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Old 12-19-2017, 02:21 PM
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The RPG Crossing community has raised over $1000 for mental health research!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the membership and charity drive so far, and helped to raise over $1000 with over a week still to go! Rukellian awesomely kicked it out of the park with a significant donation to the BBR Foundation through our team portal, blasting through every stretch goal and making me come up with some new ones.

All CS memberships purchased during this drive will collect the PDF bundle and be extended by 2 extra months!

Thank you, Rukellian!

RPG Crossing Membership and Charity Drive Bonus Pack
All dollar goals represent the amount raised for charity. At the time of this post, we have raised $1010 $1570 (1 Jan, final update) for the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.

Levels already achieved:
  • Perk #1 ($100) : The Stealth Scale by Michael McCarthy
  • Perk #2 ($200) : Straight Skills by Michael McCarthy
  • Perk #3 ($300) : And Then... Zombies! by Michael McCarthy
  • Perk #4 ($400) : Trap Cards by Michael McCarthy
  • Perk #5 ($500) : Conversation Cards by Michael McCarthy
  • Perk #6 ($705) : Bonus Month #1 (we beat 2015's total!)
  • Perk #7 ($1000) : Bonus Month #2 (we beat 2016's $926 total and passed a nice round number!)
  • Perk #8 ($1200) : Michael McCarthy Starfinder double pack: Orbi City-Station and The World of Nommu
  • Extended Goal #1 ($1400) : Birched will update the site's Starfinder character sheet by Jan 15, 2018

More goals:
  • $1600 : Birched will update the dice roller to be fully compatible with D&D 5e by Jan 31, 2018
  • $2000 : Birched will reinsert all removed site archives (2004-2009) by March 31, 2018

The total value of this PDF prize bundle is now $10.93 +$5 to charity + two bonus months ($4.17) + you are helping to keep the lights on at this great community. The total value of 'extras' is just over $20 on a $25 membership. Or you can just donate $10 to charity through our donation link and pick up the same PDF bundle, which is another great deal.

how this will workAt the end of the drive, anyone who has received (through purchase or gift) a $25 1-year membership or donated $10 or more directly to the Brain and Behavior Institute through our direct donation link for the BBR Foundation above (honor system; send Birched a pm and let him know who you are when you donate at the donordrive link) will get all the perks we accumulate.

Thank you to everyone who has supported RPG Crossing's membership and charity drive so far!
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