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Old Aug 18th, 2018, 10:38 PM
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Name Knick Knacks of Doom
DM DracongienaArma
Current Players Bio, dbaque, goplayer7, MagicallyMusing
past players include brann miekka, Cancer, DoubleL1987, dragune185, Jocularity, Numen Wraith, The Iron Dragon, Valistar

I have had my reservations about nominating my game again this year, as it has floundered the last year. Mostly due to personal troubles, I as the DM lost the time and motivation to run it. I almost quit the site, and almost shuttered the game. I've been recovering from my personal troubles, and among other things, have found renewed pride in the game. I realize games that have expired are just as eligible, but it was difficult for me to feel my little creation here was worthy of notoriety if I couldn't keep it alive. The last few days I have had renewed vigor, and my players have responded enthusiastically.

Accounting for major lulls in recent history, Knick Knacks of Doom (KKoD) is progressing through its tenth chapter of play and sixth year of duration, I started its first game thread in 2012. During its duration, KKoD consistently set post count records, especially in its vibrant and booming OOC thread. The current rebound has demonstrated just how resilient the game is, both because of its players, and because of a story worth coming back to even when I fail it. One of the things coming back to the game after this past episode with depression has taught me is to what extent KKoD grew beyond just me, and it's a story in its own right: one that demands telling and desires hearing by those helping craft it. At nearly 15,000 posts it is still among the posted in Pathfinder game on site rivaled by multi-party and multi-game games with more players (and even DMs!) than Knick Knacks of Doom. As I mentioned above, when the game is in its groove it doesn't just blaze the trail it sets fire to it. Threads from the game have made the site's top lists multiple years. Bric-a-brac Hall was the 4th most popular non-private thread (by new post count) in 2013. Chapter 6 – Off to Sea was the 4th busiest non-private game thread (by new post count) of 2014. Chapter Eight – To See the King was the 4th most popular non-private game thread (by new post count) of 2015. Knick Knacks of Doom includes among its ranks an Easter Egg Hunt Champion and two post of the month winners.

Considering the six-year run, it's incredible that I still have a player from the original party, go dbaque! Two others, MagicallyMusiing and goplayer7 have been with the game for about six years each, joining the party early in the game during chapter three and two. None of the current party has less than two years in the game (come October.) KKoD's players are part of my extended internet family, and I cannot highlight enough that they have persevered through rough lows and near deaths, in game and out, and continued to remain loyal.

As I have mentioned in the past, this game was originally a rip-off of the Mask of Destiny Campaign and the primary purpose was to "try out" DMing after urging and needling by my peers of the time for not running a game myself on site. Little did I know I would write a unique campaign universe around it, and quickly go "off script" and turn it into a unique story and changing game systems a couple times on the way. Running this game has made me a superior player, and helped me to fundamentally revisit what it means to play a tabletop RPG by post. It's taught me what narrative and literary role-playing can accomplish.

KKoD isn't just one long story, though it is one long story. It has taken byways, and sideways; filled with tangent threads (in a good way) and personal stories running parallel to the main events. The story takes an active role in adapting and incorporating character backstory into established story-lines. It's been a testing ground for pet projects like the ill-fated Rabid Halfling Swarm which got its start in the game itself. KKoD is now a massive world with well developed and mature characters, a fleshed out cosmos, a unique geography and culture; all while enriched by custom iconography, calendars, maps, and other visuals. I am honored and impressed that the players themselves made a significant portion of the original content. They did it for a game they love, a rare treat on this site. I don't know how to express in a way representative of the true depths of their dedication, the ways these players love this game. After nearly writing it off, and effectively abandoning them I put up an OOC thread pouring out my heart and telling them I was ready to lead them to the end of the story. Seven hours later they were responding to the OOC thread, and a fresh response to the game thread was up less than 24 hours after that. Their response almost brought me to tears with compassion, loyalty, and love.

Fun in the SandWhen I decided to take the party across the desert, I tried to avoid tropes and clichés. When they sailed across the sea they were attacked by a Kraken, which was fun, but if they came across a bunch of Efreet, or an oasis, it would have started to feel droll. So instead, I gave them something new and fun, and they responded well. It’s past the 10 post point, but if you read on, you’ll get to see them in a social encounter too, with an inquisitive cactus…

Post #15 and on.
Love Affair It astounds me the depths these two lovers will go to for each other. Ezechiel and Ceridwen are the unlikeliest of couples, and their relationship has grown organically through years of play. Here is another episode wherein they prove they’ll do anything for each other, even to their own detriment.

Starting at Post #855, and continuing a bit past 10 posts.
Current Games:
By Your Own Grace, The Knick Knacks of Doom: Fated Children & Trinket Hunters, The Tomb of Xhancar Ckancil
Open to invitations.

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