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Tales From The Yawning Portal

Game NameTales From The Yawning Portal
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeTreasures, horrors and dungeons washed down with a refreshing beer.
FlavourAdventuring action d&d style!
Plot Summary
“Tales From The Yawning Portal”

“Summary”In ages past, the mighty wizard Halaster built his tower at the foot of Mount Waterdeep and delved deep into tunnels first built by dwarves and drow in search of ever greater magical power. Halaster and his apprentices expanded the tunnels they found, worming out new lairs under the surface for reasons of their own. In time, their excavations grew into the vast labyrinth known today as Undermountain, the largest dungeon in all of the Forgotten Realms. Halaster eventually disappeared, as have all his apprentices, but the massive complex he built remains to this day.

For untold years, the secrets of Undermountain remained hidden from the surface world. Everyone who entered its halls failed to return. Its reputation as a death trap grew to the point that criminals in Waterdeep who were sentenced to die were forcibly escorted into the dungeon and left to fend for themselves.
All of that changed with the arrival of two men, a warrior named Durnan and a ne'er-do-well named Mirt. The duo were the first adventurers to return from Undermountain, laden with riches and magic treasures. While Mirt used his wealth to buy a mansion, Durnan had different plans. Durnan retired from adventuring and purchased the land on which sat the deep, broad well that was the only known entrance to the dungeon. Around this well he built a tavern and inn that caters to adventurers and those who seek their services, and he called it the Yawning Portal.

Some of the magic Durnan looted on his successful foray into Undermountain granted him a life span that exceeds even that of an elf. And for decades Durnan left delving into Undermountain to younger folk. Yet one day, something drew him back. Days of waiting for his triumphant return from the dungeon turned to months and then years. For nearly a century, citizens of Waterdeep thought him dead. But one night, a voice called up from the well. Few at first believed it could be Durnan, but folk as long-lived as he vouched it so. The Yawning Portal had passed into the hands of his ancestors, but Durnan returned with enough riches for them to quietly retire. Durnan took his customary place behind the bar, raised a toast to his own safe return, and then began serving customers as if he'd never left.

Adventurers from across Faerun, and even from elsewhere in the great span of the multiverse, visit the Yawning Portal to exchange knowledge about Undermountain and other dungeons. Most visitors are content to swap stories by the hearth, but sometimes a group driven by greed, ambition, or desperation pays the toll for entry and descends the well. Most don't survive to make the return trip, but enough come back with riches and tales of adventure to tempt other groups into trying their luck.

“Info”Looking for a party to tackle the adventures within the Yawning Portal as one campaign. I’ll be making some changes to it as we go along also.

6 slots available.

Using 27 point buy for characters, if you want to use a race or class not in the phb then pm me first, please submit characters in the following format:

Personality trait:
Assumptions: Your characters first impressions about the other characters that have applied who could potentially be in your party.
RP sample:

UpdateUpdate: I'm planning on customising this game to accommodate players and to make things a bit more interesting. This means that we can explore character backstories and it won't be so linear/railroaded.

PlayerCharacterApp Status
ClawsomeThorin IronfistCompleted
VaultDwellerRiardon MoonwhisperWIP
NiyagaGrinling DurandalCompleted
ChiefDisbeliefBreaking GlassCompleted
Paper TigerBowen & Corran uth HylasCompleted
danabDecanter GallumCompleted

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@Carnage, Can you tell us a little about your experience with DnD and PbP?
DM for Desert of Desolation for 5e| Smoky, Tabaxi Bard in Curse of Strahd | Tony, Kobold Warlock in Hoard of the Dragon Queen| No oaths, but if I start something I will see it through.
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What, if any, playtest material will be allowed?
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Posting on this thread to ensure I will put an actual effort here.
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Name: Thorin “Coppertop” Ironfist
Class: Cleric-War Domain
Species: Dwarf, Hill
Alignment: Lawful Good
Background: Soldier

Personality trait: I face problems head on. A simple direct solution is the best path to success.

Ideal: I do what I must and obey just authority. My clan, nation and people are all that matter.

Bond: I would still lay down my life for those I served with and those who I serve with now.

Flaw: I have little respect for an unproven warrior.

Appearance: He stands a mere 4’2”, with stocky muscular build with signs of a belly starting to bulge. His long bright red hair falls around his shoulders and his mustache and beard are just as long and braided, keeping a clean appearance that is not typical of a dwarf. His dark brown eyes are in contrast to his someone ruddy skin.

Personality: He is a former soldier and tends to be direct and to the point and make quick decisions in stressful situations which to some appear as being rude and bossy. He is not. He is just trying to keep people alive. He is actually quite charming in a more social situation. He is always willing to help people in need.

Backstory: Thorin Ironfist was born into the Ironfist clan. Son of Halaren the High priest and Rowena the Captain of the guard. Clan Ironfist was located in the Gray Peak Mountains to the Southeast of Waterdeep. He was born during turbulent times when orc and bugbears were constantly warring with their clan. It made all dwarves grow up quickly including Thorin. Thorin followed his parents footsteps and trained in both martial and clerical studies. He was soon realized that he took after his dad and was obviously more gifted with spells than weapons. He could still swing an axe or hammer better than most dwarves, but he was a natural with the divine arts. He trained at the same temple of Moradin as his father deep within their mountain home. His parents were both part of a special group of warriors called the Hammers of Moradin. They were the elite of the elite followers of Moradin and well respected among dwarves and outsiders. It was the dream of his parents that one day he too would eventually become one. He would need more training and some good experience in the outside world to prepare him for his destiny. His parents sent him out into the world because as they both told him repeatedly, the only way was “to do”. “Go explore, wet your whistle and your hammer” his father would tell him. “Learn, grow and improve and then come back to us when ready to start the trial to be a Hammer of Moradin.” His mother added in. The next week, Thorin along several other candidates said their good byes to family and friends before heading out of the complex. They all went their separate ways, Thorin choose to go to one the most famous places of all, The Yawning Portal. Many a rumors suggest that is where you go to find groups to adventure. He traveled several days to arrive at the doorstep of the Yawning Portal. So the adventure begins.

RP sample: The first part of Thorin’s journey from the Gray Peak Mountains was surprisingly easy. He only ran into an orc scout and made quick work of him. On the second day, he managed to come upon a road. :: What good luck he thought. It shall make travel that much easier::
He had walked a couple hours when he came upon what appeared to be a broken wagon and an injured lad. As he got closer he realized the one of the spokes on the rear left wheel had snapped. He also realized there were two folk, a man and a woman who appeared to be helping the man.
“Please mister, help us. My husband has injured his leg falling off the wagon when it broke” the young lady cried.
::Hm.The back wheel broke. Why would he have fallen off and hurt himself at the front of the wagon? Something is not quite right here:: Thorin approached the injured man and laid down his shield nonchalantly against the wagon and kneeled next to him. “Let me see how bad the injury is” as he checked his leg. It was bruised, but not broken and not nearly as bad as they made it out to be. His hand clamped over his leg “Praise Moradin. May you feel his power flow through you and heal your wounds” The man indeed feels the flow of warmth into his leg.
That was also when the young lady yelled to Thorin, “Give us ya gold and goods or I will stick ya with this sword” which she had pointed at his back. “Yah, good job Serena.” The man then pulled out a sword from behind the wagon.
Thorin slowly got up and turned to the one called Serena. “Tis this how to act after I healed your friend, not that he was that hurt.” "It did hurt she hit me too hard, I told ya Serena.” She looks over at the man exasperated, “Shut your whining and quit using my name you idiot. This dwarf is going to pay us handsomely.”

Thorin smiles, “I’ll give you one chance to redeem yourself and your soul. Put down your weapons and pray for forgiveness for ye not know what you have done.”
Serena started to move forward while she said. “I know exactly what I am……” Before she can finish her statement Thorin just lifted his finger and a bolt of light flashed from his hand and struck her dead center of her chest. She dropped like a sack of potatoes.
He turned to see the man running off into the woods tripping over thorns and into trees in a total panic. ::That one won’t be bothering anyone anytime soon.::
He walks over and gives the last rites to the woman who just tried to kill him. He then proceeds to repair the wagon wheel by mending each piece that was broken.
“How nice of them to lend me their wagon” he says to himself as he continues on his way.

Once in town Thorin made it to the Yawning portal. The first order of business was to quench his thirst and feed his belly while he looked over possible mates to join. He was finishing his second ale when a skinny elf arrived. He appeared to also be looking for a group. He joined Thorin after a quick greeting. He listen to him babble on about who he served with and what they had done. ::We shall see. Talk is cheap:: he thought to himself. "The Silent Rain? Can't say I have heard of them, but I haven't exactly traveled all the lands." Thorin signals the serving lady over. "More ale for myself and some food for this poor skinny elf. What ya drinking, was it Grinling you say? He hands her more than enough to cover the meals and drinks and a nice tip of which he notices the elves eyes linger just a bit too long. He smiles at Grinling. "Ah the wagon, no a lady and her lad were so kind as to try and rob me and she has her soul to redeem and he ran off into the woods, leaving me a wagon and horse to come into town with. It is much better than walking."

Assumptions: He could be a ally or enemy. My lord will guide me. I think he has had a rough life, but could be good asset. Elves are great bowman.

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Posting for interest. I'll have an app up this week.
"Things are always impossible until they're not." - Capt. Jean-Luc Picard
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right-aligned image
Name: Grinling Durandal
Class: Skirmisher. Light weapons and armour plus longbow.Fighter
Species: Wood Elf
Background: Criminal
Personality trait: Wild and slow to trust.
Ideal: Success is the best revenge. I’ll beat those that kicked me down by becoming a great thief and warrior.
Bond: My mentor at the Thieves’ Guild invested a lot of time, effort and money in my training. A debt I must repay.
Flaw: In times of stress I may lose myself to a wild, instinctual side.

Appearance: Tall and heavy for an elf. Long black hair in plaits and braids. Wrinkled and wiry from a long hard life. Wears the worn leathers of a sword-for-hire.

Personality: Grinling is a survivor; tough, unrelenting and cunning. He’s been betrayed three too many times but is learning to choose his friends and allies better. A bit of a chameleon, the warrior mimics traits and mannerisms to help fit into unfamiliar situations. When at ease he’s a friendly companion, if a little intimidating and chaotic. When danger beckons he becomes quiet, watchful and wary.

Backstory: By human standards Grinling has lived many lives. Be was born in the eastern High Forest where Turlang held court. He was a wayward child even by Tel-quessir standards and loved to travel and see new horizons. His mother Sey-nling had a foreboding that he’d not long remain with his kin.

After a variety of adventures with his elvish scout company; where he learned to use the broadhead arrows the elves used for war, a stint as a mercenary in the Delimbiyr Vale and an oft lonely road he made his way to Waterdeep. He’d always had a yearning to see the fabled cities of the Sword Coast.

The naive elf from the wilds was swallowed up by Waterdeep. Having arrived with not a coin to his name he quickly learned that money was key to success. Sleeping rough, he wandered the alleys of the dock and southern wards. He was beaten by local thugs who to their displeasure found naught on him bar his bow. This they took leaving him a beggar on the streets.

After a period of poverty and misery an unlikely ally took pity on him. One of the aspiring thieves of the guild known as the Black Viper, brought him under her protection and trained him in the ways of the street. She saw in Grinling a talented protege, hitman and possible protector.

Your characters first impressions about the other characters that have applied who could potentially be in your party.Assumptions: WIP

RP sample:
At the Yawning Portal
"Yes I’ve fought… with a company of elves… scouting." It was noisy in the portal but he was glad to have met Thorin. All the city was a story of adventuring parties and their exploits. 'If only Grinling might have a share of that success! Perhaps the two of them might join up?' The dwarf asked questions about his past as a warrior and the elf could see the doubt and disdain written large on his ruddy face.

"And with the Silent Rain. You’ve heard of them?" The elf was proud of his time with the renowned mercenary company. "We put down the Serpentfolk when they attacked Loudwater! Well.. we helped…" Again he tried to see what would make the dwarf believe he was capable. "I’ve fought Orcs, goblins… even put an arrow in one of those snake fiends. You’ll see." he said laying a loving hand across his longbow.

With the observation of his scout training he ventured, "You came into town on a wagon? Are you a merchant as well as a warrior?"
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Hey peoples, loving the apps so far. Just for some more info:

I'm planning on customising this game to accommodate players and to make things a bit more interesting. This means that we can explore character backstories and it won't be so linear/railroaded.

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Oooh, very interested! Is multi-classing allowed?
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As long as done well I’m okay with multi class characters
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Breaking Glass, Kenku Fighter
right-aligned image
Name: Breaking Glass
Class: Fighter
Species: Kenku
Background: Outlander
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality Traits:
- I have a lesson for every situation, drawn from observing nature.
- I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money and manners won't save you from a hungry owlbear.
Ideal: Freedom. Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them.
Bond: A proud noble once gave me a horrible beating, and I will take my revenge on any bully I encounter.
Flaw: An innocent person is in prison for a crime i committed. I'm okay with that.




Assumptions: Kenkus have a hard time communicating and BG is even worse at it, but both Grinling and Thorin are obviously stout, hardy people, which BG would respect on-sight because he was the head warrior in his little kenku tribe. He might not immediately strike them up for chitchat, but they would be noteworthy to him.

RP Sample (from different character):

I have taken the Oath of Sangus.
Pravus|Qaston Kalkos|Breaking Glass|

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The Twins, Dvati Bardlocks

Basic InfoFull Name: Bowen & Corran uth Hylas
Age: 18 (b. 25 Alturiak)
Race: Dvati
Class: Warlock (Patron: The Hexblade)
Background: Outlander
Personality Trait 1: If someone is in trouble, we're always ready to lend help.
Personality Trait 2: We face problems head on. A simple direct solution is the best path to success.
Ideal: Respect. People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
Bond: As long as we're together, we can overcome any adversity.
Flaw: We like to explore, and our curiosity will sometimes get us into trouble.
Because One Swordmage Just Wasn't Enough...

left-aligned image

Height: 176 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Body type: Medium frame, lean and toned build
Eye Color: Ultramarine
Hair Color: Dark brown (Bowen) White (Corran)
Hair Style: Medium length straight shag; messy (Bowen), tidy (Corran)
Complexion: Fair with cool undertones
Distinguishing Marks: No belly button, violet ouroboros brand on right shoulder

Bowen and Corran adhere to their father's sensibilities regarding attire, which is to say that their general attire favors function over form. To begin with, both twins sport nearly identical full-sleeved gambesons constructed from heavy linens faced with leather crafted from the rugged hide of a basilisk that they hunted alongside their father. Dyed deep black for Bowen and reddish-brown for Corran, the twins' jackets stop at their knees and feature five straps with polished iron clasps as fasteners which span the length of the garment nearly. In addition to their armor, the Twins opt for durable fabric trousers along with split-toe leather boots. Their pants are usually black in color, while their boots possess the tawny hue typical of leather. Rounding out things are polished iron belts consisting of about a dozen interlocking rectangular segments around the Twins' waists and brown leather bangles featuring crystallized basilisk eyes prominently around their right wrists. Beyond this, Bowen and Corran are often found with both damascus targes bearing simple concentric ring patterns and dilapidated leather backpacks virtually bursting at their seams at their backs, as well as damascus bishou daggers sheathed at the backs of their waists. Of course, they're rarely found without their weapons of choice either: a damascus jian with a golden, pentagonal cross-guard and a hilt wrapped in undyed shark skin for Bowen, and a damascus tabarzin with a lacquered rosewood handle for Corran. Where Corran's axe hangs at his left side from one of his belt's mountings when not in use, Bowen's sword rests in its sheathe, which hangs at his back from a gray silk baldric.
PersonalityBecause the Twins have wandered the wilds of the world nearly their entire lives and only ventured into civilization occasionally, they are remarkably easygoing and simple. Where others seek wealth and power, they desire only to satisfy their basic needs. Also, they brim with a degree of hope and optimism found rarely in others and believe genuinely in the goodness of people. Unfortunately, this makes them more than a little naive, but their faith in people remains strong despite a few bad apples. Moreover, they possess a decidedly black and white view of the world which doesn't always align with reality. It also leads them to be rather impatient and brash at times when they should be more discerning. Beyond this, the Twins' aren't particularly religious. Sure, they believe that the gods exist, but they don't offer prayer to any them. No, they place their faith in tangible things like swords and people. While they try to be polite, they are quick to shut down any who would try to proselytize them. Overall, the Twins are the rare breed of genuinely kindhearted guys seeking to do good in the world. While their motives aren't entirely selfless in that they're hoping to get their father's attention and seek forgiveness, they truly embody the tenets of heroism.
BackstoryIn the wake of a single, masterful slash from his double-edged straight sword, Nyfret, the anguished scream of a tabaxi newly divorced from her hands rang clearly in Bowen's ears amid the raucous battle to liberate the trade city of Three Rivers from its corrupt rulers. No sooner had Bowen spun behind the woman primed to behead her as her disembodied hands thudded against the blood-spattered cobblestone road, than he was forced to deal with a massive claymore and its hulking orc master, both of whom threatened to cleave him in twain from behind. Ending the tabaxi's agony had to wait as he turned then took a swift step toward the left side of his new opponent. From there he switched to a two-handed grip on Nyfret before the weapon whistled upwards and clashed against the orc's claymore, which stopped dead partway through its attack arc. A split second later and everything stopped for the orc as Nyfret skewered through his brain and left eye until its foible burst out the back of his skull. Everything happened just as Bowen planned, that was until his feet slid out from under him as he attempted to free his sword from the orc's skull. Before he knew it, he was pinned beneath the orc he'd just slain and out cold from a violent collision between his noggin and the pavement.

Elsewhere, Corran left behind a trail of dismembered bodies as he battled through Three Rivers' scores of defenders alongside Salix Mills, a trusted friend who was like a brother to him and Bowen. They were on the strike team tasked with breaching Gundor Castle, the last stronghold of Three Rivers' ruling body: a triumvirate of ruthless fat cats known as The Triad. Steel clashed against steel all around Corran as he dropped more bodies and flitted across the village's bloody streets toward his target. In truth though, his primary goal was supporting Salix because Salix was just a herder who knew the essentials of martial combat. By the time they drew within striking distance of the castle, Corran knew he'd made the correct decision, for it was then that fatigue set in for Salix just as he acquired the attention of a pair of hardened elvish women. Whatever plans the women had turned to ashes in their mouths nigh immediately though as Corran's dagger screamed through the air then plunged deep into the upper left arm of one of the women. It was a survivable wound, but that didn't matter because Salix capitalized smartly on the opening created and smashed in the woman's face with a single blow from his war hammer. Meanwhile, the now faceless woman hadn't even crumpled to the ground before Corran set upon the remaining woman with the crescent-shaped blade of his battle axe, Glamrock. The woman demonstrated impressive reflexes as she raised her sword to block his attack while still processing the situation. Her effort didn't matter though as he pinned the forte of her blade between the head and haft of his axe then yanked her sword down and toward him. From there he slammed his targe down onto her hand and forearm, trapping her hand and weapon beneath it which left him free to attack again safely. This time Glamrock found purchase in the woman's neck, severing flesh and bone indiscriminately as it just about decapitated her in one fell stroke. As the woman's legs buckled and she fell to the pavement, her head, which remained attached to her torso by a flap of neck skin, lolled forward and thudded against her breastplate while blood gushed from the gaping wound between her shoulders. Before Corran could retrieve his knife however, the gates to Gundor Castle flung open unexpectedly and a torrent of pale Green energy bolts tore across the battlefield from the fingertips of a handful of dark-robed individuals. Without even thinking, he dove between Salix and an energy bolt then raised his targe, but it was for naught as the energy bolt shattered his shield then ripped through his arms and chest. As everything went dark and quiet, Corran felt that Bowen too had fallen in the battle.

"...remember...." Like disembodied spirits, the Twins floated several feet above a surreal scene of themselves playing with an assortment of toys together with several unfamiliar children in an otherwise completely white room devoid of any distinguishing features. Neither they nor the other children appeared to be older than five or six. "...children...." For reasons unknown to the Twins, they found the scene unsettling to the point they averted their eyes and pleaded for it to go away because they didn't wish to see it anymore, though not before they took notice of four human children in particular: a girl with excessive freckles and hair like roaring flames, a small boy with raven locks who wore eyeglasses, another boy with brown hair who was taller than everyone else, and finally a golden-haired girl possessed of nymph-like beauty. When the Twins looked back they found their request granted, but the new scene wasn't any less distressing. "...destroy...." Instead of floating above, they were right in the middle of the scene this time. Everything remained surreal, but the images and sounds around them were distorted even more this time, like they were underwater. From what they could tell though, they were on the upper level of a bi-level antechamber which laid in ruins all around them. There were screams and fire, so much fire, all over the place. There was also a tiny, yet morbidly obese woman with bloodshot eyes beside them who appeared to be...commanding them? Before they could think much on the situation, their father Hylas the Immortal, who was similarly tiny, burst through the door at the far side of the lower level. His distinctive glaive, Fateseal, blazed with its familiar dim gray aura and dripped with the blood of the recently slain. "...KILL!...." It was as they crashed through the guard rail and leaped down to attack their father on the grotesque woman's command that the Twins noticed finally that they shared a body, one which resembled a manticore with entirely jet black fur, except with two heads and a dozen or so tentacles which bore mouths lined with rows of razor sharp teeth. Following a quick lunge toward their father against their will, they were cut down effortlessly in a dazzling flurry of steel and everything became nothing as Fateseal's baleful aura ripped them apart atom by atom.

Bowen and Corran awoke on cots at a makeshift infirmary erected in the courtyard of Gundor Castle. They were all bandaged up but were confident that their injuries wouldn't keep them down for long. Resting comfortably in chairs at their bedsides were Salix and his mother Martha, who awoke shortly thereafter and confirmed what the Twins suspected: the rebels had succeeded! Three Rivers' was free from the Triad's oppression! Although much work remained in the village, the Twins' role in things was over. As such, once they were well enough to travel, they slipped away under the cover of darkness as and returned to the camp they once shared with their father several miles north of the village. Sadly, all they found when they returned was barren wilderness. It was obvious that their father had deserted the camp weeks earlier, which coincided with when they left following a heated argument with him over rescuing Martha from the Triad and assisting Three Rivers' rebels. Painfully, they recalled that their father had warned them that their paths would diverge from his if they disobeyed him on the matter. Like always, he had kept his word, though this was one time they wished he hadn't. Bowen and Corran could have succumbed to despair and misery easily enough after being abandoned by their father. However, they committed to their altruistic ideals and adopted the adventuring life instead, which they hoped would lead them back to their father one day as well. Thus have the Twins spent the last two years wandering from village to village lending their talents to any noble cause they came across. Now, their travels have brought them to the confluence of adventurers known as the Yawning Portal in search of information about their father. Though they'd be lying if they said that they weren't just a little curious about the fabled Undermountain too.
Notable NPC
Hylas Durandal, the Immortal Father
Martha Mills Surrogate mother
Salix Mills Surrogate older brother
Durnan Friend of their father
Stat Block
left-aligned image
Bowen & Corran uth Hylas
Dvati Traits

Ability Score Increase: The chosen ability scores are Charisma and Constitution.

Skills: The chosen skill is Stealth.

Speed: Your base walking speed for a pair of dvati is 45 feet, which is divided up among the twins each turn as you choose.

Twins: A "single" Dvati is a pair of creatures that share a single soul. They are inextricably linked and can no more exist separately than a Hume can without his heart. In spite of having two bodies, Dvati twins perform as a single character with the following differences:
Actions: Dvati twins have a single action, bonus action and reaction between them, each of which can be taken only once by one of the twins on your turn. If you take the dash, disengage, dodge, help, hide, ready, or search actions, both twins perform the action and gain its benefits.
Attack: If you take the attack action to attack with one twin, the other twin can attack as a bonus action. You don't add your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attack, unless that modifier is negative. If you're able to make multiple attacks, you can divide these attacks between the twins
Hit Points: Dvati have separate hit points, which are divided between them. At 1st level, each twin has the hit points of a Hume of the same class. At higher levels, each Dvati twin's hit point maximum increases by your constitution modifier + half the class' hit die. Your hit dice are also divided up among the Dvati twins. You choose how many of these dice each twin receives when you take a long rest.
Spellcasting: A pair of Dvati twins can only concentrate on one spell at a time; however, only one of the twins needs to concentrate on a spell to maintain it. When you cast a spell which requires concentration, you choose which twin is concentrating on it. When casting a spell, either Dvati twin can provide the spell components, and the spell can originate from the twin of your choice.
Magical Effects: If a spell or magical ability affects one Dvati twin, it affects them both, unless that spell or ability affects hit points or the twins are farther than 100 feet apart. In either case, it affects each twin separately.
Conditions: A condition, such as being poisoned or grappled, affects only one twin, even if imposed by a spell.
Death: When a Dvati twin is reduced to 0 hit points and begins to make death saving throws, its twin becomes incapacitated and able to move at only half speed. If a Dvati twin dies, the other twin quickly begins to deteriorate and perishes 24 hours later if his partner does not return to life.
Empathic Link: As long as both Dvati twins are on the same plane, each can sense the other's emotional state empathically. Each Dvati twin also knows when the other suffers damage. Additionally, though communication between the Dvati twins is not telepathic, it is highly nonverbal and intuitive. Dvati twins can communicate with each other with half the words and twice the speed of other creatures, even in combat.

Transference: If one of your Dvati twins is affected by a curse or disease, or is blinded, deafened, paralyzed or poisoned, and the other is not, you may use your action to transfer that condition to the other twin.

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and one extra language of your choice. The chosen language is Giant.

Warlock Patron: The Hexblade
Dvati Warlock 1
Passive Perception 12 Initiative +2
Languages Common, Giant, Sylvan
Background Outlander {You grew up in the wilds, far from civilization and the comforts of town and technology. You've witnessed the migration of herds larger than forests, survived weather more extreme than any city-dweller could comprehend, and enjoyed the solitude of being the only thinking creature for miles in any direction. The wilds are in your blood, whether you were a nomad, an explorer, a recluse, a hunter-gatherer, or even a marauder. Even in places where you don't know the specific features of the terrain, you know the ways of the wild.Wanderer}
Character Sheet
AssumptionsThorin - the Twins are inclined to defer to him as the leader because he seems the oldest and reminds them of their father. They expect him to be stern and authoritative as such.

Grinling - the Twins can tell that he's an experienced warrior. Though he's an ally supposedly, they can't shake the feeling that they should be putting him to the sword.

Breaking Glass - the Twins aren't really sure what to make of him. Like the other two, they can tell that he's a skilled fighter. but that's about it because they've never encountered Kenku in their travels. They do think it's a little odd to see a bird (-man) wearing metal armor because birds are supposed to fly and all.
RP SampleA handful of young men weary from a full day of work hung on Bowen's every word and gesture as he regaled them with his rendition of Three Rivers' liberation. Logically, he was the great hero who routed the Triad single-handedly, while Corran was his sidekick whom he saved repeatedly. A few tables over, Corran narrowly avoided coughing up the pottage, bread and ale he enjoyed in peaceful solitude as his brother's terribly embellished tale became increasingly absurd. By the time Corran resigned to reign in Bowen, things were well into the territory of bad comedy. "My brother spins a great tale, does he not?" Corran interjected after he slipped behind Bowen and rested his right hand on his brother's left shoulder, cutting him off amid a spirited recount of how he single-handedly slayed half-a-dozen chromatic dragons at the gates of Gundor Castle. "Did he also tell you the part where he slipped on some blood and cracked open his skull?" With Bowen paralyzed with embarrassment, shock and anger, Corran spun him around toward their table deftly then continued. "Left him with a right nasty scar, and perhaps a bit addled as well. Since, he mistakenly believes that the Triad had dragons." As Bowen's small crowd erupted into unrestrained laughter and began mocking him, Corran led him back to their table. "Come along brother."

It was while seated at the table he shared with Corran, complete with his own servings of pottage, bread and ale, that Bowen discovered words once again. "What did you do that for! I had them eating out of my hands!" Corran scowled and spoke without so much as glancing up from his meal. "You made me your unfit crony in your stupid tale. I'm not unfit, and...I'm no one's crony!" Corran's words resonated with Bowen, who fell silent with his shoulders slumped as he reflected on the situation. "I suppose I did do that, didn't I?" Corran replied with a gruff, single word affirmation before Bowen continued. "Sorry. I guess I got a bit carried away. I didn't mean to insult your skills. We both know that I wouldn't be here without them, right?" It was about this time that the Harper known as Zelraun Roaringhorn arrived and interrupted their supper with his solicitation for their aid in putting down a pack of werewolves.

"Werewolves you say?" replied the Twins in unison after they exchanged introductions and commended Zelraun's impersonation of the barkeep with a thumbs up each. With their attention focused on Zelraun, the next words spoken were from Bowen alone. "Now that I think of it, I have heard something about a problem with the fiends around these parts." As Bowen spoke, Corran sized up the stranger in search of any signs that he was more, or less than he appeared. "You know, I've always wanted a werewolf fur pelt." Bowen cracked his knuckles then continued. "What do you say?" Without interrupting his assessment of the Zelraun, Corran reminded Bowen that werewolves changed back into their human forms on death then chimed in with his thoughts on the stranger's request. "A pack of werewolves is no small task, but we shall lend our blades to this cause posthaste." Although the scroll and coin purse were offered to Bowen, Corran intercepted artfully and scooped them up which prompted Bowen to question his brother's actions aloud. "Because the last time I let you hold our money, you spent it all on some elvish temptress. But I was drunk! Beside the point. No, that's exa-...fine...."

After a pit stop at Daggerford's constabulary to retrieve their weapons, the Twins were off in search of the werewolves and missing children. With their tracking skills, and the apparent struggling of the children, they located a promising set of tracks in the fields East of the hamlet without too much difficulty despite the veil of nightfall. With simple gestures, they communicated to each other their shared desire to press onward without torches for the time. While it wasn't optimal, they had the benefit of Daggerford's braziers and other sources of light to illuminate their path for a bit longer still. Beyond this, they took care to remain upwind as they ventured forth. The werewolves had enough advantages over them at night. It simply wouldn't do to add another.
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Interested, just trying to come up with something. Thinking a wizard of some sort.

right-aligned image

Name: Decanter Gallum aka "Bottle"

Class: Wizard

Species: Human

Background: Waterdhavian Noble (Wands Family)

Personality trait:
1- Despite my noble birth, I do not place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood. We all deserve to be happy.
2- My favor, once lost, is lost forever. I refuse to be used again.

Ideal: Independence. I must prove that I can handle myself without the coddling of my family. This is my story and my life.

Bond: Nothing is more important than the other members of my family. My siblings, parents, and close relations... I would cross worlds for them.

Flaw: By my words and actions, I often bring shame to my family. It's hard to say no to someone in need, even if it means that I have to cause problems for them.

Appearance: Nice clothes, well groomed, and clear complexion. All are signs of the upper crust, the elite, and they're all things that Decanter possesses. Bottle may not move in those circles as much, but he has kept up appearances. He definitely looks like one of the Wands, brown hair, brown eyes, and the physique of a rail. The Gallum side does assert itself in his height. His six foot stature ensures that he always stands out.

Personality: Good natured and approachable, it's not hard to become Decanter's friend. He gets involved in the lives of those around him and honestly tries to help when asked. "Everyone deserves to be happy." It's more than just a sentiment, rather it's a charge he takes to heart. An apt mindset for a budding revolutionary. Betray that trust though... There is a sullen rage that he buries deep down. He reserves it for the ones that ruin the lives of others, just as his life was nearly ruined.

Backstory: Decanter Gallum's story should've been one of nothing but success. A scion of wealth and learning, he was meant for great things. Brilliant as any of his ilk, he found an easy place among the Watchful Order of Magisters and Protectors as a spell guard. As the one who often looked after his younger siblings the work suited him. He felt like he was doing good by the the guild and the city. This all changed as he was appointed the guardian of a gnome named Kerta Belldain.

A noted activist, Belldain was often critical of the Masked Lords and the perceived lack of accountability for their actions. She'd held rallies, spoke to those who would listen, and listened in turn to stories of terrifying abuses of power. When the threats and attacks began she hoped to hire a more senior member of the Watchful Order. What she got was Gallum, untested and barely an apprentice. He, like many others, was skeptical of her claims. But over time he began to see as she did. He saw the shattered lives and the lost hope. He saw Kerta die in an attack he could never hope to stop...

He spoke out. He had to speak out. His superiors told him to forget it, to move on. When he pressed the issue he found himself cast out of his position and his home. For a noble like him it was like staring straight into the Abyss. The folk he'd met at the rallies remembered him though. They took him in when no one else would and in turn he took odd jobs for them. He took the name "Bottle," an old childhood nickname and began to investigate Kerta's assassination on his own. Belldain might have died, but her mission lived on in him now.

Assumptions: Your characters first impressions about the other characters that have applied who could potentially be in your party.

RP sample:
Gods the eggs were good...

The last delightful morsel entered Decanter's mouth and was gone. The air smelled of dead fish and stale men. His chair was hard and coarse. The ale... it was just bad. But the food, here at the Wishing Crab, the food could nurture charity from a scrooge.

A little known fact was that the fresh salts and spices that came in the Dock Ward sometimes never left on arrival. He would've ordered another plate if his quarry wasn't leaving with a large crate in tow. Some other things that arrived in Dock Ward didn't leave either. Nothing he'd want to season a dish with, that was for certain. Weeks of detective work and planning were about to pay off if he could separate man from crate and get a look inside. With his tip on the table and his familiar in pocket, Bottle followed his mark out into the bright city.

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There’s always room for a wizard in the party
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