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Old May 5th, 2022, 01:01 PM
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Come Explore the RPGX Library!

Come explore the Library!

Many of your fellow RPG Crossing members have posted short stories or poems in the Library for everyone's perusal. Some are character backstories or elaborations on what might have happened in a game, some are entirely new content, and many are very, very good!

The Writer's Block
The Writer's Block is a place designed to hone a few more of the skills we use in writing our game prose. Whereas the New Player Solo Game was designed to help people new to Play-by-Post learn the basics of gaming here on the site, the Writer's Block was designed to help those more experienced with posting in games here on the site better the writing of their posts.

The Block pairs an individual up with a mentor, who will step you through ten different lesson plans, each plan focused on one aspect of typical good writing. Each of the lessons is designed to provide you with a different, thoughtful tool for your use in future writing. The hope is to work your way through the exercises in each lesson, learning new tools you can add to your literary toolbox for gaming posts. Your mentor helps with encouragement, advice and critiques, but the work is yours, and at your pace.

We hope that when you graduate from the Writer's Block, you have polished a few skills and picked up a new tool or two to add spice and impact to your writing style. Find more information HERE!
New! Explosive Runes Newsroom
There is now a community-accessible newsroom for the RPG Crossing webzine, Explosive Runes, in the Library! It is a place for our readers and our staff to come together and share ideas, tips, stories, ask questions, and hopefully get answers. There are threads explaining art and content submissions, as well as the editorial policy. Check it out to see what ER might be looking for; all are welcome to submit!

Explore the newsroom HERE.
RPGX Book Club
lostcheerio and Fillyjonk have started up the RPGX book club again, billed as a simple, no frills, drop in, drop out, come as you are, come when you want, inclusive place for readers. Every month, this group reads a different book that relates to gaming, high fantasy, sci-fi, or simply a book that one of the folks who participates thinks will be an awesome fit.

You can learn more HERE.
Summer Special: Short Story Competition
While the Short Story Competition of old was closed in 2019, some general interest has prompted a new, one-off challenge for this summer! Aethera hasn't disclosed the details yet, but the old competition threads will likely provide some idea of how the challenge works. For this summer, the theme has already been chosen: summer! Simple, straightforward, and possible for writers of all ages and foci to write about. There will be additional challenge elements for anyone who wishes to try and find creative ways to include random items or concepts in their story. Challenge will be posted June 1st and remain open for a month and a half, through July 15th, with a possible extension of deadline being discussed.

While you're waiting for the challenge to be posted, you can learn more by perusing old threads or chatting with us in the Coffee Shop.

Until then, happy spring, and may the words be with you!
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