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Old Sep 18th, 2023, 08:14 AM
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August was a month full of sun, outside in the Netherlands and here, at the Crossing. Thanks to a splendid post written by mountainbound we have a clear, bright, and sunny winner!!!! Congrats on winning the Post of the Month August 2023!!! To quote one of the judges this post was filled with good images, strong words, and good size/length. A good, solid game-type post that pulls from everyone, and adds to everything, getting the story moving. Very descriptive of the scene.

left-aligned image
Wow, you must all be curious so let's not delay passing the link to this winning post ---> link
Please read, enjoy, learn, and admire... Also; feel free to sounds like a YouTuber typing this ;-) click those scales in the right upper corner to spread some RPG love and appreciation. It is not obligated, but very much appreciated <3

There were more post nominated, and they all deserve a mention over here. Spreading RPG-XP is welcome so start reading and enjoying the contesters of the PotM August:
  • Hellela made a strong post, very solid and read-worthy. Please check out why this was nominated over here
  • Another post nominated was written by Dylan Scott. Enjoy reading over here
  • This post was/is nominated because 97mg excelled in portraiting their character. Exceptional writing is even mentioned, so you really should read this --> post
  • Briar managed to quote: briar puts so much work into her setting, which pays off in the richly detailed scene-setting. You owe it to yourself to look at that post just to see how much briar accomplishes in the way of visual presentation despite the limitations of BBcode. That is very clear why we should start reading this so click that link and read: post
  • Humble Athena was very convincing with their nomination: Once again, Dani juggles a party split four ways, multiple NPCs and situations, and thoroughly satisfying writing, into one cohesive whole. I have nothing more to add so feel free to see and read this praised post: link
  • Last, but definitely NOT the least, Mitsubachi's post was nominated BUT please know that is was a duo-post and credits should also go to Arkanis! You can read the post over here: link. Yes, RPXP is welcome but if you want to grant Arkanis some recognition for their part, you can show your appreciation by clicking the scales in another post written by Arkanis, here for example ;-)

Thank you for your time, dedicated nominations, RPXP given, and keep those nominations coming. The new September thread is online and nominating makes you a cool person <3
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