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Plot Summaries

The World Tree is the first being to be gifted life by the gods. Its highest branches stretch far beyond the clouds, a pillar that holds the sky above the earth. Legend holds that every plant that has ever grown, from the smallest blades of grass to the mightiest oaks, is descended from some part of the Tree. Built between the boughs, within the knots, and under the roots of the World Tree is the First City, Evergrove, and beyond it, Eldwylde, the Fertile Country. It is not a land without turmoil, to be alive is to have conflict, but no truly great evil has ever dared to venture into lands where the Tree can be seen on the horizon.

Except once.

Five hundred years ago, a warlock of great power known as The Vanquisher brought together an impossible army of monsters, demons, undead, and wicked mortals under one banner. They were the Black Blade, named for the Vanquisher's weapon, carved from the tooth of a dead god, and their goal was nothing less than the conquest or destruction of Evergrove, and the World Tree. One hundred armies from one hundred races assembled to oppose the Black Blade, and fought for one hundred days and nights before the Vanquisher's army was broken. Defeated, he swore vengeance, fled over the mountains and beyond the sea, and was never heard from again.

Now, centuries later, rumors have begun to spread. Monsters gather in greater numbers, lead by priests of evil gods. Soothsayers speak visions of dark times ahead. And, in a small fishing village on the edge of the sea, a young boy swears that he found a Black Blade ship crashed upon the shore. The evil is returning, but this time, there is warning. This time, the terror can be stopped before it begins.

This time, there will be heroes.
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