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Old Mar 11th, 2023, 05:15 PM
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The little sorceress relished the form of the dragon. Dragons were powerful creatures and it would be easy to lose oneself in that form. Zinxi had always been a child of magic. It was a part of her makeup, magic was just another piece of her being and it always had been. She knew that the little magical aid she could provide would be fleeting. So when their teams turn came she stood next to the tent and waited until last to make her entrance. She had decided to ad her bit of magic to each person individually. This would give everyone a little over two minutes to pass through the testing. The woman smiled thankfully when the magic of her friends was cast upon her small form.
When it was at last her turn to go, Zinxi cast the quickening spell on herself and transformed, morphed into a huge creature made from one of the primal elements. A creature of pure air and expanding primal energies. The unfettering sensation was quite liberating and intoxicating at the same time. With a blast of winds the woman began to breeze through the tented maze of tortures.
Zinxi entered the tent and started forward in a burst of air. The sensation was delightful to the sorceress. She moved quickly with confidence and the elemental creature was already through the first trap before the first rock fell. Unfazed, the woman didn't slow her pace so she blew through second as well. She cast a glance back as the sand worm reared its head up out of the sand. Zinxi's confidence was bolstered by the ease with with the first two were passed she felt confidant that these tests should be no worry for her in this form. So when the woman heard the swoosh of something deadly behind her, something that she couldn't see, she finally decided to slow her pace. As the elemental moved steadily further into the canvas passage her emerald eyes caught sight of the arcane symbol as it formed in the air before her. She swerved as she rushed forward to evade the magical sigil trap. Her excitement only increased as she made it to the last trap completely unscathed. The gods of fate were fickle creatures to be sure. So it was likely because the little sorceress had grown so confident in her movements that fate turned a blind eye to her progress. Her steps grew sluggish and she was caught in the last trap like a rabbit in a snare.
The effects of the last trap were such that part of the elemental energies contained within her form escaped her containment. They simply evaporated into the ether when they were separated from her massive form. So when the elemental form shifted and morphed back into the familiar gnome, her brow was creased with disappointment. She was still certain that she could have beat all of those traps. "Perhaps in the next test I can have a perfect score, I thought it was this one for sure."



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Old Mar 12th, 2023, 10:43 AM
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AvophiorThe first challenge was, certainly, a challenge. Avophior was able to watch other contestants try, and succeed and fail, but this time everything is hidden behind the curtain. He contemplates various ways in which to penetrate the obstruction, but assumes the attempts would be thwarted in some way and is less curious than he is leery of being disqualified. More is riding on this competition than he would ever have voluntarily put on the line. This is life or death now, all his life's work, building his community, magical research, adventuring... it would all be over if he was relegated to yet another nameless and faceless cheering spectator. Even if this particular plane appeared to be an easy and blissful place, he has too much left to do in the world to be relegated to the obscurity of some sports-heaven. He is doubly grateful for the boons his companions provide, and pours himself into creating as many of his own as he can manage. Being an air elemental is particularly interesting, the semi-corporeal nature a unique experience.
As he takes his turn he speeds through the temple as fast as his wispy form will allow him to propel through the air. Much of this contest is a blur to him. Moving as fast as he is the rocks barely start to fall before he's blasted past the spot they would have hit him, likewise the creature snaps on empty air. The pendulum isn't as much dodged, he simply eddies around the blade like so much air. The sigil in the air is a surprise even more than the invisible blade, and he reels and spins like a little dust devil to avoid and slip through the cracks in the rippling energies. In a last and final push he blows through and around all the figures like so much smoke, zipping out the other end of the gauntlet. Returning to the sidelines he billows and swirls in delight. "I enjoyed that one much more." His air elemental voice sounding like so much breeze whistling through the trees.


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