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Old Feb 23rd, 2020, 10:23 PM
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Our Current cast of Murder Hobos

Will be updated as folks complete sheets

Player Name Race Class Background Character sheet
Kariko83 Foley Sneezer Kenku Rogue/Mastermind Criminal
ChsBrgr Morserlum Brewbasher Human Monk/Drunken Master Clan Crafter(Brewer)
TomBosley Iansandoral of House Faelandalan Elven Artificer/Armorer Noble
Draigenaid Khurnan OrkCarver Thunukulane Goliath Barbarian/Zealot Outlander
Faxanadu Rahlin Kobrin Human Cleric(Knowledge)/Wizard(Divination) Sage
Parsifal Insert Here Fallen Aasimar Warlock(Fiend/Tiamat)/Pact of the Tome Haunted One PDF sheet

Group Patron - The King's Outriders

The Outriders are a para-military group of specialists and adventurers that act as problem solvers for situations outside the scope or ability of the military. Their members come from many walks of life, from noble families, the families of officials and ambassadors from foreign lands, exceptional members from the military, and graduates from the Royal Academy, which takes in and educates orphans and children of the poor among it's ranks.

As part of you basic training when inducted into the Outriders, all players are proficient in land animal(horse) for riding horses for travel

Accommodations: You can always find a place to stay and meals on a military base, fort, or outpost connected to the military or the Outriders. Your accommodations are appropriate to your rank and station, but never luxurious.

Quartermaster & Armory: You can purchase nonmagical weapons and armor, and non-alcehmical equipment at a 20 percent discount at a facility associated with the Outriders. This might also be a location where you can buy magic items, at the DM's discretion, but you receive no discount.

Chain of Command: You are part of a rigid chain of command. In addition to providing you with orders, this structure reduces your responsibility for your
own actions. If you land in trouble in your own nation, you answer to your officers, not local law enforcement.

Orders: You undertake your missions at the direction of a commanding officer. While these missions are often explicit, some operational flexibility is expected, affording you more leeway in interpreting orders.

Salary: Each member of your group is paid a regular salary. The amount varies depending your position within it, but at minimum you enjoy a modest lifestyle. You receive a small salary, 1sp per day, but also receive food and housing on a military base. As an officer, you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Compensation: The Royal Academy and Arcanist Sanctum off preferential pricing on buying interesting magic items from Outriders for the purposes for research and possible replication. Archeological finds, ancient texts & documents, and other similar items will also be considered at DM's discretion

Documentation: Each member of your group has identification papers that include your affiliation with the Outriders, which carries some clout within the Hub lands, less so in neighboring lands. The Outriders can also secure documentation, letters of introduction, and traveling papers for you if your work requires them.

Research: Through the Royal Academy, your patron has abundant resources to facilitate research. You can call in a favor to delegate the work of researching
lore (a downtime activity described in the Player 's Handbook or Xanathar's Guide to Everything) to a colleague, contact, or research assistant. You're responsible for covering all expenses occurred as part of this research, and the DM determines the success, failure, or other possible results.

Resources: The Royal Academy has extensive libraries and museums, which you have access to. You can call in a favor to gain access to resources that are generally not on exhibit-dangerous relics or possibly magic items, spellbooks, and the like. Additionally, the faculty of your university might make it possible for you to consult with experts in various fields-so long as
you can coax them away from their work.

Training: Because you're associated with the Royal Academy, you receive a discount on any education you wish to pursue. When you undergo training as a downtime activity (as described in the Player's Handbook or Xanathar's Guide to Everything), you pay only one-half the normal cost, assuming that what you are studying is something the Academy teaches. Training in languages, musical instruments, and other tools might also be available, at the DM's discretion. In addition, you can gain proficiency in the Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion skills by this method, as if you were learning a language. A character can only learn one of these skills in this way.
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