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Old Apr 12th, 2020, 07:25 AM
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Easter Bunny Hunt 2020!

Welcome to the 2020 Easter Egg Hunt!

The Easter Bunny has returned from another long year of painting eggs and chewing that fake plastic grass, to grace our pages with eggs, and clues to his or her identity.

Here's how it works: Images of painted eggs (like the one in the header of this post) have been hidden throughout the forums in locations that any member can access. Each of the eggs contain a clue to the identity of the 2020 Easter Bunny. Find the eggs, mouse over it to collect the clues, and figure out who the Bunny is this year! The Easter Bunny is a member of the site, and probably someone you have seen around the boards, somewhere in the year.

Participants should post their findings in secret text in the Easter Egg Hunt 2020 thread that has been created in the Announcement Discussion forum. The winner will be the person to correctly post the locations of all the hidden eggs they found, as well as the identity (username) of the Easter Bunny. First person to find ALL the Clues, AND guess the identity of the bunny wins. If there are multiple people who do this, we will have the judges determine the winner. If no one can find all the eggs and/or figure out who the Easter Bunny is, the winner will be determined by found egg counts and the decision will go to the judges. The deadline for entries is roughly noon ET (4 pm GMT) on Monday, April 13th. But, if the Easter Bunny is still on the loose by then, we might extend the contest.

Please, though, find the bunny sooner than that. The longer the bunny is loose, the more mess we have to clean up around the place, so.. help us out and figure out the clues!

In addition, there MAY BE special clues throughout the day, in the announcement discussion thread, just in case the Bunny is overly zealous in hiding eggs. These won't be clues to the identity of the Bunny, but clues to where the Bunny may have hidden the eggs.

I will give you a little bit of a "clue"... our Bunny doesn't actually know what a dozen is, so there are 14 egg clues scattered around the boards. Fourteen! Way to go, Bunny!

There will be a Secret Special Prize offered to the winner. Disclosure has not been authorized for the moment, but rest assured… You will take it and you will like it!

On Your Marks... Get Set.... GO!!!
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