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Old 02-13-2019, 10:23 AM
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Hittebarn - Solo Thread

Hittebarn The shrieks of the old hag, Mina Crowe, echoed through the old orcish ruin. The girl was gone. They had brought her in and taken down below to prepare her for whatever ritual they had in mind. Some deal with the fey, no doubt. In the time since Mina had located the tree and the doorway, she had little time for you. For years you toiled under her frequently violent hand as both her protector and maid. She had taken control of these 'Greensleeves' easy enough and bent them to her will. Petty criminals they had been before her. Now, under her tutelage they had expanded their operations into abductions, slavery and all other foul enterprises. Not that it bothered you quite so much but times had once been simpler. It was hard not to think back to those days when it was just you and Mina. She had been so caring, almost doting on you back then. Tracing a finger over the marking on your chest, you can still remember the day you received it. A ceremony of sorts had been performed for you and 'ruined', as Mina put it, by those nosy druids. It all changed after that day. The two of you had left the barrow on a seemingly endless search for another door.

Bursting into your chambers, she grabbed you by the scruff of your face digging her broken and dirty nails into your skin. "The bitch Nance stole the girl! The Prince has sent a beast after her. We cannot let his beast reclaim the girl. That would be just another debt for me to pay. Stretched too thin as it is." Her eyes bored into your mind as she locked her gaze to yours. Her pupils were misshapen and her iris, which had once been clear and green, looking shattered and cloudy. "You find that girl. Find Anna. Bring her back here so we can appease the Prince." Then her touch turned soft and she caressed your rough half-orcish cheek. "We can finish this. Things would go back to how they used to be. That's what you want most in life, isn't it? Just the two of us. Through all these louts to the wolves. You'd like that, yes?"

Her hardened gaze returned and she pointed out the doorway. "Go get that girl."

The trail was not difficult to find. The pair had left in haste and not taken the appropriate steps to hide their passage. But they did have nearly half a day's head start.

Evidence of the beast that hunted them turned up from time to time. Bodies torn to shreds and gutted but never eaten, lying on the ground for the crows and vultures to pick at. Mercenaries hired by the Greensleeves were the first you found. Men dressed in black, torn open with their guts spilled upon the ground. You also knew you weren't alone. There was someone else out there. Following along. He kept his presence hidden from you. Or perhaps it was the beast, keeping tabs on you as it hunted its quarry.

You found Nance's body. Destroyed by the beast just like the rest. By the tracks, the girl had escaped. Was the creature toying with her? Toying with him?

The trail led to Galganatha where four more bodies were found. Two petty slavers and a pair of bounty hunters, dwarves known as the Bronzemantle Brothers. The Greensleeves had dealt with them before. Though, only one of the bodies was from the monster. The others were more mundane...well except for the one slaver with his neck blown off. Six left the ruins and headed back north, one of them the small feet of Anna. Headed back north? Anna had been fleeing south. Why the sudden change in direction?

Another day's journey away saw a small campsite and another dead body. The beast had taken one of them. A knight of the spear by the look of his armor and weapons. What was one of those doing all the way out in the Empty Hills? The trail moved on until you saw the outline of a village, Haven. You had heard the Greensleeves talk about the place. They had tried to make inroads with the lord and were always rebuffed. They even talked about hiring extra muscle to burn the place to the ground. You weren't far behind. You were certain they were within the village.

I have taken the Oath.

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Old 02-13-2019, 12:36 PM
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HittebarnHittebarn enjoys his days on the road as much as possible. Despite the pressure Mina put on him, this is him in his purest element. He follows the tracks easily enough that he has trouble keeping himself from day dreaming while he walks. This girl has been nothing but trouble, and he can't wait to drag her back to Mina. Glancing up, he's suddenly outside Haven. A grimace on his face, he pulls up the hood of his cloak and enters the town wearily. Avoiding contact with most people, he looks for signs of a tavern or inn.

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