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Old Jul 25th, 2017, 04:34 PM
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Hall of Fame Nominations 2017

It's that time of year again, time for one of the most important events in the RPG Crossing calendar. It's time for the Hall of Fame (2017 edition)!

The Hall of Fame is already home to some of the greatest games this site has seen, but we know there are more out there that deserve to join the esteemed ranks of the HoF. It's time to let us know about them.

Game Criteria
  • Solo Games must have at least 300 in-game posts. 'Regular' Games are eligible if they meet one of the following requirements: the game must have been active for at least a full year on this site (this means the game's first in-game post must be dated on or before July 25, 2016); or, the game must have at least 750 posts and reached its intended conclusion (please demonstrate how it's reached that conclusion).
  • Games which were inducted into the Hall of Fame during a previous running are ineligible for nomination during this running. However, if a game was nominated during a previous running but DID NOT make it into the hall of fame, it is eligible.
  • Staff-run games are eligible for nominations.
  • Inactive games are eligible for nomination! Just because a game is finished or has died off, it doesn't mean that it's not a prime example of what we like to see.
  • You can nominate any game that meets the criteria, even if you were/are a DM/player! It's not arrogant. It's nominating a game that you loved and thought was great -- and that's what we want to see.
  • You must have at least 100 posts to nominate a game.

What we are looking for in a game
  • Quality posts -- good role-playing is always a plus.
  • Longevity -- dedication to a game on this site is one of the highest aspirations of a DM and players.
  • Good Implementation -- Whether it's a very unique game idea or if it's a classical game idea done very well, a masterful DM and players make any game fun.

Nomination FormatName: (include a link)
DM(s): Self-explanatory.
Current Players: include past players if you wish
Reasons for nomination: Describe your reasons for nominating the game and why you think it deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame.
Links: You must provide a link to a section of ten posts which you would like reviewers to read. This link is allowed a paragraph of up to 300 words to set the scene. You can provide up to two of these.

All of this makes it easier for the Community Supporters to review.

"Second"-ings should contain their own nomination and description so that the thread isn't cluttered with "second"s. Nominations that are a simple 'I second this nomination' will be deleted. Please do not "third" or "fourth" or "fifth" a nomination. It's annoying.

On August 15, there will be a public poll to narrow the list down. Approximately a week after that, these games will be brought over to the CS Forum where the Community Supporters will decide which games make it in!

Want a hand in the final voting process? Go ahead and become a Community Supporter!

You can peruse all the previous Hall of Fame inductees here.
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Old Jul 26th, 2017, 03:50 PM
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Name: Skulls & Shackles
DM(s): Sassafrass
Current Players: Jarl11, Neqq, PopCultureBard, Dux
Reasons for nomination: An All-Star DM combined with an All-Star group of players has made this one of the few games that I'm actually excited to read as an audience member rather than as a player. Sass and crew create a story that brings to mind such things as On Stranger Tides, Yellowbeard, and a somewhat more dire Treasure Island.
Links: The whole of the prologue is a whirlwind of delightful characterization, giving us equal portions of the absolutely needed pirate cliches and some more fanciful relevant touches. Start at the top and I daresay you'll end up reading more than the first ten posts.


Sass and his crew of scallywags have this fantastic method of covering several days at once per post while they sail upon the unpredictable seas. This section is only one of several where the whole group does an amazing job making a span of time that many games would simply time-skip or write off into an opportunity for delicious setting development, characterization, and general all around entertainment.


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What the hey, I'll make a suggestion for a game I've highly enjoyed and that I'm glad to have a part in.

Name: Hoard of the Dragon Queen
DM: chocolodelva
Current Players: Bluejack, Jim Faindel, In The Mix, Tyeal, tomplum, Zinrokh, [BrokenPlayer]
Reasons for Nomination: Hoard of the Dragon Queen has no doubt been played many times over by now as the first big adventure published for 5e. I feel chocoladelva's GMing strength doesn't lie in large chunks of location details or polishing a specific location to a mirror sheen. But in setting scenes and combat-vignettes to make them engaging, making said vignettes open enough to give us multiple opportunities to problem solve, and allowing breathing room for character interaction and good roleplay. All of the players involved have been eager, willing, and happy to take advantage of quieter moments to allow for great character development and solid roleplay in-between and after life-threatening situations.
The Burning Church - Our first test as a group. We broke the Golden Rule of tabletop gaming and it cost us a party member. But thanks to some solid rolls, communication, and quick planning, things could've turned out FAR worse.

The Great Escape - There was SO much planning involved in this. Neck-deep in enemy territory, constant Deception and Stealth roles just to move about the camp, all to rescue what was just one prisoner to start. But then our newest PC Ally, Zin, got captured as well! It was just wonderful to see a plan come together.
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MontageManiac's NominationName: Scales of War
DM(s): MontageManiac
Active Players
GinJapan as Moonbrook, a Female Elf Ranger
Ganguropocky as Agnes Jager, a Female Human Cleric (War)
MasterMind007 as Haaliryl Galanodel, a Female Elf Rogue (Assassin)
Nasrith as Dantas Brocton Rocannon, a Male Human Fighter (Eldritch Knight)
Spizzow as Belkas Falzaran, a Male Half-elf Warlock/Sorcerer
Stupideddard3120 as Arius, a Male Half-orc Paladin

Inactive Players
Skylarious as Blossom, a Female Human Monk
Trinity as Rain, a Female Half-Elf Druid
Arachobia as Teegank "Tee", a Male Tiefling Wizard
Gritpipe as Lunn Rognisson, a Male Dwarf Barbarian

Reasons for nomination:
I came to RPGx as a player, and after a few games that quickly ended due to DM disappearances, I was looking to perhaps take a turn as DM myself for the very first time. So in the fall of 2014 I wanted to dip my toes into that particular pool with a campaign based on the D&D 4e Adventure Path, Scales of War, which I'd adapt to the 5e rules. It was a full-blown challenge where I had to gut the entire mechanics and re-build every encounter while also weaving each character's personal story-arcs into the story. I say I adapted the adventure path, but in all honesty it was in the most superficial sense as it's gone above and beyond the base material that was originally published by WotC. I thought it would be a good opportunity to keep track of a campaign using a Filemaker Pro database I made, to put my photoshop skills to good use for battle maps and town maps, and so many other things I wanted to experiment with as a new DM.

November 18th, 2014 was the first In Game post for Rescue at Rivenroar, and since the start of the game I fully expected everything to fall apart within a couple of months due to my inexperience, and highly ambitious goals. I was anticipating that the players would lose interest, that they'd get bored with a game that was re-treading a well-worn adventure path from the previous edition, and perhaps I would get burnt out trying to keep the game afloat.

It's nearly 3 years in, and we've had a few players who had to depart, but it's been the same core set of players who keep coming back for more PC punishment with an addition or two along the way. We've finished the first Chapter, and are about 3/4 of the way through Chapter 2 (with about half the chapter consisting of solo-missions for each of the PCs to pursue their own stories), and it keeps going and going. The players and I each try to make our posts the highest quality we can in order to tell a compelling story for all of us to enjoy. We've moved at an incredibly fast pace, without mandating daily posting rates (we're just crazy and do it anyways sometimes). The players are either very good at lying to me, or they just WANT to be involved that much, which as a DM I find to be the most rewarding experience.

Our game thread currently has 9,306 posts as of this application. As far as D&D 5e games go, it's the 4th most posted game on the forums, but of all the games with posts exceeding 6,000, they are either Arena format or multiple groups. All of those posts are made by the players and myself for a single play group. We're a little insane.

I feel like I scored the jackpot with the players I have for my game, who are so committed and interested in the story I'm trying to tell that they keep coming back even though I throw some daunting challenges their way. I want to honour their hard work and commitment by applying to have this game included in the Hall of Fame, as I think they bring something special that every DM wishes they have an opportunity to experience, just once, during their gameplay. But I'm spoiled enough to get it every time I log in.

Welcome to Belden's RestI'll provide this link first to a post which sets a scene for the group and their responses. It was nominated last year for a POTM, so I figure it is a prime example of how this game works. The group has recently arrived in Overlook, and they've determined that they'll stay at the Inn, Belden's Rest.

Continue the read here.

If I am to trust you, I must know...So since the beginning of the campaign the group's rogue, Haaliryl, has been a little dodgy towards the group, especially towards the war cleric Agnes. The pious War Cleric of Bahamut has had misgivings with the Assassin's morals leading to many tense discussions. Earlier there was a discussion between Haaliryl and Moonbrook, revealing their family connection which was not pre-planned by either of the characters, but came about through some deft background weaving on my part to make the reveal that much more impactful. After that already emotionally charged interaction, Haaliryl then goes to speak with Agnes for the two to hash out their tensions with some stellar RP from the players involved.

Continue the read here.

PCs: Dramoth "Nova" / Rhokax Soulreader / Kayne Cyire / Torm / Donovan Whistler
GM: Scales of War 5e & Yeohven: Fall from Grace
Real Life hitting harder and harder. Working on updates as soon as I can, please have pity (patience) on me!

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Seconding TLN's nomination

Established 2015
Dramatis Personae
Jarl11 as "Bloody" Mary Seaspray, Human Monk/Druid,
Neqq as Hurley Storm, Gillman Swashbuckler,
Dux as Pari, Undine Hydrokineticist,
PopCultureBard as Brenden Morri, "Human" Inquisitor of Besmara,
Sassafrass as the Dungeonmaster

Reasons for nomination: An adventure path published by Paizo, these only work when they are taken and made into their own creature. And so we have. I have done my best to translate a very linear AP into something that works quickly and with quality, and my players have not just been up to the challenge but have challenged me. They've rocked the railroads, they've gone off-script, they've worked within the heavy frameworks Paizo has set up and I've customized. And all through it, they have made this a vibrant, cinematic game, full of rolling and role-playing that cannot be matched. Four would-be pirates prepare to lead a mutiny against a barbarous second in-command, and we're still digging through part one of six, but we've tested our mettle and shown our grit. I'm proud of my players and think that they deserve a spot at the top, come hell or high water.

Scenes of Note
  1. The Prologue (the whole thread but #6 to #16 in particular)-A good game has to start off strong, and by all the gods of roleplaying, we started off excellently. Heavy flirting, dark tales, and rivalries born of struggle, all in one. Excellent done by all parties. Yaargh.
  2. The Taking of The Man's Promise (#6-#16)-A game about pirates had best include actual piracy, and this is the PC's first attempt at it. The PCs also get their first taste in outright combat where they are encouraged to actually kill others, provided they don't capture them, and all in all, it gives each of them a chance to shine. The entire battle is worth reading, but the start of it is a great place to start.

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The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde [3D]

Forward From the DMThis project has been a long time coming for me. For some time now I've been working with 3D renders and animations. Several years ago, I began to provide a service rendering characters for the RPG Crossing community at large. Lizard's Public Renders (or LPR as I have begun to call it), has been a tremendously rewarding experience for myself, and I hope for the players' I have rendered.
Unusual formats for games have always interested me. Even before I began experimenting with 3D art, I felt that the unique possibilities for game presentation provided by the Play by Post arena could offer so much more than just text. Do not misunderstand me, I am an enthusiastic writer and reader. Being part of a collaborative effort to tell a story from entirely different points of view can have an incredible effect on a story. Often, it is a difficult task for an author to truly find an objective assessment of a character's reaction when as the writer he knows every bit of information, and the character in question has only a tiny sliver of awareness to the larger plot. Play by Post gaming allows for just that, every character is expressed with only the information available to that character and their controlling player. This is a truly magnificent result found here on RPG Crossing.
My earliest attempts to expand upon the display format for Play by Post gaming involved a lot google search acquired images, matching them together as best as was possible to create 'portfolios' depicting various characters. With the struggle to avoid highly recognizable characters from popular culture which could color a viewer's perception, and the compromise of pictures being close but not consistent, I was always searching for a better method. I've been a good artist all my life, I can draw fairly well, but even taking this approach was tedious. When I discovered 3D art, learned the tools, and refined my skill; I discovered the solution to this endeavor.
Rendering depictions of characters quickly became part of my RPG character creation process: Numbers, Story, Description = Render. I found this to be so much fun that I started LPR and it became common practice to render the Player Characters for every group I played with. Still, somewhere in the back of my mind lingered a memory of isometric maps meticulously layered in design for a dungeon crawl I dabbled with years back. All the while, every compliment I received in return for character renders, and the occasional suggestion that I run a game with a full implementation of 3D graphics built up, and finally, after years of practice, and months of preparation, we have arrived at the result.
I can say wholeheartedly that The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde 3D is the game I have most anticipated to take part in, and my enthusiasm for this project lacks comparison. The confidence that everyone involved will have a unique experience, and take away the witness of a new perspective on their time at table; makes me emphatically happy. I feel that everyone involved from creation to fruition deserves my utmost respect and sincere thanks.
Above all of my expectations and personal enthusiasm, I could never understate the contributions of the players who have henceforth participated in this game. Their support has carried me through the responsibility of sitting behind the Dungeon Master's screen, and they challenge me to be a better Dungeon Master, never afraid to call me out on mistakes. However proud I am of the successful implementation of this unique game format, it would all be for naught if the players involved were not some of the best I have ever played with.


Chaper 1 ~ Slaughtergarde Laboratory #62 - #77
Esvaiel "Eve" Bloodstone, Mellisss, Oberon, and Kmar are the elite squad of a mercenary group know as the Iron Gauntlet. They are the most capable and profitable members of the guild, entrusted with the handling the contracts of the most prestigious clients in all of The Valley of Obelisks.
After returning from a simple escort mission, the elite squad takes the evening to relax at the Iron Gauntlet Guild House, enjoying hot food, frothy ale, and the inviting company of their fellow guildies. After a cat nap, Mellisss has decided that a bit of shenanigans are in order. Picking the surly dwarf Kmar as the patsy for her prank, she decides to add a little something to his drink.

Chapter 2 ~ More Than We Bargained For ~ #95 - #106
Currently under the employ of the Chicane Trading Company, the elite squad has been tasked with the recovery of supplies from a raided caravan. Tracking the bandits to their lair, the elite squad soon finds themselves delving a dungeon of ancient and unknown origins. In the process of clearing the goblinoid infestation they have come to a door which presents a curious obstacle for the intrepid mercenaries.

Lizard's Public Renders Accepting Requests ~ The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde 3D No really, in 3D ~ The Forest of Facades
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Star Wars: Purge

DM: Grand Moff Melchior

Current and Past Players: Xber, Anazider, Moozuba, Megiddo, Enthusiast, Hack, Irishking7777, FlaviusAetius, Craigthulu, sneakybastard, GeoAvanti, stitchlipped

Reasons for nomination: This is, hands down, the best Star Wars game I've had the good fortune to be a part of on the site. The intricacy of the plot and the interweaving of both light and dark elements alongside good and evil factions which are often in competition with one another is phenomenal. It takes an incredible GM and an equally incredible cast of players to pull off something this ambitious. Melchior brings all the best things about Star Wars and combines them with all the best things about RPG gaming and PBP to create a fantastic experience for his players. As a GM, he is second to none, and was always extraordinarily patient with me and other players during times when we might not be as available or engaged as we would like to be. I'm no longer a player in this game, but that was my own (very difficult) choice because I didn't want to hold back greatness with my increasingly busy and unpredictable life. Whether you like Star Wars or not, the quality and epic scope of this unique story, which began well before the advent of the new Star Wars films and franchising, cannot be denied.


#1, Freight & Fight begins with a very Star Wars-appropriate bit of dialogue. While Captain Anazider smuggles rogue Jedi to a resistance base, other members of the still-forming resistance find themselves in a sticky situation with some local thugs.

#2, Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Angers leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. ~Yoda This scene begins with two acolytes, initiates into the ways of the Sith, beginning their training in the power of the Dark Side and ends with the death of a fellow initiate at the hands of a player. Seeing the transformation of the characters from their reluctant longings for power and survival to cruel and cold-hearted killers is the stuff many 'evil' aligned PCs seek but never achieve.
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Name: Descent: A Dragon's Tale

DM: Savoylen

Current and Past Players: Code H (Former), Griffinsong, QuilledNinja (Former), Ratpigeon, Still Pond, Ultrasmurf, Vallesh, Wynamoinen

Reasons for Nomination: This is quite possibly the best game I've been on on this site. The premise is a group of children who were chosen to be heroes, trying to do that on a scale that massively outstrips their ability to comprehend. And they have dragons. Each player is responsible for two distinct, full characters, who have very different perspectives, personalities and even goals. In most games, this might be too much, but all of the players have done a really good job of balancing their characters' voices and Savoylen (who is a HoF-er from ten years ago) has done a masterful job of handling twelve characters in every situation. The writing has always been amazing, and the style is cinematic at its best- sweeping scenes that give a sense of enormous scope to the world and the story, interspersed with space for the personal struggles of the characters, which range from sweet and poignant, to heart-breaking.

Link 1Introducing the (human) Characters (posts 1-11)

These are the opening posts of the game. For context, the player characters were taken from their homes about five years ago, and were taken to an enormous underground complex to be trained in preparation to bond to a dragon - something that is said to only happen when there is a desperate need for heroes in the world. In many cases, this training was brutal and abusive, but the children have finally completed it, and are brought together for a final ceremony, at the culmination of which, their eggs will hatch, and they will discover whether or not the dragons will accept them, or eat them.

Link 2A Betrayal within the Flight is revealed (post 74 to 84)

After the Hatching ceremony was disrupted, the surviving children (the PCs) fled with their newly hatched dragons, and found their way into the wider world, half-trained, terrified, and with no guidance, or idea of what to do. Shortly after that, we lost two players - their characters were Kharis, or 'Sin', and elven monk who wanted to upend the world and change it for the better, and her Red dragon, Embers, and Wyowen, a shy Fighter with no self-esteem, bonded to Sorjafnir, an arrogant gold dragon disappointed by his bonded child. We buried Wyowen and Sorjafnir (although we never found the other two's bodies), but one of the other characters - Frostrothili, the White dragon, stole Sorjafnir's birthstone, and hid it from the rest of the party. In this scene, the children have separated from their dragons, travelling to an alternate world they barely understood to speak with a man who may have been a god. The dragons were left behind, in a network of caves that have been built to serve previous Flights Bonded dragons and mortals for thousands of years. When the children return, the dragons have found the ancient hoards of all the flights that came before, and without the influence of their bond-mates, the wyrmlings have gone mad with lust for treasure. Although the children manage to reestablish their bonds for the most part, Frostrothili's bondmate - Raxavier - decides to reveal the betrayal that has been festering in the back of his mind for months.

(250 words)
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Providing a second for Descent: A Dragon's Tale
Nomination basicsName: Descent: A Dragon's Tale

DM: Savoylen

Players (current and former), their bipedal characters, and their dragon characters:
Code H (Former) as Wyowen (human fighter) and Domari (Copper)
Gryffinsong as Trill (gnome bard) and Valloran (Green)
QuilledNinja (Former) as Kharis (elf monk) and Ember (Red)
Ratpigeon as Theran (half-elf cleric) and Aeragenys (Bronze)
Still Pond as Raxavier (gnome druid) and Fothrostili (White)
Ultrasmurf as Khivah (half-orc rogue) and Churjuroc (Black)
Vallesh as Corisal (genasi sorcerer) and Dunquole (Blue)
Wynamoinen as Amaury (human wizard) and Clarion (Brass)

Why Descent: a Dragon's Tale?
Ratpigeon's first nomination has hit a lot of the highlights. I'll stress why I think the game works - why its structure and contributors make of HoF-worthy. I think of the game as being middle-school drama, where the middle schoolers are all in charge of a bunch of outrageously intelligent babies. Babies with scales and tails and wings and wells of fire and chlorine gas bubbling under their tongues. Hyper-intelligent violence babies who know they're the descendants of gods, and might very well grow to be godlike themselves. If they can survive a couple of centuries first. Yeah, this is the kind of middle school that takes 50 years to work through. Which leads to a high school that could last 100? It's rough.

At first, we had 8 players, each with 2 characters (dragon and bonded). It always takes time to get to know each other, and it's hard to keep all the moving parts straight in your head. This was tue, all the moreso with 16 PCs! But here's where the structure is helpful. If ever you need to develop a plot point, or delve into motivations, there is this other creature with whom you have a telepathic link, so the player can execute that plot line on their own terms. This can be dangerous to a game - a risk of constant self-indulgent self-absorbed silent digressions. But those have been few and far between for I'll admit to more than my fair shareany of the players, and they have always, as a result, served a good purpose.

As the number of players has whittled down, these internal dialogues have tamped down a bit, and we have been able to build an interesting web of interpersonal relationships. We're teens and "baby" dragons. There are petty spites, crushes and mistakes. There is awkwardness and insult and adoration. There are little mini factions - chromatics v metallics, the talkers v the action-takers, the awkward v the social, advocates of old gods v new. The factions come and go, like they do in high school (and life). None dive into being trite or easy or repetitive.

All the players are doing heavy lifting with creativity and the structure of the narrative. Savoylen rarely holds our hands. He's got a structure and a world, but he often refuses to make that structure come easy. Which is, of course, alternately frustrating and rewarding as a player. And frustrating and rewarding as a teen, trying to survive and raise a willful little lizard that might someday rise to quasi-godhood.
Series 1: The death of Wyowen and DomariLink 1: Act 2, scene 2, posts 45-55.

This was in the wake of our first big battle after escaping the caverns in which we were trained and raised. The battle was nasty, and two of our players were departing the game IRL. So, 2 characters vanished, and 2 died. Character death is a thing that happens rarely in the games I've played, and it put a cap on what I think of as the first major arc of the plot - escape and entrance into the bigger world. After this, we started meeting folks from outside our little circle.

There was an avalanche. After much digging, the characters knew we had to move on. But we couldn't let the loss go, unremarked. We had just fought hard to escape with our lives, and as we were on the Let's ignore the fact that it was really six months later. The way that dragons age, and take their bond-mates with them through sleeps of months or years, is something our characters are still grappling with in-game.cusp of succeeding, this happened. So, this set of posts are an excellent series of reflections and eulogies for a few friends and teammates that we barely got a chance to know. Nothing action-packed. But important.

We couldn't recover the bodies of the second pair, and they just re-appeared in a teaser to our current scene.
Series 2: Dragon: the ascentLink 1: Act 2, scene 5c, posts 4-13.

Turns out, our dragons are direct descendants of the first primordial dragons, who were brought into being in the first rumblings of the creation of the world. In a flashback, we got to play out one critical scene in the lives of Which is why almost none of our names in this thread are as given above - in some sense we're playing different characters. In another sense, we're playing the "ultimate" manifestation of our little wyrmlings.those ancient, primordial - Primas - dragons. The world is at stake. The "old gods" - elemental titans who created the dragons - are on the cusp of being overthrown by the new gods. The old gods are arbitrary and willful and unconcerned with the people of the world. The new gods are fractious, and a mixed bag of morality. As gods are. Who to side with? The clearly-ascendant power? The beings who literally created us, who we served for eons? Or neither, since open war between the gods tends to be bad news for whatever few million mortals happen to be hanging around.

The scenes linked are the dragons talking it out - who to side with, what our values are. Eventually, we appeal separately to the elemental titans and the gods. The appeals were equally unproductive. We chose to side with neither, casting ourselves as "protectors of the people", servant to none. Our current-time middle-schoolers and babies are discovering, and dealing with, the implications of that decision.

Surprisingly (to me), we never got a chance to fight as these ancient dragons. This was a good choice on Savy's part - that battle would have been long and maddening, with dozens of 40-hit-dice creatures flying this way and that. It reflects well on him, that we left the battle to narrative resolution. And it reflects well on my fellow players that we were all perfectly happy with that outcome.
GM of Uncaged: Found Family, a folklore-inspired D&D 5e one-shot adventure.

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Name:The City of Endless Areans (Formerly Kyrid Arena)

DM(s): Admins of the Game: Avner, Bhelogan, Jbear, Jrice408, Vallesh
Fight DMs: Agrudez, ArchEva00, Avner, Bhelogan, Bluejack, Brainfist, Cal, ckiser, D34THSPAWN, dukesteel, GANONymousSmasher, GodRosen, Gothos, Gulielmos, jbear, jrice408, Kygies, mightymconeshot, Mostlymad, Noupatris, saratek187, Seravok, Spankucus, syberpuppy, Thepurp, Trequs

Current Players: List of players/Gladiators found here, not all active at moment but have returning players often

Reasons for nomination: Last year I also nominated this game so I was dutifully contracted to try to get this fantastic game into the Hall of Fame once again. Where to start about this game, well it has been going strong now for over two years, yep thatís right two years of fighting. As we accept new players always, you can join right now if you want *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*, it means we have an incredible range of players and DMs. The current character levels we have range from those who joined this week at level 1 to our level 9 elites. Yes, players stick around and those that get caught by the wickedness of Real Life or other games do not have to drop out of City of Endless Arenas but instead can just not participate for a fight or two, jumping back into the action whenever they are able. Now as I mentioned we get all sorts to the players from complete newbies (only just read the 5e handbook) to veterans looking for some good RP and a combat heavy game. Thus our ethic is that we support and help those who are new often enslaving recruiting them directly from the New Player Games which several of our Admins and DMs kindly help run. We end up being their next step into the world of PBP and D&D 5e. We help with; mechanics, character development, character building, combat, RP, pbp formatting, dice rolling, etc. Other current players help us here as well offering their advice and help in the OCC thread (one of the most active threads on the site so Iíve been told).

Now you might be thinking weíre only a stepping stone, a brief affair, but oh no as the high level players can attest the game is more than just helping the new or bashing a few monsters. It is a wonderful city of dreams and death. Player characters bloom into full rounded characters, with backstories developed with their fellow players, links to our arena masters and factions. We give a large amount of freedom to our players and DMs in this completely sandbox world, this includes custom magic items. Our fight DMs can create arena masters and battles from most settings and with any monster imaginable and pit them against the gladiators. Now these arena masters are not always 2D either, many create plot twists and develop story lines giving Bloodfall a true feeling of being a living city.

But the real focus of our game are the fights every couple of weeks, thatís a lot of posts for 30+ players. It takes organisation and planning but we help our DMs with advice and support and run many ourselves. The fights compromise of several similar levelled gladiators and they try to survive in a DM run arena. These arenas can just be a simple kill ďXĒ, but it is rare that is it purely that. More like kill ďXĒ but activate this so you can actually hurt them while others shoot you. There are tactics and teamwork involved, without teamwork things turn bad quickly (itís a steep learning curve). But we make sure itís an enjoyable learning curve. Other tasks can involve capturing beasts, riding minecarts, flying golems, and dancing. In the arena anything can happen!

Mincart MayhemGame Thread Ė First 10 posts
This set of posts is the beginning of a match and it is more set up of it with lots RP than anything else and that is what makes it so enjoyable. This is a bunch of our fresh new players and one Me! We allow DMs to have a second character which can be used once for every time they DM a fight, gives people some incentive to do so.veteran This demonstrates the quality of even our newest members and the interactions you can have between the characters in a nearly purely combat orientated game. Thereís rivalry, friendship, and deciding who you want to jump in a rickety cart with from the ride of your life to hunt some goblins.

Goblinís Gambit Game Thread
Now Iíve given two fights run by Bhelogan but there are lots of other DMs, however, I chose this fight for a comparison. Bhelogan decided to link this fight to the previous lower levels escapades in the mines outside Bloodfall where goblins had invaded and taken over. They were meant to go in a clear it out but it turned out the force of goblins was much larger than expected, including a giant pink deathcloud chasing themÖ So the big guns were called in. Enter our longest serving gladiators! We were tasked with completely removing the goblin threat after a letter of challenge was delivered from their king.

This set of posts starts as the first round begins and shows you the size of the battles that some of our DMs run (and this isnít even the largest!). We are faced with tens of goblins of different strengths and skills with hidden ones in awkward to get to positions. These post show both the skills of our players but also our DMsí planning and game management. Keeping track of the different monsters who attacked and their effects it a time-consuming job but they all do it well. Have a read and see the chaos of it begin.

CO-DM of The City of Endless Arenas - We're always looking for new players!
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Campaign: City of Endless Arenas
DMs: Bhelogan, Avner, jrice408, Vallesh, jbear
+several other CoEA community members who occaisionally DM matches
Current Players:
Bhelogan (Saber lvl 9 Genasi Druid), Vallesh (Qiak Ko lvl 9 Aarokockra Monk)
jrice408 (Irieshann lvl 8 Dragonborn Warlock), jbear (Taniwha lvl 8 Half Orc Barbarian/Fighter),
dukesteel (Duke lvl 7 Dragonborn Barbarian), ckiser (Sylros Lvl 7 Human Sorceror/Warlock),
Avner (Gust Lvl 5 Aasamir Sorceror), Thepurp (Ringpo Lvl 5 Human Monk), rosscook (Thulbun Lvl 5 Gnome Mystic), LordGalitor (Kemmic Lvl 5 Human Wizard), GANONYmousSmasher (DarkSoul Lvl 5 Sorceror),
Shadwfirdrgn (Isabeau Lvl 4 Aarakocka Monk), Trequs (Aerun Lvl 4 Half Elf Sorceror), fuerdrake (Alexandre Lvl 4 Human Paladin),
Dakkon (Spite Lvl 3 Tiefling Warlock), voodoozombie (Body Count lvl 3 Human Warlock), syberpuppy (Raven Lvl 3 Human Sorceror), BlueJack (Drud Lvl 3 Human Ranger), Agrudez (Evan Lvl 3 Human Sorceror), KKristophDavion (Luvelai Lvl 3 Human Artificer),
Gulielmos (Brute Lvl 2 Human Barbarian), Halcyon (Shimm Lvl 2 Human Fighter), Shinzo (Ragrog Lvl 2 Dwarf Paladin), GodRosen (Pontus Lvl 2 Triton Fighter), MaxFury86 (Grudge Lvl 2 Half Orc Barbarian),
Kjelldon (Errol Lvl 1 Half Elf Bard), Seravok (Tom Lvl 1 Tabaxi Rogue), Fadonsuded (Faradarai Lvl 1 Eladrin Wizard), Tad (Alvyn Lvl 1 Gnome Barbarian), Maskain (Drei Lvl 1 Kobold Ranger), Anthrueser (Varr Lvl 1 Goblin Barbarian), Duskers (Gael Taath Lvl 1 Goliath Paladin), Huhart (Oakheart Lvl 1 Firbolg Druid), Xbow (Zandro Lvl 1 Elf Ranger)

Reasons for Nomination: There are so many reasons that this campaign deserves to be included in the Hall of Fame. No other campaign can compare to the sheer SCALE of the City of Endless Arenas which comprises of 120+ intergrated matches for 90+ PLAYERS involving a total of 20 DMs and more than 7000 in game posts, not to mention literally thousands of open roleplay posts and OOC comments over more than 2 YEARS of SUSTAINED GAME PLAY. The longevity of the campaign, which continues strong to this day (with more new active members playing than ever), is thanks to speed of event turnovers and the format flexibility that allows both DMs and players to commit for specific periods and put play on hiatus to match the peaks and flows of the realities of real life responsabilities. The inclusivity of the campaign is unrivalled: Anyone can join by simply making a character app and joining a match. How many great players might we have lost on the boards because they gave up, frustrated, unable to ever get into a match because they only have a handful of posts? How many campaigns fade and die because of waning player interest or DM availability despite the few stalwart players best attempts to keep it alive? Our campaign provides a genuine solution to these vexing and very real issues on the site. It has also provided a platform to mentor many players' first foray into DMing.

It would be easy to arrogantly dismiss CoEA's as inferior to other storytelling focused campaigns due to its battle centric arena based nature. This would be short sighted. This is a unique campaign setting where players have complete freedom to involve themselves actively in the world building of the city campaign. Players are actively involved with the DM to creature unique character specific signature magic items; upon reaching level 2 players may join a faction and gain reputation for a certain style of combat; between matches players socialise and interact with fellow gladiators in the tavern or participate in special skill based challenges. Bloodfall is very much a living city with plots, politics, exotic locations, engaging NPCs, and a huge variety of colourful backstories that organically thread together over time. Between the rolls, there is more roleplaying and character development going on than happens than in many campaigns. All of these factors combined have allowed CoEA to become the most active D&D 5E game on the site, and more importantly home to many favorite characters of all involved. CoEA's missed out on Hall of Fame last year by a SINGLE CS vote despite being by the second most voted campaign in the popular vote (again second by only a SINGLE vote). It deserved its spot in the Hall of Fame last year. This year there are only more reasons why it should get that spot this time around.

Kyrid Invasion - Loose Lips Sink ShipsGame Thread The link will take you to one of the game threads that were involved in our special event 'The Kyrid Invasion' which marked a celebration of our one year anniversary. We had multiple DMs running matches for gladiators of every level in a coordinated event where the arena lords from the Kyrid Arena, which gave birth to the City of Endless Arenas, organised an invading force to attack the city of Bloodfall (Check our 2016 archives for more).

This particular thread involved brand new level 1 players (a few teething problems are evident as they are introduced to the game and characters are approved) who must help navigate a boat in a complex naval battle, and run a comanion NPC (the numbers gave the feel of a battle of epic proportions). They dealt with the complexity maginificently, roleplayed their characters and NPCs memorably, and, if you were to take the time to read the entire thread, you would agree that the battle was indeed epic: on board traitors, stone hurling giants, ship ramming antics, enemy boardings, invisible boats and all.

While the level 1's defended the southern beaches, the level 2 players fought in a parallel naval battle defending the northern beaches. Level 3 players battled with an army to defend the walls from seige weapons and deadly trolls, while the level 4's turned the interior gardens of the city into a living fortress. Overhead our level 5's played out an aerial battle on griffon back. The event lasted a month with multiple phases in each battle. It was a truly epic event involving many story threads linked to this one multi level battle that had formed from events of previous arena battles.

Rumble in the JungleGAME THREAD This game thread shows the incredidible variety and flexibility we achieve with our battle formats with the CoEA community. As Bhelogan was DMing for our high level group, I DM'd Bhelogan's main character in a solo fight. The other reason I chose this particular fight is because I have the distinct sensation people might dismiss our game because they assume no quality roleplay is going on and no interesting stories or genuine character development is ocurring.

Bhelogan and I worked collaboratively to develop his backstory with the appearance of a genasi and fellow druidess claiming to be his sister and revealing details of dark events that supposedly occured after his escape from Kyrid and the shackles of slavery. Bhelogan's finale of this story has sparked a new stry line that is now being threaded through his battles and mine as the arena master's wife takes issue with the defeated druidess' kidnapping and makes moves to free her from captivity and her captor (see The Drums of War; The Long Walk) meanwhile being subtly influenced by the druidess' primal power as she herself makes moves to escape by her own means (see The Druid's Grove).

It has been discussed that these developing story threads might well play a major part in our next upcoming annual coordinated event as all of these story lines begin to thread their way towards a climax and the city itself is attacked from within.
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Name: To The Cahill
DM(s): BlueJack, Dakkon (for the sub (Depths of the Cahill adventure)
Current Players: Geldar, Dakkon, Lemonhead, LdyZamara, Peachyco, fuerdrake, TheGreyWulf, creed, bb3, Shaolindelt, GhostlyDaemon
Reasons for nomination: Almost every game I've found on this site has fallen into one of these categories; the setting is unappealing, the posts are short and vapid, and the game usually dies within a month. This game...has NONE of that! The setting is standard D&D (save the world), but it's indepth and well fleshed out. The GM's know their stuff, and are passionate about the game, as indicated by it's been going for a year plus. And posts are awe....some! There's no "I put on my wizards hat." crap here. You get what the player is doing, but also why they're doing it and even have some interactions and character development. Add that to the DM's doing a good job fleshing out the world and you've got the best game on the site IMO.
Links: Here's some samples.


Orin #1
Orin #2
Orin #3

Edwyn #1
Edwun #2

Bluejack #1
Bluejack #2
Bluejack #3
Bluejack #4
Bluejack #5

Bran #1
Bran #2
Bran #3




Yes I realize it's more then 10, but there's a lot to filter down too. And this is just my picks. Check it out for yourself, and see why the Cahill adventure is worthy of praise.

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Nomination FormatName: Mysoth – Winds of Change
DM(s): Bhelogan
Current Players: Avner, Bluejack, Craigthulu, Grayn, Skep, and Nul (as well as some other from other groups who had left the game)
Reasons for nomination: This was probably one of the first games I had on site that actually lasted. There is no surprise why either as Bhelogan's style of DMing along with a great combination of players really let this game flourish. You could tell for many of the players it was on their 'do not cut list'. It started off simple enough. The group was a bunch of new recruits to the militia. The group that is now the only active thread of the game started out as two separate groups with Zlog a half-orc and former slave, Randal a honor bound paladin, and a sea yearning gnome eventually merging with another group of soldiers including the human rogue Pavel and wizard Maxine.

The group was investigating the sudden aggression of the local aarakocra tribe who attacked the fort for which they were stationed. Normally peaceful allies and trade partners it is soon discovered that there is a plot quite literally underfoot. Secret passages are discovered and an ancient cult is at foul play along with a group of Kenku. The story itself however is not what really drives this game to the Hall of Fame level it is the ability of both the DM and the players to craft a story. The roleplay of the group soon created a tightly knit group of adventurers each with their own dynamic relationships. Their plan to get their own ship after their militia service was soon soiled when their would be captain goes mad. As they continue to unravel the mystery in Rhythey the antics of the group become increasingly invested and entertaining.

Stiles the insane gnome who thought he was on board a pirate ship continues various antics while the others try to focus him on their growing mission to follow the orders they have been given to discover the origins of some of the mysteries they discovered below. Bhelogan did not brush off any of these character interactions and let each and every one of them add to the story that he had envisioned The result is an amazing game with one of the most entertaining parties that I have ever been a part of, many of which I would count among close RPGX friends.


This is the scenerio described above where Stiles loses his sanity and drags the group a long for a great roleplay session that would change the dynamic of the group forever. At this point Zlog and Stiles are best friends as the two more rebellious members of the group, when Stiles drives him through the horrible ritual they both come out changed.

The Possession of Stiles

This example shows just how mechanics can greatly be included into great roleplay. Pavel had learned magic, but the others had not yet sorted that out. This is the big reveal that happens during combat.

Did you Steal My Cards?

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SecondingName: Mysoth Ė Winds of Change
DM(s): Bhelogan
Current Players: Avner, Bluejack, Craigthulu, Grayn, Skep, and Nul (as well as some other from other groups who had left the game)
Reasons for nomination: I know we are sneaking this in late, but the thread hasn't been locked yet, so hoping we can get consideration here. This was the first game I have started DMing on RPGX. We started with four groups but merged down to two after the standard player attrition. The first of these two merged groups, the "Martial Moonies" after a strong run starting in early 2015 to October of 2016. The other merged group, "Martial Moonies" are continuing on, past the point in the story where the other group has ended. The characters in this second group are what really stand out to me as a DM, each having unique personalities and high-quality posts.

Magic Soap
Only going to post one here as an example. I'll cheat, and ask for you to read 11 posts instead of 10 (you can skip a DM update if you want).
Our beloved Max has had enough of the unhygienic ways of the militia members she is serving with, and has rounded up soap for them to use. To make sure even the simple minded Zlog would follow directions, she informed him that it was magic soap. From that point on, Zlog has been a slave to this magic soap, not only using it for its powers of odor removal but has tried eating it to gain magical powers; and other members have used its powerful effects to keep Zlog occupied while performing other needed tasks, such as looting treasure.
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