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Deities of the Hublands


Name Area Align Domains Symbol
Beory goddess of nature N Nature Green Disk
Berei goddess of Agri, Family, Home NG Nature, Unity Sheaf of wheat stalks
Boccob god of magic N Arcana, Knowledge Eye w/i pentagram
Ehlonna goddess of woodlands NG Life, Nature Unicorn horn
Erythnul god of envy, slaughter CE War Blood Drop
Fharlanghn god of horizons, travel NG Know, Trick Circle crossed by curve line
Heironeous god of chivalry, valor LG War, Order, Protection Lightning Bolt
Hextor god of war, discord LE War 6 arrows, faced down in fan
Kord god of athletics, sports CG Tempest, War 4 spear & mace meet at cent
Mayaheine goddess of paladins LG Order, Protection downward-pointing sword with a V on either side
Pelor god of sun, life NG Life, Light Sun
Xerbo god of sea, sailing, money, and business N Tempest, Light Dragon Turtle
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