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Old Feb 23rd, 2022, 01:48 AM
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If' you're going to the house rental person, I'll make this easy on you from the RP side. He has a house, five rooms, with a small stable in the back. because you were sent to him by the Judge, he'll let you have it for 50 gp for a month. That's about half of what he usually charges. And for 10 gp more you can have an aid assigned that will protect the premises while you're away, and care for your animals while they're stabled.
Old Feb 23rd, 2022, 08:24 AM
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Chemistry says goodbye to the Judge, assuming her last question/assumption about how to explain what they would be doing is fine.

She will choose a room with moderate light and a comfy bed, large if possible. She thinks hiring the aid would be a good idea.

She wonders where Kendra went. If they run into her they will certainly let her know about the house and the fact that they have a job to work on, though she probably should't be told what it is about, exactly.
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