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Old 06-19-2017, 02:25 AM
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Flight to the Nest pic

Soaring high above the clouds, two tiny, dark shapes appear. Soon, these become recognizable as birds - eagles perhaps, or even larger creatures. Much larger! As they plummet towards you, mighty wings swept back, you realize to your horror that these are rocs: terrible beasts capable of carrying off even elephants and beyond the power of men to harm. Before you even have time to look around for somewhere to hide, the monsters are upon you.

Helpless in the grip of the rocs, you are swept aloft, higher and higher until the countryside below is laid out like a map. Mile after mile, the rocs’ steady wing beats carry you towards whatever fate awaits, but for now you can console yourselves with the magnificent view and your fortune at still being alive. After some time, the open country
gives way to a dense forest and beyond this a broad grassy plain, but it seems that the rocs’ destination lies still further. Dead ahead, a dark snow-capped mountain looms up beyond the plain, flanked on either side by lesser peaks.

Running like a gash down the mountain side, a deep valley sends forth a river onto the plain below. The river meanders through great loops until it forms a small lake, then drops over a ledge and disappears into the forest below. The river and lake remind you of the body and head of a snake, and the image is completed by an island in the lake like the snake’s eye. Never faltering, the rocs carry you towards the mountain peak, following the course of the valley. At its mouth is a steamy marsh, above this a grassy meadow, woods and lake, and higher still are two more lakes, icy blue and bounded by snow-covered slopes. Finally, you come to the rocs’ nest, perched on a rocky crag near the peak.

The nest is a massive structure of tangled trees and branches - there is even an old wagon and half a small
boat incorporated into it! The central hollow, where you have been dumped, is carpeted with leaves and straw, and contains the sad remains of the rocs’ past victims - both animal and human.

For a few moments, the rocs remain near the nest then, apparently satisfied that their captives are secure, they flap away into the distance.
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