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Old Jun 8th, 2014, 12:08 PM
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Morgan pokes through his haversack a little.
”I'm pretty sure I've got everything here with me.
He didn't have his poison bouquet, that was in the lab, but that wouldn't be of any use on fiends anyway. One of his pearls of power allows him to refresh the Shield spell in his memory. Everything else should have plenty of time left.

He holds out a potion vial to Mrith.
”Anti-toxin? Think of it as a fail-safe since nobody's figured out how to dispel alchemy or create an anti-alchemy field.” He still had a couple of them left over from when he and Eloise had dealt with the Dread Pirate Roberts and helped break up the Diamond Shark Pirates. They should still be good for another year or two. He hands another one off to Rhys and saves the last for Eloise. Morgan had his own protections against poison and Nallaul said he did too.

”Right then, let's not waste time. Off into certain peril.” He glances aside at Nallaul. ”We will try to keep the peril to a minimum though. It's unhealthy.”
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Old Jun 8th, 2014, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Nallaul
"Is the Patron Father treating Triss as a prisoner now, and is she secure? I wouldn't pot it past her and the Elerian to have an exit strategy for this."
"King, not Patron Father, and that depends on your definition of 'prisoner'. For now at least she is still technically a guest, although we have placed a number of guards around her 'for her own protection' and 'suggested' that she stay in her rooms. Needless to say that she isn't pleased, but I couldn't care less."

Kala casts the spell on Mrith before Lekkar makes an offer of his own. "I can drop you off in Jharaverd if you don't mind." Assuming she agrees he looks to L'arabiel and Theofan. "Is there anywhere in particular that she'd be needed?"

There is a pause while Theofan thinks, or perhaps communicates with someone else, before responding. "We have eyes on some Fiends fighting in the outer commons - the slums that have built up on the outskirts - do you know where that is?" The Hybrid nods.

Before either Lekkar or Zilira teleport them out, they'd give them the option to make any last minute preparations.

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