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Old Jan 15th, 2021, 07:51 AM
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The prospect of open-ended adventure is a strong incentive!

Are there any specific restrictions - like no Aarakocra, Drow or Kenku, no grey area specialization like Necromancy, no Evil alignments etc? I have several concepts that might infringe the above mentioned niches (not the alignment, not a fan of playing Evil in a non-evil campaign, but worth asking).

I will add an application before the deadline!

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Old Jan 15th, 2021, 04:48 PM
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Yeah, I got a whole lotta characters y'all.
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Old Jan 15th, 2021, 08:49 PM
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right-aligned image

Character Name: Derec Padorim

Race and Class: Dragonborn (Red) Paladin (Crown)

Short Physical Description: There are tall persons, there are imposing persons and then there is Derec. Eyes were drawn on him whether he liked it or not, and he long ago learned to turn this into an asset. Armor polished to an eye watering gleam, a stare to melt granite blocks and a wicked smile topped off what some ladies furtively referred to as a hunk, much to the annoyance of other male counterparts.

Character Pitch: Boisterous in social events and unwavering during stand-offs, Derec is everything his masters hoped an aspirant Paladin would become. He took the law by the scruff of its neck and made damn sure it obeyed itself, whether it liked it or not! There was no way in all the hells to derail Derec once he set his mind to something - and even stubbornness packed up its things and scurried away when he entered the room. The history books would eventually note that the last thing Derec ever did was protecting his friends with malicious disregard for his own safety.

Role Play:

Dead Man's Hand
The burly looking goliath across Derec slammed his hand on the table with a deep growl.

"You... you cheated!"

Derec continued to meticulously and calmly gather the coins from the centre of the table, without even looking up.

"My friend, I will allow you the benefit of a doubt and overlook that remark", he eventually said in a voice so quiet it made everyone's hairs stand on attention.

The inebriated Goliath, however, was not going to have any of this. He abruptly stood up, sending his chair toppling backwards and almost whiplashing a passing-by gnome.

At that instant, seemingly out of nowhere, a shield was slammed on the table, sending the coins flying in all directions. The usual calm and comforting eyes of Derec were suddenly boring holes into the back of the goliath's skull.

"You do NOT want to do this", the dragonborn growled. "The door is that away. I suggest you make it your purpose to go through it with all your limbs still attached". It did not sound like any threat the goliath ever heard before, but something in his brain urgently tugged at his self-preservation centers.

The goliath eventually straightened up, shot one last poisonous glare to Derec, and exited the tavern. An inaudible sight of relief (and maybe dismay at a lost entertainment opportunity?) filled the room.

Putting his shield away, Derec raised his mug and shouted:
"This round on me!"

Once the crowd settled down, he took his mug and stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. He was beginning to enjoy Palma Flora, despite the humid atmosphere and torpid nights. His master Saka-sun was right to send him here. There were plenty of opportunities to make a name for himself before going back to his cloister and reclaim a rank advancement. The notice board seemed to buckle under the weight of all the messages calling for aid for various tasks.

Yes, he mused. This will do. He smiled into the sunset.

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Old Jan 16th, 2021, 08:13 PM
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28 hours to go...good luck everyone!
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Old Jan 17th, 2021, 10:55 AM
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Name: Barnacle

Race: Locathah


Class: Fighter

Background: Knight of the Order

Physical Description: Standing at 6'4" Barnacle is tall for a locathah, and he likes to make his presence known. He is often seen with only his ceremonial war helmet, accented with live seaweed and coral and other sea life, from his home village and his tribes ancestral weapons, the trident and shield.

Character Pitch: At a young age Barnacle learned about the enslavement and mistreatment of his people. From that knowledge he developed a hatred of tyranny and the oppression of the poor and unprotected villages along the Menagerie Coast, both aquatic and terrestrial. This need for justice is shared by many of Barnacle's fellow Locathah and an order of knights was created to roam the coast protecting those in need. They travel the coast fighting bandits, defending villages from orc raiders, and bringing criminals to justice even where the local constables are unable (or unwilling) to do so themselves.

Roleplay: In the dark depths of the ocean sound carries quite a farther distance than on land, and one with sharper ears than most might be able to catch hushed whispers even a few hundred yards off. And that is how Barnacle first heard the Sahuagin nearing his location. While they mostly spoke their own language, they do use some adopted words from aquan or common, much like how common has adopted words from elven or dwarvish.

I really should learn their language, Barnacle thought to himself, I deal with them often enough. Barnacle has picked up some few words, enough to know if he might be in danger, but not really enough to have any sort of conversation.

Though they are still a few hundred feet away Barnacle hides himself. While not usually openly hostile to Locathah, especially at open sea with no provocation, the Sahuagin are known to be very territorial, and Barnacle does not know if he had entered into their land. As he waited for them to pass he was able to pick up some of what they were saying.

"... our land ... sharks ... filthy humans ... kill ... Palma Flora ... slaughter ... every last ... "

Barnacle waited for 10 minutes after he no longer heard their voices before he left his hiding spot. Pondering what little he heard he decided to find where this Palma Flora is and see if he could get more information. While he did not get much context from what he was able to listen in, he does know that Sahuagin do not practice much diplomacy, especially around territorial disputes. This being his first time at this stretch of the Menagerie Coast he started out for shore to find a village or town that could point him in the right direction.

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Old Jan 17th, 2021, 06:48 PM
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Patience Application

Character Name: Patience Boulanger

Description: At five foot six, the gentle-featured, lilac skinned, twenty year old tiefling, has an ease about her that should make her an unimposing figure. Her solid black eyes, long midnight black hair, deep purple ram-like horns that curve to bronze-tipped points, and a pointed tail (that sometimes pokes out from under her robes), can offset some folk who are not familiar with her kind. A wood-carved circular symbol of the Wildmother is fastened to a leaf-green sash tied about her waist, along with another strap that holds a rectangular pouch. Light-weight robes in shades of honey-gold and tropical-ocean blue are worn beneath a long shirt of dull silver and bronze-colored scalemail. A crossbow is slung over a shoulder, and an unadorned metal shield rests on her back. When she is walking about there is always a polished, carved wood staff in hand.

Character Pitch: Born and raised in Nicodranas, a young Patience accidentally stowed away on an unfastened abandoned old dinghy during a game of hide n’ seek with her older brother. The boat floated out just past Mother’s Lighthouse, taking on water as it was far from being a seaworthy vessel. Patience, not really knowing how to swim, attempted to do just that - not that she had much of a choice in the matter. Nearly drowned, she woke up on the rocks at the Wildmother’s feet with help on the way. Her father, a red as fire tiefling who enchanted party favors and crafted long-lasting illusions for the well-to-do, and her mother, a tiefling midwife whose skin was the color of a clear blue sky, took to heart the Wildmother’s mercy and tried to guide their daughter in Her ways. In later years, Patience humbly told the story of how the water rose and carried her to safety; how her fear of the ocean’s depths and of the unknown wilds beyond the city not only vanished, but gave her a sense of being in this newly granted life.
The young tiefling sought out others who followed the Wildmother, and she learned about the cycle of life and death, and about the corruption that wanted to twist and destroy all beings and places that currently thrived under the Wildmother’s care.
For the past two years Patience has been living in Palma Flora, away from the mainland cities, as a dedicated cleric of the Wild Mother, following the path of Life. Between shark hunting (Her disagreement of which has been noted by the elder.), tourists, and those who live a seafarer’s life, she has found herself busy in the role of a healer, making coin to pay the rent. In her day to day life she has also blessed fishermen before they speared dinner for their family, mended too many cracked mishandled barrels of ale, fruit, and pickled fish, and helped heal numerous cuts, bites, slashes, and bruises. Most things she takes in stride with a good helping of amusement and humor.

A Day In the Life:
The two men tumbled forcefully out of the old tavern without any help from the hired muscle, a stout red-headed human wrapped in studded leather, who quickly opened the worn door to the warm sea air. Both men, caught in a grapple, landed heavily on the planks of the dock and rolled until separated. The younger of the two, at least by ten years, the leaner stringbean of a sailor quickly scrambled to his feet, poised to fight.
“Orin!” Yelled a clean shaven elder man who spilled out of the tavern along with a three person crowd. “Let’m be. Come get your coin n’ clean up your mess. Mika’s gonna water down your ale from now on, ain’tcha lass?” A sleek elf in bright red and frilly white nods sharply and comments. “That I am. And I’m going t’take my tip now as I collect your things.” And with that, she turns on her heel, waves an onlooker out of her way and enters her tavern.
Orin glowers at his adversary, a middle-aged man in fine tailored clothes; his elegant pearl white vest stained with the blood that drips from his swollen lip. Orin sighs deeply at the pair’s words before his brain flickers back to his immediate situation. “I dinna cheat! I’m just lucky. And you’re stupid to not have listened to ol’ Warrell to not throw in that ruby.” Orin shouts at the merchant who obviously went to the wrong side of the docks to play with the locals. “Cheeeeaaater..” the man hisses as he stumbles to an upright position. A lilac colored hand gently lands on Orin’s shoulder from behind. “I think he broke your nose. Or the ground did.” Patience whispers to the young man with familiarity. Her black eyes peek over his narrow shoulder to eye the pitiful merchant who is trying to remain dignified while being quite intoxicated and currently numb to his bruises. The tiefling cleric shakes her head at the sight. “Meet me inside and I’ll take care of that. Again. I’m going to see our friend off to his ship.” And with those words, Patience steps out from behind Orin and into the warm glow of a seaside sunset. Addressing the merchant as she strides confidently towards him, she says in an even tone, “You’re from the Sea Tempest, aren’t you? I believe I saw folk gathering for supper on deck only moments ago. Perhaps some fresh bread and a walk will do you some good.” The tiefling smiles in a disarming manner, causing the merchant to fluster about and mumble his curses under his breath. “None of your business, lady. Where’s the guard? Isn’t there a ..” Patience focuses her black as pitch eyes at the befuddled gentleman, who cannot be positive she’s staring directly at him. He awkwardly shifts his weight and rolls back his shoulders, becoming surprisingly quiet in her near presence.
She combs her windswept black hair over one of her horns as she tentatively places her hand on the imbalanced merchant, trying to guide him away from the tavern. “To save you embarrassment amongst your peers and crewmates…” Patience whispers as she slowly guides him down towards the pier. “I can heal those bruises - that cut, and my-my...your cheek is turning quite the shade of purple.” The tiefling flashes a fanged smile before she whispers a few words to the Wildmother and allows the warmth of her will to brush over the merchant’s painful bruises. The silence between lasts but a few moments as the man breathes in deep, finding himself a bit more centered.
Patience watches him after taking a few steps back, giving a nod of assurance to the clean shaven First Mate of the Sundowner who has been protectively watching the pair next to the tavern’s entryway. “All’s right with you tonight, good sir. You have your life, and you are without pain. You will earn or find better gems, and more coins. This is no more than oil that’s burned away quicker than you expected. Be on your way and may the Wildmother give you fair winds on your journey.” Before the merchant can say anything more than a barely audible, “Thank you.”, Patience taps her staff to the sturdy wood of the dock as though the sudden sound banishes all ill-will and negative spirits in the area. With a stable stride she returns to the boisterous tavern where others await her to heal the heavy-headed Orin, pay her well-deserved coin, and to maybe deal her in to one last game of cards.

Thank you!
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Old Jan 18th, 2021, 06:58 AM
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Applications are closed! Thanks all for the terrific submissions, I will notify the accepted players within the next 24 hours by private message.
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