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Old 11-01-2017, 06:08 PM
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ridin. Who is?

This is the Site History as I experienced it. You should read Birched's compilation. It's impressive.

So, in the beginning, there was Admin Raj and Admin Varun. They cranked this up. Folks like Blayz, Medesha and LivO help shape the tone of the site and its vision: a classy, text-based forum for RPGs.

Then came the schism. Raj and Varun left.

At the time I was a posting fiend, playing and DMing to the tune of dozens of posts daily. There was some kerfuffle about who'd move their games to another platform and who'd stay. I wanted to stay. So did some of my senpai: Krowout, Birched, Securis, Phoenix, Alitama (RIP) and others. Krowout bought the place out.

Between one thing and another they made me a mod. I joined the staff in a spirit of community healing and building. Then one summer I was riding my Triumph across country and stopped at Krowout's for the night. I drank his rum. We talked about ways to improve the site. He made me an Admin and stepped back a bit.

The team and I worked hard to increase our membership and our revenue. Some ideas worked out and others didn't. But you have to have ideas, otherwise you're sitting still. In real life, I met a few of our coolest folks...TheChuck, Securis, Symthrell, Nightstalker, ChaosPsychoChick, Unko Talok/Sinner and more.

Some stuff we tried was dumb or childish--I take blame for those. Other stuff stuck and has helped make the site what you see today. Credit the team and their dedication and creativity for those.

Now, Mirtos was (is) Lenny's (Krowout's) brother. When I was an Admin, Mirtos and I had some phone calls about ways to update, secure, optimize and improve the site. A few of these came to fruition. But at the end of the day, if you're going to run a site like this, you need to be a coder. Which I am not.

After a couple years, I flamed out. Real Life, my daughters, the vagaries of making money. Many of you know how that is. And somewhere in there, while I was gone, Birched took over.

I used to PM TeufelHeunden about fixing this or modifying that. He'd PM me back: Sure thing...as soon as I get out of this meeting! He and Birched had always been the go-to guys when it came to taming the server liches. That Birched should assume leadership made excellent sense. And you can see today how pulled-together the place is!

My girls are in college now. I still ride a Triumph all over the country. And Birched and TH and the Admin staff still do a great job of sticking to the original vision: high-quality narrative gaming. There's no place on the interwebs quite like here.

Game on.

ridin status: All good here.

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