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Old 05-29-2019, 03:10 PM
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Rab Weep
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Rab noted how his fellow scribbler of letters was getting way ahead of him, filling out line after line of text. There was one thing that prevented him from being disheartened about it all - which was the fact that Aardash relaid a lot of what he presumably wrote down, in speech and it didn’t sound like a novel to make the taverns and brothels salute him. More likely, a few aged doctors and professors would nod solemnly and respectful, which of course also could be a goal to seek...

Rab made sure to keep Mayra in constant whisper mode and pass on any information she gave as they continued the journey. This was also the reason he asked the band to find comfort in the banner of Dawn’s Edge once Mayra voiced the dread surrounding the Mouth of Doom. Rab himself, shivered lightly and did his best to keep the whole sensation of imminent doom at bay. He grinned tightly to Willow, indeed. staying behind you sounds like the right thing to do, Miss Mossgrove. It occurred to him that he was unaware how Sarenrae held policies about marriage for her initiates, Is it really Miss or Mrs?

Rab recognized the spell of Aardash easy enough and cast his own, I will search forth and right, if you search forth and left?


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Vias Karins Vias zoned out, shy once more until they reached the cave. This was it. The mouth of doom. The chance to prove herself.
"I will gladly go first!" She said, right before doubt sunk in. The rush of combat had ended, and suddenly she was scared.
"What the heck am I getting myself into?" She thought, before taking a deep breath.
"Willow, I'd be willing to take rear guard. I can see in the dark, and although I am better suited to the front line, you are right about things following us. If anyone would like healing, now would be the time to do it, as well as I would like to cast Guidance upon us all before we enter." Vias proceeds to touch everyone, including herself and casts Guidance upon the whole group.


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Mayra gave Rab a nod as he explained his magic, intent on making sure they kept the connection up whenever possible. She handed her share of the gold to Willow and gave her an awkward smile. Aardash was far more interested in the corpses of the gnolls than she thought anyone ought to be, but as long as he kept contributing she didn't mind his eccentricities. It wasn't like she was a banner of normalcy or anything.

She took up the scouting position again as they continued on their way. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up, but Mayra Passed check with 21wasn't about to cower from some unnamed feeling this early in their journey. Once they arrived at the Mouth, she stood away from the entrance, looking it over with a critical eye. The others were talking about marching order, but they had already decided that the day before. Maybe it helped them with the uneasy feeling. When Willow seemed to be about to take up the lead, she stuck her arm out. "I'm in front," she said, looking at Rab and Aardash. "Let me know, quietly, if either of you ever spot something magical." Feeling like enough had been said, she turned back to the entrance and continued to Take 10 for 22 to detect traps on the entrance.make sure it was safe to pass.

Once she finished her inspection, she turned back to the rest of the group. "Assume everything in here is designed to kill you. Creatures, the floor, the walls, the ceiling, shiny treasure, all of it. I'll scout ahead, everyone else should follow in my footsteps, single file. I won't be responsible if you walk somewhere I didn't check and fall in a pit. My vote is to have Tormund next in line after me. He can stay back and not lose track of me in the dark. Rab can keep up our communications, and Willow can keep rear guard."

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