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Old Jul 25th, 2016, 04:13 PM
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Hall of Fame Nominations 2016

It's that time of year again, time for one of the most important events in the RPG Crossing calendar. It's time for the Hall of Fame (2016 edition)!

The Hall of Fame is already home to some of the greatest games this site has seen, but we know there are more out there that deserve to join the esteemed ranks of the HoF. It's time to let us know about them.

Game Criteria
  • Solo Games must have at least 300 in-game posts. 'Regular' Games are eligible if they meet one of the following requirements: the game must have been active for at least a full year on this site (this means the game's first in-game post must be dated on or before July 25, 2015); or, the game must have at least 750 posts and reached its intended conclusion.
  • Games which were inducted into the Hall of Fame during a previous running are ineligible for nomination during this running. However, if a game was nominated during a previous running but DID NOT make it into the hall of fame, it is eligible.
  • Staff-run games are eligible for nominations.
  • Inactive games are eligible for nomination! Just because a game is finished or has died off, it doesn't mean that it's not a prime example of what we like to see.
  • You can nominate any game that meets the criteria, even if you were/are a DM/player! It's not arrogant. It's nominating a game that you loved and thought was great -- and that's what we want to see.
  • You must have at least 100 posts to nominate a game.

What we are looking for in a game
  • Quality posts -- good role-playing is always a plus.
  • Longevity -- dedication to a game on this site is one of the highest aspirations of a DM and players.
  • Good Implementation -- Whether it's a very unique game idea or if it's a classical game idea done very well, a masterful DM and players make any game fun.

Nomination FormatName: (include a link)
DM(s): Self-explanatory.
Current Players: include past players if you wish
Reasons for nomination: Describe your reasons for nominating the game and why you think it deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame.
Links: You must provide a link to a section of ten posts which you would like reviewers to read. This link is allowed a paragraph of up to 300 words to set the scene. You can provide up to two of these.

All of this makes it easier for the Community Supporters to review.

"Second"-ings should contain their own nomination and description so that the thread isn't cluttered with "second"s. Nominations that are a simple 'I second this nomination' will be deleted. Please do not "third" or "fourth" or "fifth" a nomination.

On August 15, there will be a public poll to narrow the list down. Approximately a week after that, these games will be brought over to the CS Forum where the Community Supporters will decide which games make it in!

Want a hand in the final voting process? Go ahead and become a Community Supporter!

You can peruse all the previous Hall of Fame inductees here.
Enter the Post of the Month contest. Do it now.
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Name: Vault of the Dracolich

DM: Hugga

Players: 39 Simultaneously

Reasons for nomination: The game redefined what is possible in PbP it started with 39 players across six separate threads. Each took their own unique path towards the final battle. Teams met and merged along the way and the game continued seamlessly. The game was played at a cracking pace maintain two to three posts a week. Most members would realise what an achievement this is with most games involving a normal size party struggle to maintain regular posting.

The roleplaying was of a high quality and for many players this was their first 5e game. At the core of this game laid Hugga's amazing organisational and time-management skills. The game ran to COMPLETION in 8 months and 6,676 post were made. I don't know if the site will ever see a game of its scale again.

All in all this game is an outstanding example of PbP, well done Hugga and all the players.

Links: The Chamber of the Diamond Staff is the ultimate battle of the adventure and probably the ultimate battle ever staged on the site. 22 PCs and 2 Familiars versus the Dracolich protected by four warding shield, a copy of the Dracolich, 4 Dark Priests, 4 Cultists, 8 Mercenaries, 2 Mummies and 4 skeletons. In all that's 44 combatants. Only Hugga would be crazy and organised enough to take on this monumental scene. The battle raged for 13 rounds and the tide of battle was constantly shifting, it was riveting to be a part of it.

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Name Knick Knacks of Doom
DM DracongienaArma
Current Players brann miekka, dbaque, goplayer7, MagicallyMusing, Valistar, Bio
past players include Cancer, DoubleL1987, dragune185, Jocularity, Numen Wraith, The Iron Dragon,

I am honored to be running the fourth consecutive year of play for Knick Knacks of Doom. Not only am I lucky enough to be part of a game that has pursued a consistent story line from day one, I have an opportunity to share it with some of the best people on RPG Crossing. KKoD is an illustrious game, one that has consistently set records and endured the test of time, succeeding and thriving where most fail. Even despite the slow pace that KKoD has settled into this last year, primarily due to roughness on my part with real life issues, it is still the third most posted in Pathfinder game on site rivaled only by multi-party and multi-game games with more players (and even DMs!) than Knick Knacks of Doom. Threads from the game have made the site’s top lists for three consecutive years. Bric-a-brac Hall was the 4th most popular non-private thread (by new post count) in 2013. Chapter 6 – Off to Sea was the 4th busiest non-private game thread (by new post count) of 2014. Chapter Eight – To See the King was the 4th most popular non-private game thread (by new post count) of 2015. Knick Knacks of Doom includes among its ranks an Easter Egg Hunt Champion and two post of the month winners.

But no game is defined by its post count or by the number of awards it receives. What truly makes a game exceptional are the players themselves, especially their dedication and loyalty. Of the six current players one of them (dbaque) is from the original party. Three others, MagicallyMusiing, brann miekka, and goplayer7 have been with the game for about three years. Only one member of the current party has less than a year tenure in game. The Knick Knacks of Doom family have finished college, get new jobs, moved house thousands of miles, and experienced crippling tragedy and jubilant success in their lives all while sticking with the game. KKoD started as a way for me to fill up some time, but has since taken on a life grander than I could ever have imagined. When I sat down to rip off the Mask of Destiny Campaign I would never have guessed that the game would attempt or survive a port to Pathfinder, that it would spark a need to write a story all of my own, or lead me to fundamentally revisit what it means to play a tabletop RPG by post. By focusing entirely on the player’s experience and utilizing to its fullest the freedom for literary expression that play by post allows Knick Knacks of Doom still stands as the ultimate example of what the narrative side of DnD or Pathfinder can be.

In addition to story, Knick Knacks of Doom is home to a wealth of ancillary threads for side stories, character development, and fun. Home to fun off and off again projects such as the Rabid Halfling Swarm, every side project and mini game traces it's genesis in game itself. As a world building exercise it is unique with a completely custom and original world design. The one of a kind world is fleshed out with cosmos, unique geography, and culture all while enriched by custom iconography, calendars, maps, and other visuals. What impresses me most is that a significant portion of this original content was made by the players themselves for a game they love, a rare treat on this site.

The Stuck DuckI can’t help but get a bit excited when these kinds of things finally come to fruition. Eons ago, both in game time and real time, the party was saving a city from a veracious plague. This plague was highly contagious, and after one of their encounters at a tavern, the city watch burnt the tavern to the ground; you know, to be on the safe side. That tavern was the Stuck Duck, and it was my pleasure to bring the tavern back again this chapter in a remote town where no one would have expected to see it again.

Post #16 and on.
Side ThreadsNot everything is in game, and that’s part of the joy of Knick Knacks of Doom and play by post gaming in general. We have so much opportunity to explore what happens in between adventures. Starting with Magically Musing’s post of the month post and really encompassing the whole thread, see one misguided woman’s attempt at fixing a problem by making everything worse in a very high fantasy manner: dealing with devils.

Post #12 and surrounding posts.
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Name: The Obsidian Champions
DM: MoonZar

Current Players

  • Black Jim as Ono the samurai archer
  • Craightulu as Xiao the monk bard
  • Darkmemories as Taichi the monk
  • DBaque as Devon the gaijin knight
  • Gaijin as Chikichi the wizard spymaster
  • Godrosen as Shou the ranger
  • Kaylara as Shura the shugenja
  • Maghnuis as Toshi the samurai
  • Xian as Ni'itsu the secretary

  • Jinro as Hirate, Masahide the samurai
  • Shadow0136 as Shimizu, Naomi the hime
  • Ogamodyna as Thjorn the gaijin barbarian
  • Grenadierman as Hui, Yong Jia the roaming exorcist
  • Lizard42069 as Amaransu the young monk

Former Players
  • Bloodsamurai as Yoichi the samurai shugenja
  • Eris Renfield as Ling the sorceress
  • JKTrickster as Ishimaru the samurai duskblade

Reasons for nomination
The Obsidian Champions is a fine example of what is epic fantasy and should definitively be nominated to the Hall of Fame. This story is about a group of samurais and monks from different factions and clans that struggle to vanquish a horde of demons and an evil cult of sorcerers known as the blood speakers. More recently the story focus on the death of the former emperor, his legacy and a quest of succession to select the next leader of the country.

The campaign is running consistently since almost two years and more than half the players are part of the original crew. This is probably the most active game in the community in the last two years with ~10 000+ posts. One of the thread was among the top 3 most active in 2015 as per the official new year report. The Obsidian Champion is more than a campaign, this is a also custom world that was built from scratch with a lot of details to help the players integrate the world. This campaign required a lot of research to create a realistic Japanese-like oriental campaign. The quality and the length of the posts are outstanding. I also think that the campaign is a fabulous example of how to run massive battles, we had over twenty encounters and some of them involved over forty enemies and characters.

The dept of the characters development is amazing and by reading the story you will probably quickly become attached to the heroes. Most of the players contributed a lot to the campaign by creating from scratch their own family clans or orders with NPCs to populate them. Many players also participated in extended stories and conversations to go deeper with their character development, here's one example among many private threads.

Finally, this is not a published module like an adventure path, this is completely an original story that required hundreds of hours of work from the DM. As a french born speaker, this is also an additional challenge for me to write in english and spend a ridiculous amount of time to correct my grammar with tools and sweet.

In the name of the party, we would appreciate your support to recognize the quality and effort put in this campaign by voting for us! Thank you to all the players for this master piece and the dedication, it has been so far an epic journey and there's more to come!

Chapter 1 - Dinner at AikataloThe party just save the life of an important princess from one of the major clan of the country and are about to be rewarded by a lord. The origin of the noble bloodlines of the heroes are finally revealed and after the pleasantries, they are invited to join the obsidian clan, one of the most powerful of the land, and perform a very important mission that could change the fate of the world.

Link - Post 17 and beyond

Chapter 3 - The GatheringThe party barely escaped Andāwārudo Temple where the blood speakers opened a portal toward the underworld. They managed to sneak out of the doomed city of Korama and report to their lords the gravity of the situation. The obsidian clan oracle gives to the party instruction about how to close the portal and defeat the enemy.

Link - Post 44 to 54 and beyond

Example of the scale of our battlesYou can see about forty enemies and characters.

Other LinksGame Thread
OOC Thread
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Name: The Obsidian Champions
DM: MoonZar

Dramatis Personae:
Black Jim: Katsumi Ono, Samurai archer
Kaylara: Kitsu Shura, Water Shugenja
Maghnuis: Kirigawa Toshi, Samurai
Craightulu: Mian Mo Xiao, Bardic Monk
Darkmemories: Rokkukao Taichi, Dwarven Monk
DBaque: Devon of Aidendale, Archer from abroad
Gaijin: Tsukino Chikichi, Tricky Wizard
Godrosen: Kazehaya Shou, Monk Archer

Why I second this game:

Though I could second this game on the same basis of epic oriental fantasy and numbers, I think that it would do MoonZar a great disservice if the world at large was not mentioned. The country of Yuukan and Gallaeya that serve as the home for The obsidian champions has managed to stay true to many of the great traditions of pre-edo Japan. These traditions lend a deeper, richer atmosphere to what is an already a beautifully thought out environment. Its a dramatic flair that is often attempted in most games which deal with noble pursuits, but I've rarely seen as well exemplified as in this game

Behind the actions of the Eight, a group of soul-driven warriors seeking to prevent a karmicly cyclical apocalypse, there is a razor sharp edge that they must walk. The caste system of feudal Japan creates many political eddies and wakes that make it difficult to see the right in every situation. The system was created to protect and serve the greater good of all beings of the subcontinent, but power corrupts and builds a dark morass of intrigue and uncertainty. I myself have constantly struggled with the one unanswered question; Are the Eight, whom were summoned by one of the great clans of the land, truly destined to save the world, or is this just subterfuge driven by one clan's bid for the vacant seat of the Kenzaki Emperor?

Further more, we struggle with our own internal conflicts as a group of heroes from different walks of life. We may have a common goal, but the caste system has all but obliterated the idea of noblesse oblige. The samurai control all, the kuge rule the samurai; what place is there for foreign born or low born men struggling in the mud? It is a conflict that may only be resolved by the world shattering climax which is rapidly approaching. Read our examples, learn our names, The Eight of Destiny, for all their flaws and missteps, are definitely worthy of the legend that unfolds in their wake.

Examples of the Game

Chapter 3 - A storm of bloodThe party barely reached The capital of the country, only to find it is under siege by a horde of DemonsOni and an evil cult called the sorcerers devoted to blood magic and their evil diety, Hitomi.Blood Speakers. Shura is waking up at the bottom of a large pit after the fortress where the companions sheltered collapsed; The result of a major earthquake caused by the demonic cult. Her companions are missing except a mysterious member of the spider clan, a clan of assassin and spies. Did her companions survive or is this the end of their epic quest?

Link - Post 1 and beyond

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NominationName: Giantslayers

DM(s): Jarl11

Current Players:
Blackfyre as Valerius, the human eldritch blood magus,
Neqq as Orrin, the oread mountain druid,
Rolzup as Barnabus, the halfling vexing defender rogue,
Sassafrass as Sky, the human barbarian,
PopCultureBard as Hrotha, the half-orc redeemer paladin,
Xian as Makkari, the elf sylvan-blooded arcanist with Osta, his tiger companion,

Reasons for nomination:
Jarl expertly manages to set the tone of the remote town of Trunau, nicely portraying the rifts between the races that exist between the veneer of a united town. Rifts that only make themselves known when the solidarity of the people is tested by several unforeseen occurrences that threaten to pit the different factions against each other.

The game furthermore has assembled a great cast of players and their characters, whose diverse backgrounds have so far lead to some very interesting roleplay, not least of all due to some animosity/envy between Hrotha and Sky that the two have started to overcome as they learn to work together to surmount odds greater than what their individual strength could deal with.

Heroes gather The scene is being set and the heroes, unbeknownst of what the future holds in store for them get ready for a local feast that is soon to bring them all together and serve to welcome them to town:
The beginning

Sad tidingsThe newly minted guardsmen gather to pay their respects at the funeral of the man who invited them into the guard in the first place, each dealing with the emotions in their own way.
The funeral

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Name: Troublesome Expedition in Gromdonia
DM: Avner

Current Players:
Archaon, a half-orc Beserker
Dwarfcan, a noble human Wizard
imafrog, a revenant Sorcerer
jbear, a human Runepriest
jrice408 a human Artificer with the hands of Dub's father
nmgantz21, an Elven Avenger
Silverscale, a dragonborn mercenary

Reasons for nomination: There are some games that due the incredible talent of the roleplay within them seem to come to life themselves. Troublesome Expedition in Gromdonia is one of those games. It started with an extremely simple concept but due to incredible play by the Players and in depth characters it developed into a very dramatic story. The heroes believing they are going to investigate a missing expedition find themselves at war with a Vampire King and named as the chosen ones in an ancient prophecy. There is a great balance of humor and drama as the group attempts to search for some missing artifacts they will need in their battle against the Vampire King. The game is just over a year in since we started and we have retained every player and brought in a few more, that speaks volumes for the story that is being told.

A Fishy Test RunThe group has set off north on a newly acquired ship. Rina uses the time to test a newly acquired scroll much to the frustration of their leader Dorian. Admist the humor Rina suddenly realizes there is much more to the magic dagger they found on the ship then they had orginally thought as she starts to hear strange voices in her head. The development proceeds to the next 12 or so posts. All secret text has now been revealed.

A dagger named Shriek

Only Mostly DeadThis post is significant as it leads to the introduction of one of the newer players to the game. A Revenant born from a long lost descendant of Dorian Husk is more dead than alive. His welcome to the party is tense as he realizes the carry the soul of his nemesis in Rina's dagger, the one who had killed him and brought him back from the dead.

A Troubled Reunion.
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Name: Scales of War
DM(s): MontageManiac
Current Players:

Active Players
GinJapan as Moonbrook, a Female Elf Ranger
Ganguropocky as Agnes Jager, a Female Human Cleric (War)
MasterMind007 as Haaliryl Galanodel, a Female Elf Rogue (Assassin)
Nasrith as Dantas Brocton Rocannon, a Male Human Fighter (Eldritch Knight)
Spizzow as Belkas Falzaran, a Male Half-elf Warlock/Sorcerer
Arachobia as Teegank "Tee", a Male Tiefling Wizard
Gritpipe as Lunn Rognisson, a Male Dwarf Barbarian

Former Players
Skylarious as Blossom, a Female Human Monk
Trinity as Rain, a Female Half-Elf Druid

Reasons for nomination:

I had never DM'd a game before. In the fall of 2014 I wanted to dip my toes into that particular pool with a campaign based on the D&D 4e Adventure Path, Scales of War, adapted to 5e rules and PCs. It was a full-blown challenging exercise that would help me sharpen my filemaker pro database making skills, my photoshop skill set, and so many other things I wanted to experiment and try. I fully expected it to fall apart within a couple of months due to my highly ambitious goals, my inexperience, and what would likely be disinterest from players, potentially re-treading a well-worn adventure path which everyone was likely familiar with.

It's nearly 2 years later, and other than 2 players who had to depart, it's been the same core set of players who keep coming back for more PC punishment. We've completed the first Chapter and are halfway through Chapter 2 of the adventure path. Each post the players and I make are focused on quality and telling a compelling story, and we've moved at an incredibly fast pace, without mandating daily posting rates. The players just WANT to be involved that much, which as a DM I find so great and rewarding.

Our game thread currently has 7,764 posts as of this application. As far as active games goes, it's the only one running without multiple-groups, and without Arena style gameplay. All of those posts are made by the players and myself for a single play group.

I feel like I scored the jackpot with the players I have for my game, who are so committed and interested in the story I'm trying to tell that they keep coming back even though I throw some daunting challenges their way. I want to honour their hard work and commitment by applying to have this game including in the Hall of Fame, as I think they bring something special that every DM wishes they have an opportunity to experience just once during their gameplay, and I'm spoiled enough to get it every time I log in.


Welcome to Belden's RestI'll provide first a link to a post which sets a scene for the group and their responses. It was recently nominated for POTM, so I figure it is likely one of the best examples of how this game works. The group has recently arrived in Overlook, and they've determined that they'll stay at the Inn, Belden's Rest.

Continue the read here.

Be Careful What you Say, Do, Intimidate...I'd also like to provide another link to see a method of social encounter that I've experimented with recently that gives some nice motivation for players. You can see how it outlines some clear goals for players, but opens up some freedom in how they tackle the issue. I thought this might be another way to appropriately show some gameplay elements the group goes through.

Link here.

Thank you for the consideration.
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The Becoming

DMs: Digorig, goatmeal, Melchior, Sassafrass, Xian, mountainbound
Current Players: Digorig, goatmeal, Melchior, Sassafrass, Xian, mountainbound
Past Players: Atalla Wanderer, Admin Chuck, moozuba, Toba, EngrInAZ

Reasons for nomination:

Round-robin DMing
No free rides! Each player rotates as DM for 20 posts. The acting DM moves the story forward in whatever manner he sees fit.

An experiment in collaboration
Some have fallen away in the past 2.5 years, but all current players have honorably taken their turn as DM, and are dedicated to shaping the storyline with great writing. Xian won POTM in this game last year, and at least half the group members have been recognized with past awards.

Evolving plot
To stop the demon-god Ahriman from annihilating the world of Golarian, we need to destroy a powerful artifact that is the key to his return... my precioussss. Each DM has brought something unique to the overall plot and none of us knows where it will go next. So cool!


Chapter 4, Posts 17 - 28 (DM: Xian)
Chapter 4 serves to unite two separate character groups into one party. In this set of posts, the groups are newly combined, so there is a good deal of distrust. On top of that, they are lost in the forest and at the mercy of a sinister force that is actively trying to separate them.
What to look for:
  • Strong, believable reactions between party members who are scared and angry
  • DM's use of non-combat mechanics to escalate fear and divide the party
  • Excellent writing and use of visuals/audio by Xian, a master of atmosphere

Chapter 5, Posts 41 - 52 (DM: mountainbound)
Chapter 5 tests the players' ability to deal with shifting role-play challenges in the Dimension of Dreams. In this set of posts, the party needs to work together to find the right floor in the Bank of America tower before the elevators are shut down. Each player was PM'd their own "hunch" (secret skill check roll) for which is the right floor, and the party needs to quickly figure out who's guess is correct.
What to look for:
  • Players adapting to highly unusual situations, like riding a big wheel, using an elevator and being mistaken as children in costume
  • DM's use of surprise to highlight the foreign nature of the Dimension of Dreams
  • In-character pop-culture references that strike a balance between characters who are utterly confused and players fully in the know

Thanks for reading and good luck to all games!

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HoF Application

Dramatis Personae
ShinobiMaster123 as Dullen
aerondor as Omacui ibn Ishan
ekidnu as Drusilla Vanadici
Squeak as Grak'ark
AdminTeufelHeunden as Abdul-Azim Remkah'ar
PIG as the GameMaster

Why Legacy of Fire?
Legacy of Fire is a published adventure path by Paizo, created before the Pathfinder RPG was released, but compatible with it all the same. Set in Pathfinder's published setting of Golarion, and in the desert lands of Katapesh, this game tells a story of the legacy of warring factions of djinn, and how after centuries, the players are the only ones who can stop these combatants. That is the basis of the game, but that hardly does this game justice. Legacy of Fire is PIG's take on this adventure path, building on the deep Middle Eastern influence and making it more than a story of djinn, gnolls, and proud warriors. PIG builds stakes, raises them, and never lets loose on his players, and his players are just as relentless.

The game has with it heart and amazing writing, from start to finish. Its pace is even, is telling is true, its tone fantastic, and its flavor delicious. The game tells a full story and every aspect of it is developed, both heroes and villains, and the characters themselves are from all walks of life, making for very strange bedfellows that fit together wonderfully and build off of each other beautifully. And the best part? They've only gotten started.

This game isn't just great, it promises to continue that greatness as it goes forward.

Examples of Excellence:
Section I:
Posts 1389 to 1399
The PCs have worked up to this battle for two years (RL): the destruction of the gnoll Tribe "Kulldis" led by a rogue genie named Kardswann in this Arabian themed game. In the fray of this giant battle are a rival gnoll tribe called "Three Jaws" that are against both the PCs and the Kulldis (NPC guests played by the great WorldPerfect and Thorsten, also having a guest appearance of a former PC played by Yuul).

If the PCs win this battle then the town Kelmarane, where the Kulldis have taken over, will be free to be rebuilt and to join back with civilization.

Peppered in the middle of this chaos are invisible characters on all sides, See Invisibility spells cast without invisible characters knowing about it, a granted wish to Drusilla which changes the course of battle with her mighty polearm, and a harpy that flies high above it all in the three leveled battlefield in a building called a "battlemarket". The secret text brackets has been removed for all to see.

The posts chosen are in the middle of the battle, with nearly 50 gnolls chopped up on the ground and blood is everywhere, climaxing to the entrance of the genie as the three way battle (PCs, Kulldis, and Three Jaws) comes to a head. Grak’ark (the gnoll druid played by Squeak) has just been betrayed by Growler of Three Jaws (the gnoll barbarian played by Thorsten) and nearly kills him, having Grak shape change just to get away with his life.

Section II:
Posts 19 to 29
The PCs have won the battle. The battle above has become legend, known as the "Battlemarket Massacre". The Kulldis tribe has been wiped off the face of Golarion and what remains is the empty town of Kelmarane. In this section the DM and PCs are taking a break from the game and skipping over the days as they help rebuild the town, each PC choosing different objectives of their choice. You can see the days and months pass by as the population and stability rises in town. Meanwhile the PCs can explore a whole range of RP storylines before the game begins again. They are doing Objective 1 in the posts provided.

Objectives Every objective portion equates 4 months
Dullen: (1-3) Rebuild the Temple of Irori
Omacui: (1) Travel (2) Administration (3) Monastery of Sarenrae
Drusilla: (1-2) Patrol Kelmarane Hinterlands (3) Rebuild
Grak’ark: (1) Patrol Kelmarane Hinterlands (2) Infiltrate (3) Research
Remkah’ar: (1) Town Administration (2) Blood of Vardishal (3) Research

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Everything Falls Apart
Name: Everything Falls Apart

DM: moozuba

The Pitch:

I'm nominating one game for Hall of Fame this year, though I know there are many absolutely excellent games on our forum and I only wish I had time to read more of them.

It's a personal pick, and I feel good about that. I think that's exactly what the Hall of Fame is about. So despite moozuba's infatuation with badges, and the fact I'm pretty sure none of us, moozuba included, set out on this little adventure with the idea it would endure as it has and be the sort of game that is absolutely worthy of the Hall, I proudly nominate moozuba's sublime Pathfinder game Everything Falls Apart!

I think it's appropriate I get to nominate EFA (which is why I called dibs), being the only player who posted on day one, and is still playing today. It was the first game I joined on RPG Crossing, and still my sentimental favorite. At the start, there were two teams playing the same one-shot adventure (Master of the Fallen Fortress), with the chance that it might continue beyond that to become an ongoing campaign. Today, the story has evolved into an epic tale of mystery and danger on a grand scale. The great city of Absalom is in incalculable peril and a group of unlikely heroes must unravel the mystery that could destroy it all.

After almost two and a half years, we've only recently come to understand what moozuba meant when he named this game so many months ago… and let me tell you, it's getting so good!

Counting both starter teams, and accounting for the change in the player roster over time, let me present the entire cast of characters, in order of appearance:

Olivia Darkmagic as Feiya Queensfoil the human witch
ItsaVerb as Vigg Nosam, the human bard
Stobco as Scant Firelocks the halfling rogue
Azariah as Brom Thistleborn the human ranger
Draig Enaid as Mikael Svenson the human barbarian
GeoAvanti as Rashid Usama the gnoll barbarian
Stevarious as Go-Harg Vandebroker the hobgoblin artificer
Jarl11 as Davin Lightheart the dwarf cleric
Invalid User as Jeremiah Faolan the quarter-orc warlord
Mcderth as Xycon the kobold monk
AximusLokar as Durastrix the Red Dragon
Melchior as Brother Radcliffe the human cleric
Ytterbium as Bixby Murphy the human gunslinger/illusionist (and his parrot companion Jericho)
ItsaVerb as Kira Viru the human monk
Rolzup as Thomas Bombast the human sorcerer (and his monkey companion Jasper Poundworthy)
Ytterbium as Krirstyn Valle the human rogue
Admin Teufelheunden as Thangardt Stontosser the dwarf fighter
SophieValentine as Lee Smith the human "acquisition specialist"

That's a heck of a roster, and let me tell you, the quality of the role-play that has been consistently displayed in this game is as high as I've seen in any of the games I'm fortunate enough to have played in.

But why not see for yourself?

In this series of posts, you'll be introduced to not only a kobold named Goblin (Huh?!?), and also an element of this story that is truly terrifying--a mysterious stone throne that has appeared somehow in the middle of Absalom's Coins District to cause all manner or chaos, and also the introduction of Lord Bombast, the gentleman sorcerer:


In this series of posts, the story's title finally begins to make sense. The party has just prevailed in battle with a paladin possessed by the powerful and intensely evil spirit of a sinister character called The Black Butcher, and will meet the Primarch of Absalom to learn of the perils facing the great city at the center of the world. (includes all current cast members):


It's tough to boil this thing down into a nutshell, but I hope that these selections give you a sense of the depth of story and wonderful character play that have been the hallmark of Everything Falls Apart since February 2014!

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~George Bernard Shaw

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Second to Nomination
right-aligned image
I second ItsaVerb's nomination of the game Everything Falls Apart.

DM(s): moozuba

Current Players: Admin TeufelHeunden, ItsaVerb, Melchior, Rolzup, SophieValentine, Ytterbium

Former Players: Azariah, Draig Enaid, OliviaDarkmagic, stobco, Jarl11, GeoAvanti, Stevarious, Invalid User, Mcderth, AximusLokar

Reasons for nomination: Verb talked about the game from his perspective as a player (thanks, Verb! I'm glad you continue to enjoy the game so much! ) and I thought it might be valuable to add my thoughts from the other side of the DM screen.

Unlike my longest-running game, Rise and Fall of the Oestian Empire, this game started on a whim with an expectation by its DM that it would only last a few months, *maybe* half a year. The impetus for starting the game was three-fold: an annoyingly persistent co-worker who learned about my PBP activities and wanted to join in, a desire to run a game for new site members and/or folks new to Pathfinder, and as a bit of creative defibrillation to help me get back into the swing of things after a long period of illness.

I had every expectation that the game would flame out quickly and selected a short, simple PF module to run through. I even named it 'Everything Falls Apart' as a sort of premonition of its eventual dissolution. It seemed a simple enough task, even though I didn't know Pathfinder very well. The first wrinkle in the plan came when I couldn't justify picking just 4 of the many applicants. Two teams emerged, grouped loosely by class and race -- a human team and a 'monstrous' team.

Both teams took off quickly, generating huge amounts of high-quality roleplay before the module even began, making the most of the troped-up 'Five Adventurers Meet in a Tavern' pre-scenario. Team 2 struggled with personnel issues from the start, but still churned out some awesome gaming! Team 1, though, came out of the gates like a bolt of lightning and raced ahead at break-neck speed. Players on both teams challenged my perception of the game as a throw-away, one-shot style adventure and using the module as a base, I began to plot more intricate, long-term plans to challenge (and torture) an exceptional group of players.

Once again, unlike my experience with Empire, player attrition was hot and heavy. Team 2 wrapped up before completing the base module while Team 1 underwent serious roster changes that multiplied until the original cast of characters was completely absent and only one original player remained (Hi there, Verb!). Even so, rich characters and a twisting plot kept the game moving (creeping?) along to the present day where the current cast (with Ytterbium soon to rejoin) is 6 players strong and just embarking upon the newest (final?) phase of the adventure born of that simple beginners' module.

Some of the best and most in-depth roleplay I've seen has been birthed in the pages of Everything Falls Apart. I can't even begin to mention all the great moments, but I'm consistently charmed by Melchior's irreverent priest, Rolzup's hilariously aristocratic wizard, Ytterbium's twang-talking, evil-hunting gunslinger; and ItsaVerb's jovial Vigg (RIP, old friend) and stalwart Kyra. Sophie and TeufelHeuden have just joined us (by 'just' I mean in the last few months -- it's not a fast-paced game by any stretch) and have already staked out their unique roles within the group.

What makes this game worthy of the Hall isn't its longevity or consistency (Oh, gracious, no), but it's quality. It's a mighty fine story composed by some mighty fine writers playing truly incredible and deep characters in a world that is canonical enough to be familiar but homebrew enough to hold a few surprises.

This one is 100% on my players. For keeping me engaged and yearning for more. For bearing with me during slow periods and real-life difficulties. For being witty and passionate and profound all in the space of a single post. For being generally awesome. If it weren't for them, I would have abandoned this 'side project' long ago, but now I can't imagine RPGX without it.

So if you're interested in reading about crazy witches, troglodyte necromancers, possessed swords, puking, drunken priests, headless bards, vigilante gunslingers, more puking, noble swordsmen, cheeky rogues, a kobold named Goblin, more beheadings, a battle-hungry duregar, yet more puking, and a socialite monkey with more charm than the rest of them put together, this might just be the game for you!

Until, of course, it all falls apart.


#1, Top of the Tower, or When Pigs Fly! - The brave adventurers finally reach the top floor of the (heavily modified) tower featured in the original game module where they cross blades with a Troglodyte cleric possessed by some dark energy. Also present is the cleric's deadly companion, a Dire Crocodile. Intended to be an extremely hard fight for a crew of 2nd level players, Ytterbium managed to whittle the threats down to one with some creative illusion work while Radcliffe and the others traded barbs and witticisms with the necromantic cleric. A great encounter to cap off the game's introductory adventure!

#2, Faith, Flails, and Fury - Another climactic fight. This time the orb and sword found in the tower are brought to bear as Sir Drexler, a well-meaning but dull-witted Paladin of Iomedae, allows himself to be possessed by the spirit of the Black Butcher, a necromancer of great power who very nearly conquered the city of Absalom some 800 years prior. Locked in a small chamber with a ruthless foe more powerful than any of them either individually or corporately, the heroes turn to their only true defense... mockery. This fight features some of my favorite posts from Melchior, ItsaVerb, and Rolzup, and what I like to think is a fitting swansong for Azariah's Brom Thistleborn (read on to post #136 for this). At the very least, the banter between Radcliffe and the possessed paladin is worth a glance.
Sell the kids for food. ~Nirvana

Sometimes I write things.

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Name: Champions of Hommlet
DM: EngrInAZ
Current roster:
Raylorne as Dresden
zebedee as Durndin
Kilgore Trout as Javek
zevonian as Mister Ray
Squeak as Ghost
Inem as Aria

The Reasons:

Though we lost a couple players early on, we've never had to recruit more players. Think about that, a game that not only lasted over a year, starting in October of 2014, but also didn't need to bring in new folks. There's a level of dedication and consistency to be noted here.

The writing has been superb. While the initial advertisement marked this as a Temple of Elemental Evil offering, we've been doing due diligence and having much excitement and solid play as we went through non-temple offerings.

Link: I offer this section, starting at post 209, but I can't help but think once you get reading, you'll find yourselves checking out the posts before and after 209-218. This section marked when we first made that transition from "You folks meet in a tavern church" to "Actual team coming together."

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Secondsie NominationDM: Jarl11

All original players are still active:
right-aligned image
Crusher, the hero killer

Blackfyre as Valerius, the human eldritch blood magus;
Neqq as Orrin, the oread mountain druid;
Rolzup as Barnabus, the halfling vexing defender rogue;
Sassafrass as Sky, the human bloodrager;
PopCultureBard as Hrotha, the half-orc redeemer paladin;
Xian as Makkari, the elf sylvan-blooded arcanist / witch with Osta, his tiger companion / familiar.

Reasons for second nomination:

A GM can make or break a game but it's the players that infuse the scenes we set with a life of its own. These players are not only of amazing quality (you can see their names everywhere, including in several nominations here) but they are still the original players from recruitment. I took 6 expecting to have some attrition but it hasn't happened! That alone, I think, says something. The PCs were tossed together in a survivalist Human town within the Orc held nation of Belkzen. All have unique stories that I ensured tie in with the story. Each character has a recurring nemesis throughout the Adventure Path. They have only met one of them so far and I don't want to give away any more than that yet. That is to say that in my game the characters are just as important as the plot. And guest drop ins have already begun.

Giantslayer was a newer AP that, at the time of recruitment, I didn't see anyone else running. It's a classic old school adventure of heroes (and heroines) off to thwart a vile villain and his merry band of giants, dragons and spoiler?undead that are hell bent on conquering the world - put in a modern system with a Jarly twist. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it's quite difficult! Think David taking down Goliath with the challenge of trying not to die always looming. So far two characters have been Disclaimer: one was actually gutted by an assassin and the other took a falchion to the face from a charging orc (crit)crushed into negative HP, while another Gelatinous cube? Yup. One was paralyzed and nearly "eaten". The other was incapacitated and had to be hauled from a burning/collapsing building.two were left for dead. All were saved by their companions. I'm a big advocate that struggle brings a group together. Each time they have said "let's split up", there has been a moment when they went "awwwww... crap" (and not on purpose, in my defense ).

My goal was to make the issues real for the players, as well as for the PCs, by bringing the scene alive and making the topic relevant with what we see in the world today. The first part was an investigation into the death of a prominent figure. Assassins tried to kill them in their sleep. Clues were hard to come by and didn't point in a clear direction. Underneath it all the players found racist feelings in the town which they couldn't fight their way passed, appearing as a grieving father, an angry town Sergeant or a lynch mob out to find a scapegoat while an army of orcs smashed in the front gate. The players fought through a haunted church to find their first big lead. Somehow they avoided the actual haunt but sprung every other trap and twice found themselves initially overwhelmed, before banding together and smashing back the odds. Since then the town has come under siege by the Twisted Nail Orc tribe augmented by the Heart Eater Giants. Half-Orc traitors let the enemy through the gates and the PCs have found themselves now tasked to secure the Inner Quarter and light the town beacons (its night time) while still trying to figure out what the traitors where actually up to.

The game is frank, personalized and run using many PbP mechanics swiped from Several of which have a game nominated in this thread!my personal heroes on this site. The theme is serious, sometimes dark, and meant to be thoughtful with an undercurrent of urgency. Add a dash of comedy or ridiculousness from time to time to lighten the mood (they DID have a tug of war challenge for the honor of a little girl and then shave an elf's head). Maps are created and used to augment RP, players pass tokens to each other for bonuses in-game, and reference threads are available for everything basic one might want to know on the town they are in. I think it's creative, refreshing and fun. Like Jessica Jones. The pace has been maintained at 1-2 posts per week (slow to medium) steadily over the past year and a bit. And - the biggest point here - we are just getting going.

These links are made to add to the ones Blackfyre chose, so if you haven't read his initial nomination below, please do so!

Link 1:
Multifaceted combat funHere the players have just entered the Plague House, an old temple that was once a healing house for plague victims about 50 years ago. This building was burned down with all the occupants alive (including the clerics). It was since rebuilt, only to be burned down yet again during the last major orc assault and left outside the walls after reconstruction. Thus it's reputation. They have entered and Hrotha moved ahead and fell through floor into the basement, bringing down giant spiders on those upstairs (inevitable really) and shadow rats to him and the halfling, Barnabus, who scampered down to help.

Link 2:
Real issues in RPThe town has just been attacked, the siege ongoing, and the guards reported that half-orc saboteurs attacked the human guards and let the raiders into the Lower Quarter. Our heroes race down the road to light the first beacon as twilight fades to night and they come across a progressively violent mob at the edge of the open space amphitheater (The Commons). A random child was crying as his father looked into what was happening. Their expectation was to race up and fight orcs everywhere only to find townsfolk taking their anger out on a local half-orc. It tied into the racism they found in other folks the previous couple days. This could have been a fight but they RP'd it to a better conclusion. The link is to my post where we set the scene but it is the players reactions that follow which make this scene awesome.

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Name:The City of Endless Areans (Formerly Kyrid Arena)

Admins who restarted the game in new form: Bhelogan, Jrice408, Vallesh, Avner.
Former DM (Kyrid's Arena): Archeva00.

Current Players:
Fight DMs: Avner, Bhelogan, Brainfist, Cal, D34THSPAWN, dukesteel, GANONymousSmasher, Gothos, jbear, jrice408, Kygies, mightymconeshot, Mostlymad, Noupatris, saratek187, Spankucus, Vallesh
Gladiators: A list of over 60 current and past players can be found here - About half were active in the last round of battles.

Reasons for nomination: Some might brush CoEA as just another arena game, but taking another look reveals just how much there is. A PvE environment encourages Gladiators to not see each other as competition, but valuable allies needed to survive battles pitted against fearsome creations and creatures. Join a faction and gain reputation for your style of combat. Participate in skill challenges between combat events. Interact with your fellow Gladiators in the Tavern. Dream up and order fantastic magical items no sain DM would ever allow. Between the rolls, there is more roleplaying and character development that happens than in most campaigns. The fast schedule allows players to come and go as time allows. And if being a gladiator isn't quite your fancy, you can play the part of a ruthless Arena Master, creating your own deadly monsters and encounters for the Gladiators to overcome. Bloodfall is very much a living city with plots, politics and even a newspaper to keep everyone on their toes. All of these factors combined have allowed CoEA to become the most active D&D 5E game on the site, and more importantly home to many favorite characters of all involved.

GAUNTLET PART2 [Level 5/6 Fight] A Pirate in PerilGame Thread
In this second installment of The Gauntlet, our Gladiators have traveled inside the palace of the feared Arena Master, Lord Vander. One of their allies, Gust, has been taken captive and become a subject of Vander's experiments. Although they know that they will face his wrath later, the Gladiators battle Lord Vander's other horrible creations as they search for their abducted friend.

The Bleeders' Haven TavernGame Thread
Between battles, what is a Gladiator to do? Head to the Tavern of course! Business proposals are discussed, newcomers are welcomed to the fold, Battle Tactics are reviewed and fancy new magical items are displayed by their procurers. The open format roleplaying forum is part of what has helped the Gladiators be more than min/max killers on a spreadsheet. Now they can be min/max killers with personality!

Note: If there is a question as to the start date of this game, I will point out that both Saber and Irieshann had their first in-game posts here.
Always taking new players for City of Endless Arenas
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