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Old 07-23-2010, 11:51 PM
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Crew Manifest

Please place your character information here.
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Old 07-24-2010, 02:04 AM
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Character Name: Hu Li (not her given name - just what she goes by now).
Gender: Female.
Age: 22.
Class: Pilot, security, sneak thief.
Desired Crew Position: First mate, Security, Pilot.
Alignment: Neutral good with some strong chaotic tendencies.






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Old 07-24-2010, 08:18 AM
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- Character Name: Tabitha 'Tab' Cooke

- Gender: Female

- Age: 26 (b 23.09.2492)

- Class: Face

- Desired Crew Position: Face/Unarmed Combatant/Cook

- Alignment: Lawful Neutral

- Appearance: Tab is a stunningly beautiful ( M Allure, m Memorable) young woman with an almost palpable air of peace about her. However, Tabitha's beauty comes from within. She does not wear make up nor revealing dresses or short skirts, opting instead for simple kimonos, jeans and t-shirts. Her auburn hair is always bound in a tight bun and her large blue eyes speak volumes more than she actually does. She wears full-rim glasses (m dull sense - sight) and her brother's Silver Star around her neck as the only piece of jewelry. She does not wear perfume but always seems to smell faintly of lavander. Her arms are dotted with the scars of her former addiction but she does not go to great lengths to hide them, regarding them as a mark of passage.

- Personality: Tab is friendly but not exceedingly talkative. She is calm and insightful (m Steady Calm), almost ascetic in her daily routines and fast to lend a hand. She values justice for the weak above everything else (M Credo) and is deadly loyal to those she deems as worthy (m Loyal). Her training and 'rehabilitation' in a buddhist monastery have taught her the value of discipline, the healing power of peace as well as several ways to kill a man with her bare hands (m Mean left Hook). What it did not teach her was the value of money. Most of her credits go to the poor or to friends in need (m Dead broke).


- History: Tabitha grew up on Verbena, a place as lush as it is boring. When she was thirteen her two elder brothers went to war shortly after their mother had died. Tabitha grew up as a wild child, as her aging father was busy trying to make a living to feed them both. When her brother Jeremy died she was devastated. She started hanging out with the wrong sorts, drinking a lot, doing drugs and having sex with basically anyone. William, her second brother tried to straighten her out but only managed to make her hate him and get her to run away. She boarded a ship to Boros where she sank deeper and deeper into a life of drugs and sex. She became addicted to heroin and overdosed. After trying to bring her through, her 'friends' dumped her in a back alley to die.

She was found going into shock by an aging buddhist monk. After bringing her back to her senses he took her to a secluded monastery on Boros where she was imprisoned throughout her withdrawal and more or less forced her to kick heroin. At first she was outraged but in time started to warm up to her captors. After six weeks she was released. She confronted her former junkie friends for almost letting her die and, after a dramatic (verbal) fight, returned to the monastery as a student. She trained for several years but did not feel really drawn into the buddhist religion, choosing instead to adapt the philsophy of Chán or Zen to her life. In but a few years she blossomed from a damaged junkie girl into a serene woman, at peace with the world. She decided to leave the convent after her master finally died of old age. Tab decided that she must get back in touch with her family before they too share her master's fate.

Tabitha boarded the first ship home. She visited her father's homestead and stayed with him for a month, getting to know him again. She took flowers and said a few prayers at her mother's grave and visited her childhood friends. Most importantly, Tab finally came to terms with her favourite brother's death. Finally at peace, she then set off to find her second brother and has been searching ever since.

Tab got involved with McEntyre and Delgado when trying to get off Beaumonde. She even helped them out by putting them in contact with some seedy types. Now, Tabitha feels a bit responsible for what went down. She felt no kinship to either but she now considers it her duty to remain with the crew, at least until they make it alive offworld. Her brother can wait that much.

- Family:
Ariadna Cooke (12th Apr 2450 - 17th June 2505) - Mother, Died (Cancer)
Silas Cooke (30th July 2446) - Father, Family Farm on Verbena
Lt. Jeremy Cooke (June 1st 2488 – Oct 15th 2507) – Brother, Alliance Marine Officer K.I.A. during First Siege of Athens
Stf. Sgt. William K. 'Cookie' Cooke (28th December 2480) - Brother, Alliance Marine First Recon (retired), Chef, Current whereabouts unknown.

- Friends:
Andrew Wilkes – Childhood Friend, Verbena
Mina McTaggert – Childhood Friend, Will's old Girlfriend, Verbena
Aster Li - Junkie Friend, Boros.
Hang Pei - Buddhist Master, Died (natural causes)

- Enemies: When Tab left her old life behind her she upset a lot of people on Boros. She did not turn anyone in but her old suppliers and partners would not look kindly on her returning.

I can post once a day regularly. My timezone is GMT +1

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Old 07-24-2010, 08:44 AM
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- Character Name: Devon Weiss
- Gender: Male
- Age: 26
- Class: Wheel man, heavy weapons operator, backup mechanic, backup security
- Desired Crew Position: Same as above really.
- Alignment: Neutral

- Appearance: Devon is just under six feet, though when he straightens all the way up he can measure six feet for the doctors. He's got wide shoulders and a smooth taper. His arms are a little long, but not unattractively so. When he's been in the black for a while he keeps his dark brown hair trimmed short with a set of clippers, but when there's a barber nearby he prefers a medium fade. Usually he's clean shaven, but when he gets the thought into his mind he'll grow a mustache or beard. He rarely keeps them for long. Those who look closely, or have been around him long enough, can see small scattered poc-mark scars peeking just out of the collar of his shirt, up his neck to his jawline. They are nothing big or frightening, but hint at something more. If he's 'on the job' so to speak he usually wears his old jumpsuit and tanker's boot plus any gear he's got for whatever he's doing. When in 'civies' he is fond of jeans, a t-shirt and comfortable brown shoes.

- Personality: Devon has been best described as 'rattled.' He's not quite scrambled up enough to be labeled insane, but a few too many concussions inside a tank has left him a touch off. Even if he's not doing something crazy, it's kind of obvious that he's not as put together as most people, which is unsettling to most people. On the other hand he can get highly focused on things and once he's set his mind to a subject he can be impossible to dissuade or distract. Besides laughing at things that are not funny, or are inappropriate to laugh at, or abruptly calling for silence for something he probably can't hear anyway since he's half deaf he's a pleasant sort of person to be around, fond of telling stories when they are asked and telling jokes.

- History: Devon was born on Osiris fourth child of a wealthy business man. He owned a number of franchised AT&C (Alliance Telefonix and Cortex) relays. Devon was late, and his three elder brothers were each a year younger than the other, while he was four years younger than his next older brother. They had all graduated school and were at university by the time Devon even started high school. Due to the expense of Ivy leave core universities Devon's father had begun to run out of money by the time Devon graduated. Taking matters in his own hands Devon enlisted in the Alliance Army, armored cavalry. As a tanker crew member he excelled as a driver and gunner, distinguishing himself during the squelching of the Independence. During the war he took a number of wounds, including catching fire when a shape charge tore through the hull of his tank, roasting his TC and three others alive. Why he lived is hard to explain and haunts him. The irony was that life during the war was easy, it was going home that was harder. He spent a year in the army after the war until he couldn't stand working during peace time and went home to try and finish school he had abruptly abandoned for the fighting. Unfortunately the war had changed him, not to mention blasting out his eardrums and addling his brain. The Alliance called it 'acceptable hearing loss' at 40 some-odd percent and PTSD. If that's what you call nightmares that wake the house with your screams and make your mother cry. Eventually his father's mantra of 'when are you getting a job' and his mother's obvious nervousness around her son that was so different, not to mention the awkwardness of holiday dinner surrounded by his proper brothers who were not crazy, he struck out to do something black sheep yet again: he signed on as a hand on a rusty clunker headed to the rim. Surprisingly the hectic and uncertain life of the border moons and the risk of unlawful work sparked his blood and made him feel comfortable again. It made him feel alive, like during the war, so he stuck with it. Though he was no Browncoat, since he's as indifferent to government as the average American is, the Browncoats gave him a more familiar life than the Alliance he fought for.

He'd known Sullah for a while, they'd been on a few jobs together over the years. Sullah understood why if Devon wasn't given a solo berth he'd sleep in the engine room and the if he, for whatever reason, threw the entire contents of a supply closet into the hall screaming about something nonsensical that it would pass and Devon always cleaned up after himself. It was for that reason Devon was so eager to help Sullah get his own ship and work under his command. Death had long since ceased to make Devon sad most of the time, usually it invoked anger, frustration or disappointment. Sullah, and to some extent Slade, on the other hand were a hard loss for him, and though the crew scattered a bit Devon is determined to keep it together.

- Family: Father: George, lives on Osiris running his AT&C franchise.
Mother: Margret, housewife of George
Eldest Brother: Michael, is continuing to pursue his PHD on Lilac while managing a marketing firm.
Second Eldest Brother: Jeremy lives on Osiris about a block from the old house. He runs an antique shop.
Third Eldest Brother: Brandon was an executive for an insurance company and frequently travels about the 'Verse investigating claims His home is on Ariel.

- Friends: Devon hasn't held down many old friends, though there are plenty of people who he knows by face, if not name.

- Enemies: There are plenty of Captains who will refuse to hire him as crew, but not as an enemy. It's easy to make resistant acquaintances with his kind of personality.
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Old 07-24-2010, 09:04 AM
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Gender: Male
Age: 24
Class: Pilot
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Old 07-24-2010, 09:25 AM
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Character Name: Hival PLIN.






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Old 07-24-2010, 03:01 PM
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Character Name: James Wu Yong (Character Sheet Link)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Class: War Veteran/Mercenary
Crew Position: Fighter/Bodyguard/Watchman
Alignment: Chaotic Good





It hurts me hart te turn away...te play a game another day. Forgive me, is all I can say....

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