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Old 01-16-2017, 03:38 PM
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Expedition Roster

Please copy your submission here for ease of access.
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Old 01-16-2017, 08:18 PM
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Name :: (Master Sergeant) Viktor “Vic” Balagula

Profession :: Ex-US Army Special Forces (Delta), currently Private Security

Country of Origin :: Brighton Beach, Brooklyn NY (USA)

Intended Class:: Ranger (I will be using the UA Ranger) (I might also dip into rogue for some skills not sure yet, need to really explore the skills available between the classes)

Description :: Viktor stands an even 6 feet tall and a muscular 190 lbs. He wears black hair in a longish Caesar cut. Fresh from the Army the thirtysomething ex-Solder carries himself like he owns any room he walks into. After over a decade in the Army serving in some of the most elite units Viktor carries himself like a quiet professional. Like most Soldiers when it comes to work he is all business. Also like most Soldiers he has developed a twisted somewhat morbid sense of humor. (Humor is sometimes seen as a coping mechanism for PTSD.)

Background :: Originally from Brighton Beach in Brooklyn NY Viktor is a second generation American. His grandparents immigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union. He comes from working class parents who have made Brooklyn their home. Unlike his peers who only wanted to follow in the footsteps of their local heroes the Russian Mafia Viktor only wanted to join the Military. Much to the displeasure of his family (and his girlfriend) he joined the US Army in the late 1970s right after High School. After spending a few years at Fort Bragg North Carolina in the 82nd Airborne Division the general boredom of a peace time Solider drove him to seek out new challenges. Deep in the back roads of Fort Bragg there was a special group of Soldiers. A newly formed counter terrorism team that went by many different names. Officially they were known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), some called them Delta Force but most simply called them “The Unit”.

Training was easy for Viktor and he quickly excelled and after a long year of school he graduated with honors and was assigned as an “Operator” on a team. The rest of the 1980s were a blur of deployments. Viktor found himself in Central America, South America, Africa, South (and North) Korea and finally he spent quite a few years stationed in West Germany and Berlin helping other government agencies in counter-intelligence and counter terrorism operations against the Soviet Union and other eastern block countries.

In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and suddenly there was no more cold war. Troops were withdrawn and everyone went back to Fort Bragg to train for the next adversary. Barely a year later Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and there was another more real war to fight. Like most Special Forces Vic found himself in the desert running covert missions behind enemy lines. Unfortunately this war was short lived and by 1991 Iraq was kicked out of Kuwait. Soon after Desert Storm rumors of post cold war massive downsizing of the military was all too true. Seeing the writing on the wall and the potential to make way more money in the private sector Viktor made the decision to hang up the uniform. Not wasting any time in post military life, he jumped on a plane and left the United States for Europe. Arriving in England Viktor quickly connected with some former British SAS buddies he met while deployed in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm in 1990/91. Work was easy to get, there was always someone somewhere needing security services. Signing on with a British Private Military Contractor (Iron Sword Security or ISS) they quickly put Viktor to work sending him on a short rotation to Africa to get his feet wet guarding high value executives in the diamond mines. After a short three-month assignment Viktor was quickly pulled back to England for a special mission. Arriving back at company headquarters outside of London he is handed a folder with the words Cambridge University and Siberia on the cover....

Reason for Joining: Due to the volatile situation in post-Soviet Russia local bandits and Russian Mafia have been giving many western groups problems. Viktor has been assigned to assist the scientists and facilitate their travels though the country. His prior military background in counter intelligence, counter terrorism and asset security coupled with his ability to speak Russian will make him a great asset to the team.
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Old 01-17-2017, 09:01 AM
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Ishikawa - Field Agent/Hacker

Name :: Ishikawa. (First name is Saburo but no one ever knows that or just never calls him that except his family.)

Profession :: ex-covert intelligence and technology executive officer for Public Security Section 9 (domestic security/intelligence). Homage to Masamune Shirow and Ghost in the Shell.

Being focused on covert intelligence and hacking I'd like some advice on classes/ratio. Fighter 1/Rogue 1/Expert (computers) 4 was first thought, but considering his background I thought about Fighter 1/Rogue 2/expert (computers) 3. If I get picked gimme some thoughts on how to divvy this up.

Country of Origin :: Japan

Description :: Rumpled looking bearded Japanese man, low key vibes. 38 y/o, 5'11" average build, dark brown hair and eyes. Pretty laid back. Enjoys a good drink now and again and smokes when he's stressed out. He's quietly a fan of American superhero comics.



OOC I don’t know crap about computers so all my hacker talk will be horrible bull puckey. Also I used Google Translate for all translations and so native speakers will probably find this utterly horrible, but it was fun to do this once.

I post less on weekends.

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Old 01-17-2017, 10:41 AM
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Name :: Professor Oliver Warrington II
Profession :: Archaelogist
Country of Origin :: Great Britain
Description :: Ollie is never found without the hat his father gave him and his latest pack of 'cancer sticks'. He dresses the part of an archaelogist but is very physically fit. He wears a brown trenchcoat so much that people think he sleeps with it, and on some nights he does.
Background :: History runs in everyone’s blood. You can’t help it, it is just a fact. From the moment each and every one of us is born we are hurling forward in time to an unescapable and evident doom. Every moment we spend in that despair we call life is history. That however was not what Professor Oliver Warrington the II was referring to when he said it was in his blood however, well at least not completely. Oliver was the great grandson of Oliver Warrington a famous historical genious who helped solve many of the ancient mysteries that unveiled some of the great hypothesis of the time. The concept of a possible link from an Antarctic expedition to Atlantis had discovered a missing map that lead philosophers heads spinning for decades to somehow falsify the document. His son followed the same path and the one after as well all becoming great archaeologist within their own circles, but never quite finding that mainstream discovery that hit the front page of the papers.

Despite the great lineage with prompted him to enter the profession it was entirely as simple of that for good old Ollie however. Oliver was most definitely raised the son of an arahaelogist and like his fathers father before him he was often raised on site of the next great discovery, watching his father’s genius at work. They travelled the world with his mother tutoring him at each new extravagant site. He saw Cairo, the Amazon, the mysteries of Asia and the wonders of South America. Everything was an adventure, unless it wasn’t. There were a small number of trips which Oliver’s father was unable to bring the boy. He often would bring back some token of his latest discovery for the boy, but it was not the same as him being there. Ollie as his friends had started to call him was now old enough to know what it was his father was so good at, and what exactly had drug him away. All the years had started to show a pattern, they were all making sense.

It started in South America where his father had been sent to investigate some new Mayan temple that they had found. Oliver never quite paid attention to the historics of it at that point but he remembered it was new. That wasn’t all he recalled however for when his father took him into the temple to see the discovery for the first time they found something neither of them expected. He had no clue of course until his father pointed it out, but the language written in the temple was not Mayan, it was something else. There was not one scientist on the planet who was able to identify it and most had written it off as a dead language. The various runes and symbols seemed to call out to them as they looked at them and Ollie’s father seemed obsessed with it.

Expedition after expedition they seemed to chase down the runes. The boy thought it was a coincidence at first but then he started noticing them at every site. His father had long since stopped pointing them out. Trip by trip his father became more obsessed and Oliver was invited less and less often. Before he knew it he was spending more time at home with his mother than on the expeditions with his dad like he had used to, it left an empty spot it the boys life. It was nothing however compared to what was to come.

A man in a black suit had arrived at the door when his father was home one evening. Next thing he knew the house was eerily silent as his father spoke with the man in the kitchen of their home. His mom did his best to keep him distracted and out of the way but Ollie couldn’t hear them anyway. A moment later the black suited man was replaced in the kitchen with his mother as some huge argument exploded. There was something about risks and staying home with his family but within the next day the decision was made and his father was leaving for a plane to another expedition. This time was different however, his father left Ollie with his lucky hat telling him to always have faith in his instincts before leaving. It was almost as if he knew he would never come back. After a couple of months they reported him dead and wrote it off as some environmental hazard. From what Ollie could piece together it was some place cold where they could blame it on the elements. He however never believed them, there was something fishy with the whole thing. What started out as a child’s hopeful dream soon became an obsession. Ollie took a job at Cambridge as a history professor to fund his real job, finding his father. He had mastered the language that his father had discovered and become the leading expert in the field. He somehow couldn’t help but hope it was all somehow connected. His theoretical research tied directly to his fathers and identified that the language was the key to unlocking mysteries in pre-history, such as the missing link, that no one ever thought achievable. All he needed was one piece of the puzzle, one cipher that would unlock everything.
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Reason for Joining :: I've always wanted to play an archaelogist character who somehow stumbles upon something where he accidently opens up a passageway to another world. So basically I've been waiting for this game forever. I love that you are taking 5e and making it your own through this story concept. On top of that I want to see what its like to play in one of sammichweasel's games!!

Characters Reason for joining Professor Warrington is the chief specialist in ancient theological archaelogy and has been selected to add his expertise to the Siberian expedition. Most of his finds so far have been in different regions but so far he has been unable to connect some missing piece to completely decipher them. He hopes that this is the expedition that will bring it all together.

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Old 01-17-2017, 11:42 AM
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Every Team Needs a Driver

Name: Glenn Meijer

Profession: Oil Rig Helicopter Pilot

Role: Driver/Pilot/Mechanic (Expert, possibly Rogue I suppose)

Country of Origin: Netherlands Colonial (specifically Aruba)

Description: Typical of Dutch stock, Glenn is tall and rangy. Running to 6'2" and about 185 lbs, he would come across as annoyingly good looking if it weren't for a certain self-deprecating humor. Growing up in the Caribbean, he sports a bit of a permanent squint to complement his surfer tan. Reddish blonde hair and pale green eyes combine with a rather outspoken beard to make him more than a bit of a standout. Years of work in the offshore drilling world have influenced his dress, and he tends towards workmanlike t-shirt-and-work-pants outfits, and springs at the chance to show off his rather extensive tattoos. He tends towards loud, cheerful, and a bit abrasive, which is unsurprising to almost everyone.

Closer examination reveals a number of rather dramatic burn scars on his arms and chest. In fact, one might conclude that the extensive tattoos are in fact meant to cover up the scars first and decorative second.

Background: The second half of the 20th century birthed a fascinating generation of people in the Caribbean. A profusion of mid-century dictatorships brought about by the decline of colonialism beat an independent streak in the locals, a pragmatic good cheer that greeted the waves of American and Europe tourists with half-predatory good cheer. Everyone from the bartenders to the bankers happily repurposed their ancestral buccaneer spirit, but the discovery of offshore oil deposits truly called to the pirate in them.

A fast-and-loose roughneck culture came about, fueled by the huge economic influx from the black gold and tempered by the absurd danger that many of the fringe oil companies operated in. On many platforms, safety procedures were merely the gates to be dodged in the race to profit. The new heroes of this world were the helicopter pilots. In many cases, these helicopters were the only lifeline when that pipe blew or that hurricane blew in.

Glenn grew up in Oranjestad, Aruba. His whole life he saw the larger-than-life characters flying in and out of the Lago Oil Company heliport. As soon as he could convince his parents, he started working at the local garage. After all, if you knew how to fix stuff, they might let you onto a helicopter, at least to fix it, right? Hours of tinkering, fixing, and breaking later, he had become known as something of a whiz kid. Unfortunately, the hangover of the 70's left little margin in the oil trade, but the burgeoning tourist industry was driving an aviation boom, and Glenn go to know the Piper Cubs, DeHavilland Beavers, and other float and short-field planes extremely well. He soon found out that he was nearly as good on the control stick as he was on the wrench.

In 1985, the 24-year old was flying for a local tour company when he heard of a new tour outfit running old US army-surplus Hueys. Jumping at the chance, he called in some favors and had a friend show him how to fly one of the egg beaters, then practically ran to the office to apply. Well known in the local circles, he got the job. As much fun as small planes were, helicopters beat the hell out of them. Glenn became known as the man to come to if you REALLY wanted to get close to that pod of whales or old ruin.

As such, it was no huge surprise when a spectacularly nondescript man came to see him one day. This man represented "certain entrepeneurs" who needed "reliable, discrete transportation" to "certain local destinations." Over the next couple years, Glenn found himself flying any number of remarkably fit junior executives to exotic off-site training opportunities. Soon, he received an offer from one of the major oil companies, who had heard from a 'mutual acquaintance' that his skills were perfect for the energy business.

For the next 4 years, Glenn spent the majority of his time flying roughnecks and supplies on and off the huge platforms. From time to time, the cousins of those same old junior executives would need an emergency flight from one of the platforms into Central America, and Glenn was, of course, the one to do the driving.

Reason for Joining: Every perfectly above-board and legitimate scientific expedition needs reliable transportation. Often, the ones arranging said transport are well connected to certain groups who tend to need discrete and reliable transportation themselves. Often, the ability of the providers of said transportation to respond well to stressful and unusual situations (such as hurricanes and oil rig fires, obviously, what else?) was considered paramount for academic expeditions as well. As such, a 'mutual acquaintance' recommended Glenn for the job. Despite repeated and vociferous objections in regards to ambient temperatures and possible precipitation, the Flying Dutchman jumped at the chance.

...then there was the time where we staged a play and then killed a dragon and I carried its head around for like a week and then some guy made me a spear out of it.
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David 'the Mop' or 'Mop' MacKenzie

Profession :: Trauma Surgeon

Country of Origin :: USA

Intended Class :: Expert (Surgeon)/Athlete

Description ::
Dave is an average height but stocky male in his 30's. He is relatively fit from regular exercise and playing on the local rugby team. He has a slight limp from an old knee injury. He has a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow and strong, handsome features. He wears scrubs at work and simple athletics clothes outside of work. He wears a jumper when performing operational medicine (disaster relief, mass casualty work).
Background ::
Dave was born to a medical family with a famous surgeon and alternative medicine guru for parents. His parents broke up when he was 8, and he gravitated towards comic books, science fiction and fantasy. He was a big fan of Star Wars, the Goonies, and ET as a kid. Dave basically raised himself as his siblings were off doing their own things and his parents were career obsessed.

MacKenzie fell in with the nerds in school and found a lot of aptitude in science and biology. He also was strong and stout, excelling at contact sports. He played football and hockey in high school and rugby in college. Dave gained a reputation for being a good friend and empathic during his college years. He frequently would get his buddies out of jams at personal expense. His best friend Matt Lione ( a mafia heir apparent) dubbed David 'the Mop' because he was always cleaning up other people's problems. His best friends call him Mop.

Dave found himself gravitating towards biology and medicine. He became an EMT after college to work his way through school and attended State on a scholarship. His skill as an EMT turned into a love of stablization and trauma surgery. He perfomed very well at surgery residency and then started an academic career (including clinical research) focusing on operational medicine. He helped provide medical care at a number of government operations (stand-offs with cults, dirty bomb threats etc), and made friends in the military as well.
Reason for Joining ::
The United States leads a lot of the World in trauma care and operational medicine. While at Cambridge, Dr. MacKenzie gave the Finnegan Lecture as keynote speaker for his involvement in the Oregon Cult Massacre in which he operated on ten victims of gun violence and burning. They all survived. Mop also played against the Cambridge Medical School Sevens team with a local club team and scored three tries. He made a bit of impression at that meeting and when experts were called upon at State the Chairman recommended MacKenzie.
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