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Old 06-28-2019, 09:56 AM
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Application Complete

Name: Orisk Talvihas
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Class: Sorcerer 8, White Dragon Draconic Bloodline
Starting Gate: Frozen Gate of the North
Hit Points: 6 (First Hit Die) + 7D6 (Class Levels) + 16 (+2 CON Mod) + 8 (Draconic Resilience)
Dice HP:
7D6+30 (2, 3, 2, 3, 1, 3, 4)+30 Total = 48

Background: Orisk lives in the frozen mountains of the far north, his family line banished from the dwarven kingdoms with their original clan names stripped from them for the crime of one of his ancestors: wedding a White Dragon. The specifics have been lost over the years, but the evidence is still visible in the line, be it a higher propensity to anger, slightly draconic features or, in the case of Orisk, the feral blue eyes possessed by the beasts. Over the centuries, the family grew to the size of a small clan, eventually forming a mountain village.

It was in this village Orisk was born. He discovered his natural magic of his dragon blood early, freezing an animal he almost lost while hunting, and would often be found practicing his magic out in the mountains. Every year, he would go further out, spending more time away before coming back. That is, until one time he came back and found the village under attack. A group of bandits had been pushed north, and the village looked an easy target. Of course, they hadn't counted on angry spellcasters in front (his brother coming into his own) and behind them, and they were routed. Which lead to stories, which turned into notoriety, which meant visitors and challengers and the like. Suddenly, keeping the village protected was higher priority, which Orisk figured would be easier if they could rejoin the dwarven kingdom, so he sent a missive. The return letter was prompt and harsh about the denial, with an expression of surprise at their continued existence. However, things were getting harder, and Orisk figured if he could perform a great enough feat, it would deal with old animosity.

RP Sample:
Orisk sighed as he looked at the frozen bodies of five dwarfs. From what he'd gathered, the troublemakers had got to drinking too heavily one night and got it in their heads they could win some points with the big clans if they wiped out his 'tainted' line. They really had no business this far north though, and had arrived already half-dead from the weather. He would have let them go too, but they had to pull a crossbow on his little cousin, who was barely 25.

"I heard a commotion. Is everything alright?" his brother Baern's voice came from behind him.

"Yeah," Orisk replied. "A few idiots, threatened Ilde with a crossbow, so I created a reminder as to why that's a bad idea. Of course, now we need to hire someone to drag their bodies back to where they came from."

"Why bother? They don't deserve it. And they make nice sculptures"

"Because we need to be better. Now, I'm sure one of the adventurers currently using our village for lodging could use some more coin."

"Too noble for your own good," Baern muttered as he left.

Orisk stared off into the distance. His brother didn't understand, they needed the kingdoms. More and more people had been showing up ever since the bandits. Some out of curiosity, far too many for a challenge. Nations would get more interested as word spread. They had to ally with someone before they were subsumed, and the kingdoms could provide protection and trade no one else could. And that didn't get into the problem of the frost giant settlement barely a week's hike from their location.

That's when he received the mage's message. After recovering from the obnoxious method of communication, he considered the challenge. He wasn't too keen on passing through Kryygsstaan, what with him and Baern starting to be regarded like one would regard a potentially vengeful spirit, but this did provide an opportunity. This contest sounded like it was headed by some big players, some that perhaps even the kingdoms didn't want against them. He could really get the village ready for the inevitable. He need to tell Baern though.

He found his brother exiting a building that was politely referred to as 'guest accommodations' (or the 'keep those adventurer's away from my house' building). After Orisk told him about his plan to accept the invitation, to which Baern only replied with "Just make sure you come back.", preparations were started for the journey.

Character Sheet

Character sheet reviewed and approved, pending changes sent via PM and changes made. Please make those changes, then do not modify your character sheet again for the remainder of the competition.

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