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Old 11-29-2018, 10:57 PM
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The Archfey Pact

After painfully shambling through the snow over a flat floored valley's wall, following a narrow river that cuts its way high into the footholds of Ungori Mountain, the forest gives way to a fan of lonely birch. The eye can see a great distance through their thin fingers. He wrote about them, the birch like fingers reaching into the sky, and how they want to fly and be one with the black between the stars. Kalian the fey spirit is here. I drop my pack and after regaining my breath, I realize the silence.

I often forget its likeness to the desolate alpine passes or to the depths of the sea. The first snowfall in the forest has an absence of sound, a swallowing emptiness that rips proof of life from the earth and leaves behind something unspeakable. It's like an temporary homage to a time before creation. And it allows a brief moment to appreciate something beyond. Asleep the world lay in the white blanket of snow. And what is this reprieve but the absence of sun. It must be the antithesis of life, in that without warmth entropy freezes the land to be uninhabitable. Why then do I feel restful awe and sanctity in it, why but for the resemblance to the inevitable embrace of afterlife, or perhaps the day I am without body. But, for now I must find Kalian.

Every second step reminds me of my pain, my thoughtless decision to save silver on boots, and the creeping onset of doubt. But he was not without doubt, and thank Corellon that he guides my path with his careful writing. Just the thought of Yortihr’s sight rot makes my leg more tolerable. The water in these parts are tainted with Eyebright flower, but in the frosts it goes dormant. Better appreciate the numbing white than the tears of red bringing the likes of wolves, or worse yet, lycans.

A branch groans ahead. I look behind me at my tracks, they arc to my weak side, but I've come far enough. My legs and hands tingle and the hairs stand on my neck. Yortihr described the depression of the earth as Kalian approached, but it doesn't describe the feeling fully, for the sight of an ancient giant inspires a sort of out of body experience.

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