:02 AM
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Name: Varis Daysong

Class: Monk

Race: Wood-Elf

Personality: Varis is a jovial fellow who never says "no" to friendship, alcohol, or friendly competition. Above all, he enjoys hand-to-hand combat. He spent a large portion of his life sparring, and it has never ceased to entertain him. When he isn't fighting (or even while he is, at times), Varis sings. His voice has great range. He can sing haunting shanties as well as he can lead merry melodies. For fun, Varis has been known to speak in meter and in rhyme.

Behind this jolly exterior, Varis is a troubled soul. Mistakes in his past still haunt him today, and he desperately seeks to come to terms with his mistakes by being as good of a person that he can. Despite this, Varis seeks the training and knowledge to perfect his martial arts above all.

Description: Varis is a 114 year old elven male. He is short for an elf, standing at 5-foot 4-inches. His skin is a pale copper color, with a slightly darker complexion for his head and arms. Varis's scalp is shaved entirely, and his elven ears are each pierced with three looped earrings. His eyes are hazel with specks of forest green. Varis is in very good shape. Even the untrained eye can tell from his hardened fists, his tense arms, and his light build that he's a practitioner of hand-to-hand combat.

On an average day, Varis wears the clothes of the common folk (customized to be sleeveless). In clothing, he seeks comfort and practicality over fashion. However, should the first two requirements be met, he may choose an outfit that is aesthetically pleasing. He often opts for cloth shoes instead of leather footwear. In the summertime, he often wears a straw hat to protect his scalp from the hot sun. He owns a shortsword, but doesn't unsheath it unless his life might be in danger. The handle is black, and the blade has an engraving on it. The engraving is of a skull, with a black diamond of jet-stone set into the forehead.

Motivation and Goals: Varis Daysong has three goals. The first is a goal he has had since childhood. Varis seeks to perfect the martial arts by finding a style that is as beautiful as it is deadly. Second, Varis seeks to keep a low profile until he is strong enough to defend himself from some old rivals. Third, Varis seeks to right the wrongs of his youth by helping those who might suffer from evil forces. Overall, Varis might say, "I seek self-betterment. Physically, spiritually, and mentally."

Ideal: I seek to undo the wrongs of my past by being as good and righteous as possible, at any cost to myself.

Flaw: I don't do well in tense negotiation. If I am useless in conversation, I may be prone to settle the issue with my fists.

Bond: I was formerly a member of a monastery that I have since made enemies with. I fear that someday, they may find me and threaten myself and my friends.

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Old 09-06-2014, 03:26 AM
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right-aligned image

Name: Hogart 'Oneeye' Fumblefoot
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Class Fighter
Background: (Soldier)

Description: Thick set with a remarkable double plaited beard of flaming red, Hogart is tall for a dwarf standing at just over 5 foot. The black leather eye patch catches the eye, but not because of the patch itself, but rather the poorly hidden violent red scar beneath it which marks it as an authentic adornment and newly acquired. His hands are massive with thick powerful fingers, although he holds his right arm strangely close to his body like a bird with a broken wing. His left is used awkwardly, ineptly even. He moves with a distinct limp, noise accompanies his every movement. His good eye is dark, searching, hungry, sharp like the steel of the massive axe slung over one shoulder, his voice heavy like the mighty maul slung over the other.

Personality: Hogart moves in straight lines. He talks straight, cutting to the heart of things, and having little patience for those who do otherwise. Speak your mind, live by your words, earn respect, do right, and expect those around you to do the same ... these are the words he lives by. Being dwarven his instinct is not that of a socialite, but at this crossroad in his life he sees making connections as vital to his success. And if their is one thing he does not accept it is failure. So he is actively searching to forge new bonds, although he lacks some of the skills to do so. All he has is his stubborn determination to succeed. Despite his damaged appearance, he exudes strength and drive. There is something in his manner that makes one think twice about stepping in the way of this dwarf and whatever it is he hungers for.

Motivations & Goals:
Trait: I face problems head-on. A simple, direct solution is the best path to success.
Ideal: Our lot is to lay down our lives in defense of others.
Bond: Someone saved my life on the battlefield. To this day, I will never leave a friend behind.
Flaw: The monstrous enemy we faced in battle still leaves me quivering with fear.
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DescriptionName: Ara Silverleaf
Race: Male Elf (Moon Elf)
Age: 99
Class: Warlock (Archfey Patron)
Description: Ara is a typical specimen of a Moon Elf. Skin the color of moonlight, an angular face framed with long, brown hair, and eyes the color of emeralds. He stands about five and a half feet tall and weighs just a little over 100 pounds, not too far from the norm for his people. Where he does differ from his fellow Moon Elves is in his sense of fashion. Having spent nearly a century wearing clothes built mostly for function and camouflage, Ara now finds joy in wearing outfits much more colorful: bright greens, reds, and yellows are typical fare and it is not uncommon for even his functional armor to have streamers of brighter cloth woven across the shoulders.

Personality: Ara is normally quiet around others, preferring to listen rather than speak. However, should the topic of conversation ever turn to a subject of interest to the elf, he can prove to be very passionate, rooting out hidden nuggets of information and forcefully arguing against dissenting viewpoints. Quite unbecoming for an elf, Ara tends to be impatient when forced to wait for things he has shown an interest in. Beyond that, he shows a fierce loyalty to those who have gained his trust. To strangers, he shows hospitality and kindness. But to those that threaten him or those he cares about, Ara can be borderline cruel. In short, his personality is one of calm punctuated by bouts of passion.
Background Motivation and Goals: Ara is a knowledge seeker first and foremost. But more than that, he is an experience seeker. Should the opportunity present itself for him to try something new, almost without exception he will rise to the occasion. The difference between his behavior and a thrill seeker is that for Ara the thrill is found in the new. Unknown knowledge excites him just as much as the chance to see a dragon up close for the first time. As for goals, well, Ara is young yet for an elf. He is still searching for his place in the world and has yet to give much thought beyond that.

Posting Status: Delayed, see here
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left-aligned image

Name, Gender, Age Barric Moonshadow, Male, 103
Race Wood Elf
Class Ranger
Alignment Neutral Good
Background Outlander
Personality Traits I'm driven by a wanderlust that led me away from home.
Ideals Greater Good: It is each person's responsibility to make the most happiness for the whole tribe.
Bonds My friends, above all else, are the most important things in my life, even when they are far from me.
Flaws I am too trusting of people, and often I will not attack if the situation does not call for it.

Pleasant and caring, Barric is an Elf who shows compassion when it is needed but fierce opposition if himself, his friends, or his ideals are threatened. He has a desire to see as much of Faerun as possible and thus possesses a sort of wanderlust within his bones. He knows he will--or, rather, might--live for several centuries, so he takes his time with everything he does knowing that his life is nowhere near complete. He is caring and will go out of his way to help someone if the end result will bring the most happiness to the most people.

A life in the wilderness has hardened Barric's body. Despite only being barely over a century old, Barric Moonshadow possesses the physique of an Elf many years his senior; lean and muscular, Barric has honed his muscles to respond well to his twin-blade fighting style. His skin has darkened from constant exposure to the sun and sports the occasional scar, blemishing his otherwise perfect Elven appearance. He sports black hair and piercing dark-green eyes--unusual for an Elf but not necessarily rare--and he tends to keep the hair in a loose ponytail until he trims it every few seasons.

Motivation and Goals The thrill of the hunt; the drive to do some good in the world; the quest for an unusual item--all of this, and more, drives Barric to seek out the next adventure. He is young by Elven standards and seeks something worth protecting or searching, thus giving meaning to his life.


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Old 09-06-2014, 01:38 PM
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Allyx WormwordName: Allyx Wormword
Class: Bard
Race: Forest Gnome

Personality: Allyx is very outgoing when he is among other Gnomes and dwarves to an extent, but he is a bit reserved, at first, in mixed company, especially those of the gigantic races (humans, half-orcs, dragonborn, really anyone over 5 feet tall). But if he is greeted warmly then he is instantly at ease and feels free to speak his mind, usually his first reaction to new people is quick and quiet observation. He is confident in his ability to evaluate a person's character, sometimes over-confident. His youth and inexperience give him a reckless quality that either wins people's admiration or rubs them the wrong way. And whenever he is given the opportunity to perform, he will gladly oblige.

Description: Allyx is handsome, his chestnut brown hair is tousled and unkempt but never looks matted or dirty. He keeps his face clean-shaven and his skin is tanned and smooth. His brown eyes sparkle and his thick eyebrows are possibly the most expressive characteristic of his face. He is always smiling, unless threatened or in pain. His clothes are not extravagant but they are well kept and clean. He is maybe a half inch over 3 feet tall and his solid frame weighs maybe 50 pounds. He is very casual and not much for customary politeness, he'll sit on top of a table to eat, not one for standing in the larger races chairs to see what's on his plate. His hands are smooth and agile, long fingers adept at expertly working and performing the minutiae of most tasks of his craft. When he drinks his cheeks get flush and his smile grows very broad.

Motivation and Goals: Allyx seeks adventure, he wants to see wondrous places and meet fascinating and exotic people. He wants to be a part of the stories that he shares, and he wants to create stories of his own. He is not overly greedy for a gnome, which means he does appreciate the shiny things in life and would not be averse to pursuing a bit of wealth and material gain for his own. And there is a certain Elvish woman that he would not mind running into at some point in his future.

Background: EntertainerPersonality Traits: Allyx can change his mood or mind as quickly as he changes key in a song
Ideals: Allyx likes seeing the smiles on people's faces when he performs. That's all that matters.
Bonds: His instrument is his most treasured possession, and it reminds him of someone he loves.
Flaws: Allyx is a sucker for a pretty face.

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