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Old Apr 15th, 2022, 06:27 AM
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PotM March

This Month we had two posts getting high praise and votes from our judges (who are facing a huge challenge to read and decide, thank you ll for that) and we needed a pop-up judge to make the final decision. Their words were, "both posts were providing a sparkle, the vibe of a good roleplay post but somehow, PlaidPeregrine's post appealed just a tiny bit more to me". So: CONGRATS!!!!!

You can read their post over here and do not forget to grant some love and appreciation by clicking those scales (right top of a post) to grant some RPXP
@Idrahil chapeau for making it so hard on us with your post over here; it was well written, very much in character using the Dwarven speech to an extent we could almost hear it in our minds :-)

Worth reading: all entries! Check these links and hand our some RPXP-love, it is well deserved. Going to quote Touketsu nominating this Lentil Sponge post -> I want to emphasize that Lentil's writing as Scathach is consistently superb and often complex, with them literally playing four characters at once in this game. The high quality of this post is not unique to Lentil, and frankly, nominating them for one of these has been a long time coming. High words of praise..

As mentioned before, there is a lot of respect for a player's insight to nominate a post a player wrote themselves! We all agreed with Wynamoinen's reasoning to nominate this post, build on a very good Marsh DM-post that clicked the write buttons to inspire Wynamoinen to write this response. Check it out and grant some RPXP.
This post made it even hard for Silk to choose which post to nominate, so they did both, a +1 to Wynamoinen's nomination AND respecting the rules to only nominate one post by nomninating Marshmallow's post over here. Motivation for nominating: I just loved how Marshmallow RPed Vulpine giving Deuce some motherly advice while also showing Vulpine's inner hedonistic nature''. If you are as intrigued as I am: read and share some love

Another post worth reading, Fillyjonk's post about a love story and a cage <3. Lostcheerio also mentioned that we should also note that the second character image is made by Fillyjonk! Love the creativity, feel free to publish it in the Explosive Runes!

Please read -->Disclaimer: the creative team of the Explosive Runes really wants to grant some publicity for the Post of the Month- winning lovely posts. If you feel strongly against it, let us know. If not, be aware your post might be in the latest Explosive Runes :-)
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