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Old Jan 12th, 2009, 03:42 AM
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Brother Damian merely nods and looks about for somewhere to site down and rest his eyes for a few moments. If they really had been gone how long the wizard said they had it was no wonder he felt so tired. Two days of running around in a madman's dream would tire away out. "Wake me when your ready to go" he mumbled as he crashed anything that would let him lie down.
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Old Jan 16th, 2009, 02:08 AM
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The day draws to a close with dwarven wizard detailing the location of one of the last remaining deposits of Astral Core in the region to you and arranging for a trade caravan traveling to the coastal city of Pretrost. Within a matter of days, the lot of you, minus Nariel who was determined to find the cause of these strange happenings as well, begin traveling to a coastal fishing village of Shartal near the Agmar Cliffs. Here it is rumored the Astral Core shall be found.

OOC Alright this was hardly my most eloquent transition and for that I apologize. I will attempt to have Chapter 2 up by Sunday. Good news is your kind and generous DM is now going to dole out gobs of experience points for successful chapter completion. Everyone just set their XP total to 3,300 since this makes you all level 3 and speeds up the newer players with the older ones. Please take the weekend to update character sheets. Also if in the OOC thread you would like to leave a wish list of ECL 3 items then I shall try my hardest to accommodate everyone with a gear package to compensate for lack of loot. Everyone's wishlist can include items totaling no more than 3,000 gp (standard ECL 3).
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