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Old May 11th, 2018, 05:05 PM
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The Party

Character Sheets
Quest - Tiefling, lvl 5 bard (lore)
Amice - V-human, lvl 5 ranger (hunter)
Hzrd - Tabaxi, lvl 1 barbarian/lvl 4 fighter (battlemaster)
Brixim - Forest gnome, lvl 5 wizard (divination)
Hadrion - Aasimar, lvl 3 sorcerer (divine soul), lvl 2 warlock (hexblade)

Maro - Half-orc, lvl 4 sorcerer (stone)
Nails - High elf, lvl 4 rogue (arcane trickster)

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Old May 11th, 2018, 05:06 PM
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Important Inventory
Lady De'Luca's ring
1 Growth potion (Hzrd) - 1/2 uses left
2 Healing potions (Hzrd)
1 Healing potion (Amice)

Amulet of Animal Kinship - Amice carries:
This amulet allows you to cast the following spells once per day respectively: animal friendship and speak with animals.

Vicious Ebony Arrows (x5) - Amice carries:
When you use this arrow, you crit on a 19 attack roll as well as a 20 attack roll and your crit does 1 additional dice roll of weapon damage (ie. if using a longbow you will roll a 3d8 on a crit). Additionally, you may add +1 attack and +1 damage to your rolls and the arrows count as magic for bypassing enemy resistances. DM side note: you must declare the use of this arrow *before* your attack roll - honor system!

Cloak of Elvenkind - Amice carries:
While you wear this cloak with its hood up, Wisdom (Perception) checks made to see you have disadvantage, and you have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks made to hide, as the cloak’s color shifts to camouflage you. Pulling the hood up or down requires an action.

Serrated Black Greatsword - Hzrd carries:
The greatsword (2d6) has +2 damage (+0 attack) and crits on a 19 and 20 roll.

Gem of Disguise -
Once per long rest you may cast the disguise Self spell as an action without expending a spell slot.


Aquas rune - Brixim carries:
3 times per long rest, you may utilize the rune to manifest your choice of the following...
-The wearer may use a free action to summon the powerful force of rushing water to aid their spells (change the 'attack type' of any attack spell/cantrip to "force" and add a knockback component - 20 ft., no save opportunity - to any cantrip or spell that uses an attack roll). When using the rune this way, you may also add your spell casting modifier as damage and gain advantage on the attack roll.
-The wearer may use a bonus action to fill their mind with the calming influence of the ocean's gentle breeze (restore one lvl 1 spell slot).
-The wearer may use a reaction to wash themselves with the calming waves of the ocean (may roll a HD to restore HP mid-combat. The HD is not consumed when used this way and no additional effects of using the HD other than healing apply.

Naturae rune - Hzrd carries:
3 times per long rest, you may utilize the rune to manifest your choice of the following...
-The wearer may use a free action to summon a gale of wind at their feet to increase their run speed by 2x
-The wearer may use a bonus action to allow themselves to become one with their environment and camouflage with their surroundings (allowing a stealth roll to hide in reasonable situations [ie. not in the middle of an open field])
-The wearer may use a reaction to summon the vengeful force of nature to strike back at their opponents when struck (3d6 piercing damage against an attacker that hits you in melee)


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Old May 11th, 2018, 07:02 PM
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Amice the Huntress
right-aligned image
Born in Stevannage, a small town near Saxxondale, at the cusp of the Tivyn Wood, Amice always preferred the outdoors to staying inside, and the solitude of the forest to any sort of crowd or company. Once, as a little girl, she wandered off and became lost in the woods. A wolf pack found her, and she was forced to climb a tree to escape. Her parents, realizing she was gone, began to search the woods for her, calling her name loudly. The wolves heard the sound, but Amice threw branches and acorns at the wolves to distract them from chasing her parents down.

Luckily, a pair of elves who were patrolling the land showed up to drive the wolves away. The elven woman, Elbereth, was impressed with Amice's courage and quick thinking, and stayed near the girl until her parents found her, talking and becoming friends of a sort. Amice was tolerated, and protected to an extent, as she grew older, and delved further into the woods, until the elves decided that she should learn to protect herself.

Elbereth taught Amice the skills of a ranger, as well as the Elvish tongue, and Amice began patrolling the forest near the human lands as well. More often than not, she was keeping people from wandering away from the area allowed them by the elves.

Her association with the elves drew the ire of the dwarven blacksmith who'd settled in the town years earlier, and he spent hours chastising Amice on the company she was keeping. Amice took this in cheerful stride, for she was fond of the old dwarf. When the blacksmith, Ril, found out that Amice was learning Elvish, he was so offended that he began teaching the Dwarvish language to her in retaliation.

When orc raids began increasing, Amice decided to try to find help for the towns and villages, either from the army or any organized peasant force she could locate.

OOCCharacter Sheet: Amice the Huntress

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Old May 12th, 2018, 02:02 PM
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Maro the Bounty Hunter
right-aligned image

Half-orc Bounty Hunter - Stone Sorcerer

Character Sheet

Exiled from his clan when he was young for being magic-touched, Maro found refuge in Saxondale. Still, life in the city wasn't easy and being a half-orc only made things more difficult. But against all odds, Maro survived. He started as a laborer but thanks to his arcane powers, he soon found himself among a group of mercenaries keeping the area around Aramoor safe from orcish invasion. It seemed that while humans had no reservation in killing orcs, there was little that made them feel more superior than having an orc do the killing for them. Or a half-orc at least.

But his time with the mercenaries was limited. After saving up some money, Maro returned to Saxondale and worked as a bounty hunter. He preferred the freedom and excitement of being self-employed. Since then, he had spent years building a reputation and growing his network of contacts.
Apothecary - Bard - Enchanter - Bounty Hunter - Swordmage
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Old May 12th, 2018, 05:43 PM
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Nails from the street
right-aligned image

Miramis "Nails" Nailssen
Arcane Trickster

Nails grew up on the streets of Saxxondale as a street urchin. As a young child he was taken from his clan during a raid on the Tradeway and brough to the port city by his captors. Nails never saw his captors but remembers the accents of the marauders to this day. Someday he hopes to avenge what they had done to him. Luckily a street person that was near the docks rescued Nails from the foriegners and took the young elf under his protection.

Most days of his 60 years since he wound up in the city have been spent paying off his debt to his mentor, Dekarlis. Using his small stature and young looks Nails has preyed upon the traders, shippers and wizards market to obtain goods for Dekarlis.

Over the decades that Nails has been in Saxxondale he has met pretty much every street person in the city and he has learned tricks of the trade from many. During the last few years he has learned a bit of magic from his street friends that live in and around the area near the mage tower. Nails always knew that he inherited some magical ability from his parents but only recently started to study it deeper.

Nails has started to think about what else his life may hold. His debt to Dekarlis must be paid off by now and the old human probably doesn't have much time left. The elf would like to make Dekarlis comfortable and then go on to find a higher meaning to his own life.

OOCCharacter Sheet

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Old May 13th, 2018, 04:58 AM
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Hzrd Slashwhip
right-aligned image
History is rife with stories of great champions who against all odds and slavery fought their way to freedom in challenges of strength and strategy. One such hero was a Goliath by the name Atreus. Loved by all, he managed to win the freedom of his crew in an arena fight against a war party of Orcs and Ogres.

These stories were told around the campfire of the Jaguar men the kids sitting around in awe and amazement listening to the trials and feat of the gladiators of the past. This is where one large boy, Hzrd, realized his goal in life. To personally hear the cheers of the crowd after a fight in the arena.

Being bigger than most of the children in his tribe he was not as quick when training but would always be last one standing in hand to hand combat. They may be fast on their feet but once he had hold of them they didn’t last long.

Due to the natural curiosity of the race of the Tabaxi it was not unusual for Hzrd to leave the tribe as soon as he came of age. He made his way to Calimport to become the greatest gladiator of all time.

His dark fur and sharp claws looked intimidating but the warriors he faced were trained in the art of weapons of all shapes and sizes. His first few fights were abysmal with him going down in the starting moments. An old dwarven trainer took pity on him and took him on as part of his troupe.

Weeks become months, Hzrd trained long into the night and spent hot days sweating in the practice rings. Always on his mind was the feats of Atreus and the cheers of the crowd. Finally, Hzrd started to win some arena fights, not always a convincing win but he started making a name for himself. His use of a whip during battle got him the name Slashwhip but it was still not enough. Gladiators of today no longer fought to the death. He needed a bigger story.

He gave most of his meager winnings to his aging trainer as thanks and headed off to travel the lands hoping that he could one day live up the stories of his idol. Jumping onto a cargo ship he once again set off for faraway lands.


Marward Trannyth - Monk - Dungeon Dive
Hzrd Slashwhip - Barb/Fighter - FP,CC,HS

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Old May 14th, 2018, 11:00 AM
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A bard called Quest
right-aligned image
Quest, present day
Quest Formerly known as Urrus Nauk-d Daul

Race: Tiefling
Class: Bard 3, College of Swords (XGTE)
Character Sheet

Appearance: Quest is tall, slender and bony, with extraordinarily long fingers. His skin is red of course, with faint purplish stripes all over. Both his horns are broken off about an inch from his forehead. The stumps have worn down with time, but it is clear that there was use of blunt force. Like his horns, his tail is also cut off.

The tiefling wears his bluish black hair cropped short. His eyes are solid orbs of golden yellow. His neck and wrists are ringed by faded blue black circular marks, possibly the remnants of shackles. Quest is clad in leather armor that is decorated with strips of leather, fabric and metal. He usually carries a giant drum slung across his back.

Personality: Quest presents a humble, nearly servile quality. He has an almost debilitating fear of offending people. He finds it very difficult to confront people or say no to anything. Mostly he likes to keep to his own devices. He takes the barbs that come along with his racial identity in his stride.

Quest loves his music with a passion. His drum is his most prized possession. Even on the rare occassions when it is away from him, his long fingers are constantly moving, creating new rhythms. He has ventured into singing recently, but although he has a sweet voice, his confidence is not there yet.

The outward appearance of calm that the teifling exudes is something he tries his best to genuinely imbibe. He can however be triggered by really large crowds and loud noises on occasion. Sometimes he wakes up as Urrus Nauk-d Daul. It happens rarely enough. But when it does, he turns once again into that screaming feral war-drummer who would mash his fingers to a pulp on his drum high up in the sky in a deranged frenzy as blood crazed orcs bashed skulls and sliced limbs below. He loses all memory of the last two years, until it comes back to him slowly, and he collapses to the ground weeping.

Bryllyn | Quest | Reiner
DMing To Slay a Dragon |
Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts

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Old May 15th, 2018, 10:47 PM
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Brixim Torgborb
right-aligned image

Forest Gnome Hermit Wizard

Character Sheet

Brixim was a budding wizard living in a small forest gnorme community when his wife became ill with a strange sickness. He searched the forest far and wide to find a cure for her but nothing worked. After she passed away, Brixim retreated to the forest to live and study the animals within it making close friends with a large owl he now calls Downy. He only recently discovered a journal written by his wife where she expressed her concern about what would happen to him if she were to pass away. In her notes she worried that he would become lost in the forest, so with much trepidation and hesitation, Brixim has wandered out of the forest and into the world forcing himself to recognize that he still has a lot of life to live.

OOCUgh, can't get the images to work. I'll finish picking spells and determine inventory as well..

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Old Nov 24th, 2018, 12:58 AM
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Unholy Protector
left-aligned image

'I will use my ill-gotten power to defend the innocent and to strike down the wicked.'

Name: Hadrion Severos
Race: Protector Aasimar
Class: Warlock
Background: Proficiencies: Insight, Deception
Feature: SAFE HAVEN As a faction agent, you have access to a secret network of supporters and operatives who can provide assistance on your adventures. You know a set of secret signs and passwords you can use to identify such operatives, who can provide you with access to a hidden safe house, free room and board, or assistance in finding information. These agents never risk their lives for you or risk revealing their true identities.
Tool(s)/Language(s): Common, Goblin, Elven, Celestial
Trait: I am always calm, no matter what the situation. I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me.
Trait: I hate seeing suffering, especially in the weak and poor.
Trait: I am ashamed of my relationship to my dark patron, and I attempt to hide it from most people.
Ideal: Compassion is the most valuable virtue, even compassion for one's enemies.
Bond: I can't stand by, and watch people suffer without offering aid or protection.
Flaw: I despair that my soul is lost, and though I can save others, I can never save myself.
Faction Agent (Order of the Gauntlet)
Soundtrack: Compassion | Destruction

Physical Description/RP Sample: The old door to the warehouse crashed in and was torn off its hinges in an angry cacophony of wrenching metal and splintering wood. In the remaining doorframe, stood a tall figure, heavily armored, with glowing eyes, and sheathed in a halo of piercing light. As he strode forward, great wings of brilliant energy sprouted from his back, and bore him up into the air.

On the ground below, three men - two were thin and one fat, but all three wore ratty beards, mismatched armor, and the low hygeine standards of cheap thugs - cowered around a small fire they had built on the warehouse floor. They scrambled for their crossbows, but before they could attack, the voice of a god struck them to their cores.

The Celestial being did not move his mouth, but from him, a pure, calm voice washed down over the men, with such power and volume that it caused them to cower and quake. "Where are the prisoners?" the voice demanded.

Three pairs of eyes darted to the crates stacked to the North of them, but the fat man managed to croak out, "Ain't no prisoners", and he brought his crossbow up and fired at the god that towered above them. The bolt went wide, and passed through one of the great wings of light, without effect. The angelic being began to bear down on the men, which caused them to shout in panic. Two more bolts flew up, one glanced off his leather armor, but the last caught him in the seam in his armor at the shoulder.

The man's godlike poise wavered, and he grunted in pain. With a savage snarl, he dived toward the men, stretched forth his hand, and flames leaped down over them. Bathed in fire, the three men screamed and writhed while their hair and clothes sizzled and smoked. From the outstretched glove reached dark, crackling energy that stood in stark contrast to the Celestial features of the man. The bolts of energy struck the three men, causing each to first stiffen, and then crumple to the ground in a smoking pile of human wreckage.

The winged man drifted down to the smoking corpses and knelt beside them, offering a quiet prayer of dedication. When the ritual was completed, he strode over to the prisoner crates that had been identified earlier by the furtive glances of the now-dead captors. He found the doors, and with a staff, he broke the rusted padlocks off of the latches. Each door swung open and revealed a small group of cowering women and children covered in dirt and filthy rags.

The man spoke in his own voice, surprisingly passive for a man who had so casually dispatched three armed and armored men.

"I am Hadrion Severos", he said to the prisoners in the crates, "You are safe now. I am an agent of the Order of the Gauntlet, and I will not harm you, nor will I allow harm to come to any of you. Please, follow me, and I will get each of you food, clothing, and a place to stay until we find a way to return you to your homes."

Pensively, the prisoners crept out of the crates, and looked around at the warehouse, and over at the still-smoking corpses that had been their captors. A young boy ran forward and wrapped his arms around Hadrion's waist, and through sobs said, "Thank you, sir."

Uncomfortably, Hadrion patted the boy on the head and on the shoulder, looking down at his scorched leather gauntlet that had just moments earlier seared the life from three living beings. He snatched his hand away from the boy, and backed away from him. He looked up to the others and said gruffly, "Let's go."

Background: Hadrion Severos started his military career as an enlisted crossbowman, but he struggled watching the innocent and the weak suffer the most in war. After a particularly bloody battle, with many military and civilian deaths, the carnage that Hadrion inflicted attracted the interest of a mysterious entity of the Shadowfell. The entity offered Hadrion greater powers of destruction in return for an oath to maintain the slaughter for the rest of his life, and to follow the entity's will.

Hadrion was in the depths of despair about his inability to save the innocents from the reaper's scythe of war, and so he accepted the entity's pact. Since then, Hadrion has left a path of destruction in his wake, but his constant slaughter of the wicked has resulted in the safety and well-being of many more innocent souls. The gratitude of those innocents that are helped by Hadrion, offer little consolation to the man, but driven forward by his dark oath, Hadrion Severos unceasingly seeks new targets to sate the hunger of his patron.
Stormy - Amos - Jul - Slim - Hadrion

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