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Old May 3rd, 2021, 06:27 AM
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Great to see any cyberpunk game here! I enjoy films like Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner along with games like Deus Ex. For RPG experience I'm a Shadowrun player myself, but am very interested to see what Cyberpunk has to offer. Here's my application for a Fixer character. I'm not too familiar with the world of cyberpunk so certain names and numbers here are probably off.

Application for Alice
right-aligned image

Character name.
Alicia Fox
"Red Queen" or "Scarlet"

Character role.

Fixer (Arms and Drug Dealer)

See left

Roleplay sample.

Sitting in a private booth of a popular nightclub, Alice had 15 minutes before the scheduled time of her meeting. She enjoyed the music they played here, and she closed her eyes and nodded along to the beat of the music. A chirp from her phone pulled her from her brief reprieve and she read the text.

“Just got to the store, they have those chocolates you like on sale. Want me to get you some?”

An innocuous looking text, as it was supposed to be. The Black Dragon Syndicate didn’t get to where it was now by openly texting their plans back and forth. She knew what it meant, that the enforcers she sent to find Carson had found him. He was a small time dealer that thought he could skim profits and defect to a rival syndicate. A deadly mistake. She nonchalantly began texting back.

“Oh that’s great! Buy three if you can, I have some friends coming over soon.”

She got no reply but she didn’t need one. The enforcers knew what she meant; Kill Carson, make an example, and get back to the club. Whenever “friends” were mentioned, it always meant clients. She smiled as she hit the send button, knowing it was one less thing to worry about tonight.

With just a few minutes before her client arrived, she checked herself over in a simple compact. Red hair, red eyes, red lipstick, red dress, everything was perfect. Reputation was everything in the underworld and if she ever wanted to go big she would need to cultivate an air of gravitas and a signature style. Thus the Red Queen was about to hold court.

The door to her private room opened and in walked two large men in suits, followed by a smaller man in a much nicer suit. A client and hired goons, fairly typical entourage to have though she noted by the lack of quality of their shoes and their slightly jittery nature these were merely thugs hired for a single job and given a cheap rental suit to look good. She could probably shoot the client dead right there and offer to match his pay and they would take it and look the other way.

The client, a short man with cheap cologne and a goatee, sat down on the couch opposite of Alice, the clear glass table between them bearing a simple plastic suitcase. Introductions were not in order, that had all been arranged by their superiors. The two of them were just here to finalize the details. She nodded to him as he sat down and his hired help took up flanking positions next to him. She gracefully lent forward to open the suitcase to reveal two highly polished handguns. The Arasaka Zenith was a powerful handgun, capable of stopping augmented opponents in their tracks and was a very hot item right now. It was fortunate then that she just happened to have a shipment of 1000 such weapons along with spare parts and ammunition.

The client looked at the weapons and slowly nodded, concern spreading onto his face.

“There has been a…complication….”

Of course there has. There always was. She didn’t get sent to simple close deals, she got sent to deal with complications. Her own hired help were waiting patiently just outside the room and could ventilate all three of her guests with a single word should she call for them. She remained silent knowing that an explanation would soon be coming.

“The money we intended to use for this purchase has been…temporarily misappropriated. I was hoping we could arrange for an…alternative payment option.”

On cue his goon to his left withdrew a small plastic bag from his pocket and carefully placed it on the table. She took it from him and held it up to her eyes as they scanned the contents within. Synthcoke, pure too. Drugs over money however was not a worthwhile trade, and as if reading her mind, he informed her of how much he was willing to offer.

“I can offer you 70 Kilos of it, all up front”

Now there was a kicker. 70 Kilos of Synthcoke was worth more than twice the original asking price, potentially 3 times as much if it was all pure. The issue was with converting the drug to cash and the time it would take for it to be dealt out and sold. She crunched the numbers in her head for a moment before laying the bag back down on the table, and spoke the only words she would need to to him.


The tension in the goons relaxed as she and the client electronically exchanged pickup and exchange information. 1000 Arasaka Zenith handguns for 70 Kilos of Synthcoke. The Black Dragon would look favorably on the deal in the long run but she would have to put of telling them until some of the drug could be sold. She couldn’t go to them with drugs when she promised cash, not even with the promise of more future cash. The higher ups were less flexible than she was in these regards which is why they let her handle them, at least for now.

The goons took the suitcase with the guns while she took the sample bag of the drug. Good will trades always made at the end of a deal. She got up and left them behind, moving towards the dance floor. She had dealt with two issues tonight and had a bag full of Synthcoke, all she needed now was to get laid and it would be a perfect evening.

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Old May 3rd, 2021, 08:52 PM
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Added my app
---If at first you don't succeed, next call a Halflng---
Characters: Nik
Status: Considering a Cyperpunk game
Old May 3rd, 2021, 11:01 PM
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I'm a big fan of Cyberpunk 2077 and the cyberpunk genre in general. I picked up the Cyberpunk Red book recently but haven't read much of it yet.

right-aligned image
Name: Bertram "Cuda" Salazar
Role: Nomad (Wheelman and adrenaline junkie)

Roleplay Sample:

He tied to focus on repairs he'd been assigned. Scuttlebut said the clan was moving on soon so anything they couldn't made road worthy would be left behind. Lying on his back under one beat up rig, grunting and sweating with wrench in had, it didn't look promising.

The distracting buzz in his ear was Julia. "C'mon Cuda. This heap isn't worth the effort and you know it. Not with that preem Thorton just asking to be liberated." The imp was lying next to him, excitedly pitching her latest scheme. He feigned disinterest but, of course, she wasn't buying it. Having grown up together, this sort of conversation was familiar territory for the pair. They both knew she'd wear him down eventually but making her work for it was part of the pattern. Some traditions you just don't mess with.

"Let's say we do boost this thing. How do you know the owner won't come looking for it, guns blazin?" It was a token effort to steer her off the risky path she'd set her sights on, done for appearances sake if nothing else.

She grinned like she'd anticipated the question, knowing it was a done deal if that was best objection he could muster. "That's the best part! No way he's the real owner cuz the tracker's already scragged. Scoped it myself." Cuda sighed in resignation and flicked the wrench toward the toolbox near his feet. Probably wouldn't be able to get this heap rollin in time anyway.

Four hours later his right foot was on the floor as they peeled out of the roadside snack-n-snooze parking lot. Julia was cackling like a lunatic from the passenger seat as bullets pinged the tail end of their new ride. Cuda couldn't help but grin himself despite his newly crooked nose and the blood spilling freely down his shirt. Letting their mark and his chooms knock him around while Julia cracked the truck's security system hadn't been the original plan but, who could argue with success? He settled into his seat and just let the Thorton roar down this stretch of highway.

With the wind in their hair, he glances over at his partner in crime. "One of these days yer gonna be the end of me Julia. Till then? Life is good."
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I wanna play! I've had the digital copy for a while, but I've never had the opportunity to play it, so I've forgotten everything I've read. I'll need to brush up quick, but I'm gonna put a placeholder here.

right-aligned image
Name: Cho "Zen" Wan (Joke placeholder till I come up with a good name and handle)

Role: Netrunner? (Maybe, not sure yet)

Roleplay Sample:

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Apologies for the delay, here's my app.

right-aligned image

Name: Viktoriya Kulikova

Handle: Akula

Role: Media

Snooping around a disused manufacturing plant in a constant drizzling rain was not what most people would call an exciting evening activity, but for Viktoriya it was the highlight of her day; skulking through a crumbling wall trying to keep her camera dry was a well earned reward after a month of poking her nose into other people's business. People who would have no qualms about sending her to an early grave.

The neon lights in the distance were dazzling, but here no there was no such illumination for the warehouses and equipment rusting away. Her sneakers might've been drenched by the downpour but it all seemed worth it when she clocked her quarry pulling into a warehouse up ahead, the conspicuous luxury sedan belonged to a sleazy executive after a fix if her source was to be believed. Through her viewfinder she watched as sharply dressed goons were greeted by dishevelled street thugs. Play nice boys she mused sarcastically.

Knowing blacked out cars and dodgy leisure spots made for poor headlines, Viktoriya waited with her finger poised above the shutter button. Obligingly one of the thugs opened a briefcase laid out on a rusted workbench, though before the contents came into focus one of the exec's goons swiftly obscured the shot as he inspected the product before signalling to his unseen boss.

"Out of the way jackass, you're blocking my- what the!?" Muzzle flashes lit up the scene as the exec's men laid waste to the dealers with the latest in plastic fantastic firearms before making off with the case, the crack of gunshots reaching the reporter's ears soon after the familiar snap of the Nikon's shutter: it was time to leave before those suits put her on a steady lead diet as well; the century and a half old service revolver that weighed down her jacket's right pocket could stay there for now; shootouts were not her forté.

The reporter in the direction of the neon soaked skyline, splashing through puddles whilst simultaneously barking into her wrist computer and trying to put her camera away, her voice a mix of excitement and terror.

"Change of plan Victor, this story's just got a lot more interesting. You're gonna put me up a page or two for this, I'm telling you! Maybe even frontpage on the newsfeed!"

With the signs getting closer and the white sedan seemingly uninterested or unaware, Viktoriya's pace slowed to better mingle with the crowded marketplace she was fast approaching. She'd made a clean getaway and nabbed a juicy story.

All in a night's work.

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Hi all. My unit took significant storm damage overnight. I'm going to have to go on a hiatus in all my games for while, until the damage is repaired. I will be closing this ad down until I'm once again ready to proceed.

My apologies. I know that many of you have been waiting for a Cyberpunk game for some time.
I am currently recruiting players for Night City Blues, an introductory adventure for Cyberpunk Red.
I am currently playing in Uncaged: Found Families and The Topaz Championship.
I have taken the Oath of Sangus.
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