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Old Jul 4th, 2014, 07:04 PM
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The People of the Story

A place to put your application information (Name, description, background, etc.) as well as a link to your character sheet, which can be put in secret-text if you want. Character creation rules are: Level 1, 25 Racial Points using the custom-race rules, pretty much any class, a 20 point ability score buy, 2 traits, and average level 1 wealth. If there are any questions, feel free to ask!
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Old Jul 4th, 2014, 09:20 PM
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Character Information
Name: Munshin Oracle - sometimes referred to as Moony

Race human
Class Rogue

Physical Description Munshin has the look of a fit, organized accountant. Black hair tied back in a ponytail, blue eyes to pierce your mind, the blank poker face to rob you of your coppers...outside of the gambling dens, however, he is a bit more impressionable. Munshin can smile, laugh, frown, and swear with the best of them.

His usual attire favors dark colors and comfortable attire, but when playing his role as an accountant (which he does have actual training in), he favors a more professional garb reminiscent of a butler.

Background details:
Not everyone is well known about Munshin, but these are the things that have come up over time of which others may or may not know

Munshin was nothing more than basic common - No important family lineages, no hidden blood of dragons, no rich Uncle to inherit from. Given the apparent class structures around Ward, it is no surprise that Munshin would be from a poor family, who worked to get what they could to survive. Including Apprenticing off one of their sons to a 'merchant'.

To be fair to them, they really thought he was a merchant, and Kashin the Crazed really was a merchant - he was also a thief. A smart thief, that demanded the best out of his apprentice, and when he didn't get it, drilled, beat, and verbally flayed it into him. All of it was precise,, meant to drive just enough dedication into Munshin to have him achieve results that would (rarely) satisfy the crazy old man.

It went on for years...

But, it bore Fruit: Munshin could Posh, he could scare, he could smile and console. He learned about the ways others could cheat him, how to spot them, how to watch out for those like them. He learned how to deal with traps and locks, where to strike for the best results, and how to disguise it all under legitimate means. Kashin even set him up with an impressive sum (at least by poor standards) to deck himself out with for his future.

In short: Munshin was to be the next Kashin, and it was one of the few times the old man gave a compliment, when he spoke to Munshin on his Death Bed with a chuckle. "You might make a pretty good me, or a better one. I hope it's the latter. I was a real bastard."

Learning under Kashin was the oddest sort of hell for Munshin. It was remarkable how much those last words made a difference in the outlook. To be angry, to be proud, to be sad, or happy?

Options, options...

One day I'll find more things to put here, but until then, I'll just admire how I make a fine use of space and...oh, wait, I'm not doing that anymore as I typ~STOP TYPING DANGIT!

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Old Jul 4th, 2014, 10:48 PM
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Name: Morvian Eventis
Race: Nether Shade
Class: Sorcerer



Morvian hails from a time when the world was still young. (Roughly this world's equivalent of early Egypt.)Civilization had only just begun, and rulers of small nations were starting to take hold. Even then the powerful ruled as god, though power could change easily enough with a big enough stick. Politics, if you could them such, held no interest to Morvian Eventis. Instead, he was devoted to unlocking the secrets of the universe and possibly even becoming a minor deity. An accident quelled those foolish ambitions. While attempting to pierce the great beyond, Morvian managed to trap himself between the plane of shadows and the negative energy plane.

After being released by Ozan, Morvian set about learning about the strange new world he found himself in. He had plenty of time to do so while he stood guard over the unenchanted gem that would later grow so important.
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Old Jul 5th, 2014, 01:29 AM
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Character Info
Name: Eran Otelform
Race: Originally derived from a clan of scholastically-minded humans, over many years the Ulgrebor have adapted as a race to better use their knowledge and knack for invention. their forays into forgotten knowledge occasionally upset less intellectual folks, and due to their small numbers, the Ulgrebor had to rely on powerful inventions to fend for themselves. This quickly became a way of life, and over time it came to represent their very identity. The Ulgrebor have abnormally keen minds and have become hardy to defend themselves, but often don't quite get along with others.

Class: Artificer

Physical Description: Eran is fairly average for one of the Ulgrebor, which is to say, he seems to be a pretty average human. As with many of his races, Eran is often too enthralled by his work to really put much effort in to his appearance. His finger-long blond hair can usually be accurately described as dirty blond, and it is often unkempt. His simple craftsman's clothes are wrinkled, and seem to accumulate minor stains which Eran mostly ignores. His face is handsome, though fairly plain, the only defining feature being his piercing deep blue eyes. He is skinny, as inventing is clearly more common than consistent meals, and he is of average height. As the Ulgrebor spend much of their time secluded in their studies, they are usually pale in complexion and are better than most at seeing when there is little light.

Background/Origin Story/RP Sample: From an early age, Eran had a propensity for creating items of a magical nature greater than that of his kin. While Ulgrebor are renowned as great craftsmen, Eran had a knack for blending the arcane and mundane in his creations. Items he made that normally performed straightforward tasks often had additional, unexpected functionality. Seeing the signs of an artificer, the Ulgrebor elders granted Eran entrance to their school of invention. For many years, Eran studied, perfecting his abilities as a craftsman.

After he finished his tutelage, Eran looked for patrons to sponsor his growing ideas. His ambitions exceeded those of his kin, and he dreamed of building greater designs. His funding for projects, however, was a bit lacking. So he searched for those who would pay for his services, using the opportunities to invent wondrous items. Yet these tasks rarely gave the freedom for creativity that Eran yearned for, and so his search for the ideal patron continued. When Ozan asked for his services, the openness of the request intrigued him, and he accepted.

Reasons for working under an evil sorcerer: Eran is a scientist and is above all logical. When he was approached by Ozan, his ideas of equality for all certainly seemed more reasonable then the segregated system that existed. Seeing the virtues of Ozan's plans, Eran offered his services as an inventor. With protecting the gem being as general a task as it is, it seems as though Eran will get to invent things truly spectacular...

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Old Jul 9th, 2014, 03:33 PM
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Alright folks, sorry for the delay, but everything is in order now!

FluffName: Roan of Irori

Race: Irorian
The Irorians are a very fledging race born of a mad devotion to Irori. Some deviant followers of Irori believed that in their pursuit of perfection, that means alchemical, medicinal and magical were to be used to ascend to a higher understanding of the world. The Irorians and those who've allied with them are by and large outcasts of the majority of Irori's followers, but due to the mindset in the religion, these men and women have gone unnoticed by the general population as no public outcry has been called, no crusades, no inquisitions. Instead, the Irorians are just held up as an example of how a person out of balance and lost to Irori's true teachings is like.

Class: Inquisitor

Physical Description: Roan is a man, while not particularly handsome, is groomed with military-like precision. His dark brown hair is pulled into a high, and extremely tight ponytail that emphasizes his widow's peak. His features, long and sharp with a hooked nose emphasize a rather hawkish look to his face. His eyes are grey, and observe the world with a passive, but sharply aware gaze. All this rests atop a well muscled body and is covered in olive skin.

Backstory/Origin Story/RP Sample: Roan was born into a dark cult of Irori, who while in line with the main tenet of "self-perfection" sought to do so with dark arts, magic, alchemy, money. Traditional believers would occasionally try to teach them that they had lost the way and no longer sought self-perfection, but power, and would try to explain the difference to aid their brothers. Yet the cult always failed to listen. Having taken to calling themselves "The Pure" they had little interest in the words of those beneath them.

It is in this environment that Roan was raised, communally by the temple, not knowing which ones were truly his parents, or if his parents were even there at all. Through the years, Roan was taught as to how to find weakness. Weakness was an affront to Irori, he was told time and again, and that to find perfection, he must ensure that the weakness around him is found and rooted out. So Roan studied, trained, fought, meditated, and sought continually to remove weakness from himself and those who could taint him with their imperfections. After some time, this turned into ferreting out secrets, trying always to peer deep into the heart of his opponents so that he may trick and deceive them. After all, perfection of the self is what Irori taught, there was no room for obligations to another in these tenets.

All of this suddenly came to a close when the temple was raided and attacked by a well intentioned, but frightened mob of the masses. Who found the secretive temple unnerving, and the rumors of foul experiments and evil more so. The members of the temple struck back, furious and indignant, vengeful and cruel. It didn't take long for the mob to be broken and scattered. But in the anger of the temple, a dire mistake was made; they pursued the routing masses. Unable to stand quietly and watch civilians be slaughtered in the streets, followers of Iomedae rallied their congregation and sallied to fight "The Pure." Soon, the battle was turning into a stalemate, neither side weakening to the other's advantage. It was then that the followers of Gorum, also located in the cluster of religious buildings took to the battle and sided with Iomedeans, eager to fight in a battle that the authorities could not contest their battle as anything but self-defense. By the time these authorities finally arrived, the Irorians had by and large perished, overwhelmed by the numbers of the two combined churches. During the chaos of battle, Roan slipped away into the city, swearing death and vengeance upon those who would defend those who dared violate his holy site, and upon those who defended the heathens.

As the now homeless inquisitor wandered the streets, he encountered Ozan. Ozan offered him shelter, and sympathized with the monk as he learned his story. Promising to change things, Ozan quickly earned the inquisitor's trust, manipulating him into following Ozan's own goals with promises to dispel the instability that led to the attack on the temple, to make a world in which no matter one's beliefs that they may live and worship as they see fit without fear of persecution. With nothing but Ozan's goals and his own greed to follow, Roan stands ready to install a new world, a new order in which he is free, free and equal to create the perfection he so longs for.

Reason for working under evil sorcerer: Bought loyalty through generosity and dreams when Roan was down and out of luck.
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