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Old Feb 14th, 2021, 03:13 PM
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Savage Worlds: Reign of the Kaiju

Game NameSavage Worlds: Reign of the Kaiju
Game SystemOther Roleplaying Games
ThemeGiant monsters battling for supremacy
FlavourTokusatsu monster movie
Plot SummaryOH ****! Giant alien monsters have invaded the Earth! The world's militaries are no match for them, and the giant robots of the UN Mecha Assault Force can't defeat the extraterrestrials alone. But little do the invaders know that Earth already has its own gargantuan protectors! Some dwell deep in the sea. Others slumber inside volcanoes. And some live on forgotten jungle islands being worshipped as gods. With the fate of the world at stake, Earth's kaiju champions heed the threat and gather to defend their territory (and their pet humans) from the alien menace. Atomic-powered reptiles, giant apes, oversized insects, and other titanic monstrosities ready themselves to battle other kaiju from space!!!

In the grand tradition of Godzilla, King Kong, Rampage, Pacific Rim, and similar tokusatsu franchises, players will take on the role of giant monsters called "kaiju" or "daikaiju". There was a time when you leveled cities, stomped on armies, swatted planes out of the sky, and sent people running and screaming by the millions. You were a true scourge of humanity, but now you're the world's greatest hope! Are you an ancient evolutionary superspecies leftover from prehistory? Were you created during a freak nuclear accident? Did scientists artificially engineer you in a laboratory? Who knows?! Does it really matter?!! You're a giant monster!

THE GAMESystem: Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE)

Number of Players: 4 to 6.

Posting Rate: 1 or 2 times per week.

Commitment: For as long as people are interested.

Required Materials: Players will need access to the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Rulebook.


Kaiju can sometimes operate in packs called sentai (the Japanese word for “squadron“, “group”, or “military unit”). I’m assuming your characters have formed a sentai of kaiju, and so they all know each other. That’s probably the easiest thing to do.

The setting is a place called “Monster Island” where a large number of the world’s kaiju make their home. The island is just a plot device to explain why all of your characters might be together. But if some players want their kaiju living outside of the island, that’s fine, too.

For ease of play, my assumption was that your characters are already familiar with each other and have operated as a sentai (pack) before. It’s partly how your characters have survived on Monster Island. But being a sentai doesn’t mean that you all necessarily like each other. It’s more that you’ve been forced by circumstances to work together on occasion. Your kaiju probably treat it as an arrangement of convenience. You cooperate with one another for the sake of mutual protection against more powerful kaiju that might prey on your characters separately. Other sentai exist on Monster Island, and they act like roving prison gangs of giant monsters that target the weaker residents of the Sanctuary. So as a survival strategy, it makes sense to form alliances and have backup.

The members of your sentai likely function as on-again off-again allies much in the same way as Godzilla and Mothra in the movies. You might genuinely like one another, or just tolerate each other in a sort of symbiotic relationship.

Roleplaying Considerations

Verbal communication isn't a thing with most kaiju. They generally can't talk to each other, much less to humans. However, for convenience, and because this is a game, I'm assuming that your characters can convey simple concepts to each other by using body language, vocalizations, and scents. By basic, I mean things like "attack," "retreat," "food," "enemy," "play dead," "mine," "angry," etc.

Complex ideas, on the other hand, won't really be possible for most kaiju to express. That's the tricky thing about this game. But I'm going to try to run it in a way that your characters can communicate enough info while keeping it simple.

In that way, this game is going to be a little experimental. Your characters will have to communicate through actions more than words. Or at least that's how I'm picturing it. Obviously though, if you'd rather simply be able to speak, there is a racial ability called Fully Sapient that lets you do so. However, a group of talking kaiju definitely changes the feel of the game.

Creation of kaiju characters adheres to the rules laid out in Savage Worlds with adjustments to account for their unique traits. The customized process follows:


To make your own giant monster, first consider its origin and appearance. Here are a few common origins derived from kaiju movie tropes, but feel free to come up with some additional ones. Perhaps your kaiju fell to the Earth in a meteor, or arrived at our world through a dimensional breach.

Bioweapon: Genetically engineered by lost civilizations (such as Atlantis or Lemuria), aliens, and even modern governments, bioweapons exhibit abilities extraordinary by even kaiju standards. Their bizarre features might include cybernetic augments such as buzz saws, jet thrusters, laser beams, and massive blades for hands or snouts. Most constructs fall into this category.

Mesozoic Superspecies: Frozen in ice or lying dormant at the bottom of the sea for millions of years, Mesozoic Superspecies awake to a world they don't know. Their rampages are motivated by animalistic needs such as hunting or protecting their offspring. Superspecies kaiju usually resemble gargantuan natural animals such as dinosaurs and insects.

Walking Natural Disaster: Whether birthed by atomic testing or industrial pollution, Walking Natural Disasters exist as Nature’s reminder of the folly of mankind. Driven by rage, such kaiju range in appearance from mutated dinosaurs to horrid grotesqueries.

Living God: Living Gods may be in all other respects Bioweapons, Superspecies, or Walking Natural Disasters, but they usually exhibit a level of intelligence — even empathy — rarely seen in other kaiju. Such creatures often grow into leaders of other kaiju and go-betweens between humanity and monsters.


What instinct drives the kaiju's actions? Here are some possibilities, but feel free to develop some new ones.

Destruction: Territoriality or wrath drives the kaiju toward a rampage. A hunger for destruction often motivates Bioweapons and Walking Natural Disasters; their packmates might try to contain their brethren or defend them as they run amok.

Hunger: Some kaiju are carnivores or herbivores, while others subsist on radiation, fire, or more bizarre diets. Even the simplest of kaiju-sized hungers might bring the monsters into conflict with farmers, fishermen, or ranchers. Exotic needs might impel kaiju to attack nuclear power plants or fuel refineries.

Nesting: Mesozoic Superspecies fall into torpor for years at a time. Finding a good nesting site protects them from rival kaiju while they sleep away the ages. Unfortunately, humanity has spread far and wide, so even inhospitable volcanoes and deserts host human settlements opposed to kaiju neighbors. Such a scenario resembles a classic monster movie in reverse, as the locals try to drive out a protagonist just looking to find a place to sleep or rear its young.

Protection: Living Gods are the most likely to be driven to protect something, though Bioweapons may retain enough of their programming to have complex relationships with a site or citizenry. Other kaiju may simply feel territorial and attack invasive threats. Kaiju with the Dependent Hindrance often find their wards stumbling into trouble.

Common Racial Abilities

All kaiju automatically start with the list of common abilities detailed here:

Armor +30: All kaiju have scaly skin, viscous bodies, or dense flesh that acts as armor.

Cannot Speak: Kaiju communicate through body language, infrasound, pheromones, roars, and trills, but cannot speak human languages (unless they have the Fully Sapient ability, below).

Size 16 (Gargantuan): Racial abilities and Edges may not reduce the kaiju's Size below 12 or above 20. They have Heavy Armor, can take three additional Wounds, and their attacks (including powers) count as Heavy Weapons. Kaiju may perform Stomp attacks.

Increased Damage: The creature's limbs cause Str+2d12, AP 24 damage. Claws and teeth actually pierce armor while blunt limbs or flailing tails negate it with overwhelming force, but both negate Armor in game terms.

Additional Racial Abilities

Kaiju get an additional 15 points worth of Racial Abilities chosen by the player. These abilities may be selected from those listed starting on p. 18 of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, or from the new additions listed below. Note that a few abilities are different or have different point values for kaiju. Where they differ, use the ones in this thread in place of the ones in the Adventure Edition.

Racial Abilities such as Big, Power, and Super Power are prohibited.


Select up to four points of Hindrances (Major Hindrances are worth 2, Minor are worth 1). Keep in mind that a majority of Hindrances may be considered inappropriate. No kaiju is typically going to have to worry about Poverty or being Illiterate, for example.

In addition to the Hindrances listed in the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, some new Hindrances are featured further below.

For 2 points worth of Hindrances you can:
• Raise an attribute one die type, or
• Choose an Edge

For 1 point worth of Hindrances you can:
• Gain another skill point

Note that Hindrances don't have to adhere exactly to what's written in the description and can be narratively re-interpreted to better reflect a kaiju character. For instance, a monster with the Slow Hindrance doesn't literally need to have a disability or past injury; it could simply be slow because it's a gigantic, ponderous beast with a sluggish metabolism.


Kaiju start with d12+16 Strength with a maximum of d12+20. They also start with d10 Vigor with a maximum of d12+3. All other attributes start at d4. You have 5 points to distribute among them. Each step costs 1 point. Attributes other than Strength and Vigor may not be raised beyond d12 without the Attribute Increase Racial Ability (see Savage Worlds Adventure Edition).

Though most are incapable of speech, kaiju possess more than simple animal cognition. While they are often driven by powerful instincts, some kaiju also display surprising degrees of intelligence. They can forge emotional bonds with other species, problem solve, and strategize on a level not far below people. Kaiju intelligence is therefore NOT considered "animal intelligence" by Savage Worlds rules, but neither is it completely human.


Though semi-sapient, kaiju still possess skills more in keeping with animals than humans. Kaiju core skills are Athletics, Intimidation, Notice, Stealth, and Taunt. They start with a d4 in each.

You have 12 points to put into these or any other skills. Each die type costs 1 point (starting at d4) as long as the skill is equal to or less than the attribute it’s linked to (see the skill list in Savage Worlds). If you exceed the linked attribute, the cost becomes 2 points per die type.

Skill Maximums: Skills may not be increased above d12 during character creation unless the monster starts with a skill increase. Each die type granted there increases the skill maximum by 1 as well.

Derived Stats

Kaiju Scale: Due to their massive size, kaiju use a different scale for determining distance. For most Savage Worlds characters, 1" (1 inch) equals 2 yards. For kaiju, however, 1" equals 20 yards. Ranges for kaiju movement, powers, and templates are made at this larger kaiju scale, abbreviated "KS" in the text.

Basically, if you see an inch value with a "KS" next to it, multiply that value by 20 to get the distance in real world yards/meters.

Pace: Standard Pace for a kaiju is 6" KS (120 yards), but this may be changed by Racial Abilities, Edges, and/or Hindrances.

Parry: 2 plus half of Fighting.

Toughness: 2 plus half of Vigor, plus Size bonus and Armor.


Kaiju may not take Arcane Backgrounds, Power Edges, or Professional Edges. They may select from Edges in the Adventure Edition, so long as they make sense in the campaign. New Edges are also featured further below. A majority of Edges are not appropriate for kaiju characters, especially among weapon-based Combat Edges, Social Edges, and Background Edges (no charismatc, filthy rich kaiju who double-tap their enemies with giant pistols... sorry). The Game Master may veto any Edge that he feels is inappropriate for a kaiju.


Kaiju don't have gear and do not gain starting funds. If a giant monster wants something, it takes it!

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Do you have any pregenerated kaiju for potential players that might want to jump into the game but are unfamiliar with the build process?
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Old Feb 21st, 2021, 09:56 PM
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I have this product, but I've never even played a Savage World game.

I'm going to need some time to read up on it, but I am interested.
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