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Old 02-09-2009, 11:59 PM
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Player Characters

Please post your character sheets/info here. It'll make my life simpler.
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Old 02-11-2009, 12:41 PM
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BackgroundKraven is the page to Razael a particularly rich, noble man. Razael is dragonblooded but unlike most of his brethren within Chiaroscuro, he has a soft side. Kraven was offered to Razael at the age of 13, when Razael brazenly took a page from the ruins. Through the years Razael offered Kraven knowledge of the world in exchange for his services. Often, Razael used Kraven as the vessel through which he gave what charity he could without causing suspicion or endangering his position as a noble. His compassionate tasks often varied between inconspicuously dropping a few coins on his daily travels and accidentally forgetting his food to actually sneak out of the walls to the ruins. Once, when he was caught, Kraven suffered a terrible beating and had to eventually be ransomed back to Razael. Kraven then suffered a public beating at the hands of his Razael, which Kraven was aware it was no maintain appearances and he endured, though his back end up badly scarred. Afterward, he saved up his pay until he could afford a fine chain shirt which he wore under his clothes regularly.

When all is said and done, at the end of the day Kraven is happy knowing that he is able to help, though he wishes he could do more.
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Old 02-11-2009, 03:37 PM
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Moadib Kassab

A man that will seek revenge for others, even in the ugliest of ways
Description: A poor man with a short temper. When angry he makes a mental note. Passive-aggressive, waits for the perfect timing to get revenge. Uses the word Justice as his crutch, letting do despicable things to even worse people. Wants the world to be peaceful. He is quick to make friends and enemies. Lackadaisical. Tells terrible jokes using stereotypes and racism all the time. He finds it funny because he sees truth in them. A bit hypocritical, he sometimes bends his standards for personal gain.

He is a lean, tough man. He does not posses great physical strength, but what he lacks in muscle he makes up for in the mind. He has red, leathery skin and green eyes. His hair is blond, bleached by the sun. He wears a loose, black linene robe. Though it is very old, the robe is patched deftly with some sort of plant fibre. He wears moccasins on his feet made from yeddim leather scraps.

Motivation: Revenge on abusive leaders within Chiaroscuro

Concept: Utilitarian Enemy of Injustice
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Old 02-11-2009, 08:16 PM
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"Why work within the system when it's so much more exciting to work against it!"

Razamel always had an eye for trouble, and an ear for the sweet sound of money, and no matter where he went, there was always a little of both, if he searched hard enough. He lived his life day-to-day, because that kept things interesting for him - sometimes, he didn't even know where his next meal was going to come from, simply because he had to think fast. But the lifestyle suited him just fine: he was the kind of person who, if he hadn't agreed with it, would've set out to change things then and there.

Sure, there were some times his lifestyle caught up with him. Living in this way was far from safe. Oft times, the jobs he enjoyed most were the ones that skirted the local law. He'd lived as a pickpocket before, coming close to capture a few times. He'd sold his skills as a mercenary once, and even accepted a soldiering position for a time. He'd even tried his hand at the risky business commonly called 'scavenging'; raiding tombs and ruins for rare artifacts. That hadn't gone so well...he had more than a few stories to tell about those days, and he'd never made much money that way. Still, it had been an exciting change of pace; he didn't regret trying it.

Most recently Razamel had gotten tied up in a smuggling business, within the city of Chiaroscuro. It was a somewhat familiar city to him; at least, some parts of it were. He'd passed through there multiple times before in his travels. It seemed the city would continue to pull him back to, time and time again, and so here he was, trying his hand at yet another illicit job in this city of trade. His jobs varied, day to day, but he wasn't trusted with what exactly they were smuggling, nor to whom: he was still fresh, and he'd been through these hoops many times before with other jobs. All he hoped is that they'd start trusting him already and get him some more interesting assignments; this hadn't been as much fun as he'd hoped, so far.

Still, Razamel couldn't help but feel there was...something he was missing. He always wanted to do more, always wanted to enjoy the next big thrill, and a little coin or jade on the side never hurt anyone, eh? Blissfully ignorant, the man who lived his life without a plan would soon come to be involved in things far, far way, or another...
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