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Old Dec 8th, 2010, 03:15 AM
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Just as the last of the Guard were hurried into position, there was a shriek of hundreds of voices, a deafening and frightful sound like a tree branch scratching at a window sped up and repeated a hundred times nearly in unison. Torch and Moonlight only afforded to see a mass of moving shadow until the creatures were almost upon the town, after seeing the pawns of Hell, who stood eye to waist with the Human Guard holding twisted unbalanced weapons designed to maximize pain rather than effective slaying, darkened eyes and jagged toothed mouths in full fury. There was no visible leader of the mass of creatures, but it was obvious someone or something was manipulating them, keeping them organized, or at least focused, on their target.

There was a sudden clash of weapon, loud metallic clanks and horrid screams of fury and agony as the advancing army hit the wall of guards. Immediately lives were claimed on both sides, if it could be said that such monsters had lives to loose.

OOGMThere are two fronts (to keep things moderately simple). There is the front lines and there are guards protecting the flank. I'll let you in on the front lines at the start of round 1 if you wish, or you can observe from a distance, or join the flank. Kith, your Detect magic picks up a second group of Dæmons headed around to the flank, but aren't quite there yet (give it a couple rounds). If left alone the Guard may be able to defer the minions (with heavy losses), but as soon as the big guy(s) shows up, it's bad news for everyone.
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Old Dec 15th, 2010, 01:17 PM
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OOCI'll be at the front lines AC 20, my percept was 29 and init was 14
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Old Dec 15th, 2010, 06:02 PM
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OOCI will also be at the front lines, with a speed of 50’, AC 24, Perception to locate anyone that might be directing the horde (32) and Init (12)
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