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Old May 26th, 2013, 09:06 AM
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Merida collects her box, making her way through the portal as quickly as possible, her haste equal parts a desire to appear obedient, your master seeing you jump at their commands is far more important than actually doing so, and a burning curiosity, renewed at the Empress' words
Old May 26th, 2013, 10:03 AM
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Aramil walks towards the portal but stops just before entering and asks Dain: "Who are you? Should we know you?"

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OOC: Sorry about the epic pause guys. End of school shazz and whatnot had me preoccupied.

Aramil"Who are you? Should we know you?"

I'm merely one man in service to one of the greatest of the Living gods. Call me Hammer Dain... now be off with you.

With some rough pushing, You are all ushered into the darkened portal by Dain's hulking frame. He follows after the last man.

{The Hidden Sky Port of Evarensil}

Looking up and around you, an unfamiliar location surrounds. Dozens of mighty flapships of increasingly ornate make soar high into the heavens. The smoke from the gold forges of the Sky Port rise high, and below in the jungles surrounding you see what looks like thousands of people working diligently at... something.

As you take your first steps out of the portal, you are stopped by soldiers armored as Dain is... rose gold weapons and armors. Then Great Hammer Dain himself emerges, and all hands went high for a salute. The great formation of soldiers steps aside for the arrival of the recruits, and they all shout:


Along the great winding and elevated path many soldiers step aside to allow you to continue. As Dain passes by, one of the soldiers make a snide remark. Dain Pauses... looks to his left, and tosses the man off of the elevated bridge, into the jungle floor hundreds of feet down below.

Anyone else have something to say?
The soldiers remain silent.

After walking through winding streets full of soldiers and beaten down slaves, you come to a large building that reaches to the sky.

The Grand Sky port of the Evare.

The last thing you remember are the Empress' eyes....

OOC:Sorry for the epic delay... I'll be pulling a double whammy. The second thread will be up in no more than 3 hours.

DM for the Civilized Savagery Campaign! In Jurok the Drums beat for War!
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