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Old Feb 8th, 2008, 05:35 AM
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Rebel Supply Depot: Replacements Needed

Campaign Background

The Rebellion had set up a supply depot on Barkesh, a tropical planet on the outer rim, far away from the eyes of the Empire, until now. The Empire in an attempt to more effectively tax the planet has set up a number of bases on the planet. While the Rebellion has been able to maintain secrecy, recently a Rebel droid (with knowledge of the location of the Supply Depot) was stolen during a routine trip to the nearby city Malatar to purchase food. The Red Rubble gang were found to be responsbile. After intense fighting, a small Rebel crack team (the heroes) were able to penetrate into the Red Rubble hideout, recover the droid and discover an Imperial link to the gang. The team killed an important Imperial commander before the remaining Imperials escaped.

The next mission was to recover X-Wing parts from a freighter that the Rebel base had lost contact with in the Barkesh system. The heroes were sent out in a captured Imperial Cruiser and fought off pirates and mynocks (that were sucking the power out of the freighter) before loading the parts. These parts were then assembled at the supply depot and sent off to Yavin IV.

For those interested:
  • I am looking for 2-3 replacements. We have just started the latest adventure in the campaign (the 3rd so far) so you haven't missed much
  • Please read the above background carefully
  • You should be able to post 3/week

If you are interested in joining do the following:
  • Read the current mission briefing
  • Submit your character background to this list
  • Wait for my PM then you can make up a character and get into the action

Character Generation:
  • 2-3 2nd level characters are required
  • We are using the Revised Core Rulebook
  • Background shoud either be linked to the rebellion directly, or be a someone who doesn't like the Empire and likes the sound of the extra cash the Rebellion can offer her for finding their droid (perhaps an informant/supplier used by the Rebellion before).
  • 6 sets of 4d6 stat generation.
  • Any race (apart from Ewoks) from the Core Rulebook is allowed, droids are also playable (I can provide info)
  • Any non-force character class (you can take the force sensitive feat though) is allowed (an option may exist for those worthy of attaining force-levels later).
  • Normal starting credits

Current Mission Briefing
Major-General Dslom Takor calls the four heros from the salvage operation, Firith, Appol, Koln and Jed to the briefing room in the Rebel Depot.
"Gentlemen, we have a situation," Takor begins. His mask and eye-shielded face give little away about his feelings, but his voice is stern and calm. General Takor is used to being in command, dealing with a thousand things in his mind at once, and having his very precise orders obeyed.

"As you know, the Empire has come to this planet only recently. They set up a number of barracks in the city and the Imperial Navy screened ships coming to and from. It looked as though they just wanted to collect taxes, but it now seems that they suspect a large Rebel presence on this planet and are trying to uncover it." Pausing, Takor seems to examine the faces of those present for their seriousness.

"A Rebel intelligence centre in the city of Taark was recently discovered and destroyed by the Empire. This centre was designed to watch Imperial movements on Barkesh and was hidden as a computer systems company. Imperial networks somehow uncovered the ruse and set a crack team of stormtrooper commandos and someone else.

This nightmare of a person wielded a lightsaber - an old weapon of the Jedi order, the protectors of the Republic for those of you who don't know - and cut our people down in a rage."

Takor turns on a video monitor which shows the scene. A man in a white leather jacket and white boots, cutting through civilians with a red energy weapon. His eyes glow red as he seems to be yelling at his victims, slashing and hacking with fury, like the storms of Hoth.

"We suspect this figure to be the head of the counter-intelligence group working on Barkesh. We have heard from other sources that his name is Sadiis. The commando troopers secured the buidling while he cut through all the occupants, intelligence operatives, cleaners, technicians and innocents alike.

There were three of such installations on Barkesh. Two in Taark, as this is where the main Imperial spaceport and barracks are located, and a third in another location. Taark is a moderately sized city, situated on a large delta on the other side of the planet.

Since the occupants were all killed, we believe that the Imperials have another way to discover these installations, but we are not sure what it is yet. Our skilled intelligence officers here are working on that at the moment, but your job will be to protect the other installation by enhancing the security of the building.

Your other task will be to track down some leads we have regarding an old jedi knight that we suspect is living in Taark, who may be useful to the Rebel Alliance. Further information will be provided to you on this secondary objective later.

You will be provided with id cards that show you as employees of a security firm and all the equipment that you feel necessary and that doesn't raise suspicions in Taark.

May the Force be with you. Any questions?"
--Away on holiday until the 22nd, posting may be difficult--

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Old Feb 9th, 2008, 12:15 PM
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Interested. I have a serious star wars itch lately so i'll draw up something.
It's a god-awful small affair
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Old Feb 9th, 2008, 05:49 PM
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I would be interested, never really played in a Star Wars game before. Been a player for a couple that never seemed to get anywhere.
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Old Feb 9th, 2008, 08:27 PM
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I'm a noob when it comes to SWRPG, but I've played D&D for years and have had the Revised Core Rulebook for SWRPG for about a year now with no real chance of playing it >.< If you wouldn't mind taking a nooblet under your wing, I'd love to play
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Old Feb 10th, 2008, 12:00 AM
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Name: Bel Jenas
Race: Human
Class: Soldier
Bel was a young boy on the world of Bandomeer when the Empire assumed control of his homeworld. Though the conditions on the mineral-rich planet were not ideal by any means, his family worked hard and provided for themselves adequately. When the Empire arrived they seized control of all the mining facilities and put them under imperial control. It was around this time that Bel started having nightmares. Chronic visions of disease and death of those around him. In the years following, working conditions in the mines grew worse and worse until the day his father and brother both died in a horrific explosion deep underground. Bel blamed the Empire for their deaths. It was their poor working conditions and general lack of care for the well-being of the workers that caused this.
Swearing never to forgive the Empire for the deaths of his family he scraped together what he could and bought his mother and himself transport off Bandomeer. Leaving her on a distant outer rim colony where she would be safer Bel continued on and sought out a Rebel force, eager to join...
It's a god-awful small affair
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Old Feb 10th, 2008, 12:20 AM
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I've been playing SWRPG for over 5 years now and would love to get into a RCR game (believe it or not, the reason I came to this board was to find a good SW group). I saw that you have a Jedi and a Scoundrel, and Soldier happens to be one of my favorite classes. So I'll go with a Soldier to round out the group and make myself happy.

Name: Nahuel Citlali
Species: Human
Planet: Coruscant
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Physical Description: Tall and muscled, Nahuel was always referred to as a "hauss" by his friends and family. He has straight black hair, dark brown eyes, and red-brown skin. He wears clothes that look as though they were probably nice a few years ago and worn on a better-fed frame.
Personality: Once easy-going and care-free, Nahuel is now a bit more reserved and observant; though not uncomfortably so. He usually stays quiet in business situations, unless his voice is needed, but can carouse and kid with the best of them in a relaxed setting (where he acts more like his younger self). He is still a bit unaccustomed to being bossed around, but can take commands once seniority is strongly proven to him.
Character History: Nahuel's father inherited a family Medical Supply business on Coruscant, which earned them a great deal of wealth. That is, until they were caught smuggling supplies to Rebels. The Citlali's business was destroyed, Nahuel's father was arrested and executed. Nahuel took his mother and younger siblings off-planet and set them up on Nubia where they could work and blend in in relative safety. Nahuel set to the spacelanes as a hired hand, usually for manual labor or a hired gun and strongarm, sending whatever credits he could back to Nubia to help support his impoverished family.

Warrants were issued for his family and himself, and he began to seek out the alliance to exchange his services for the ability to better hide and provide for his family. Perhaps better aliases for them, and a more secure method of transferring credits to them. When he finally found a contact and was briefed on a possible job, he jumped at the chance, in exchange for the the security he sought for his family.
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Old Feb 10th, 2008, 05:40 AM
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I'm happy to play with noobies! Still can accept another player (2 already accepted)
--Away on holiday until the 22nd, posting may be difficult--
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Old Feb 10th, 2008, 06:54 AM
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I've been working on a Character for the "Brawl" SWG game in Open Roleplaying. I can use him for this game though, if you are interested.

Vale Sidhe
Vale Sidhe
Male Human Scout 3

Strength 15 (+2) Size: Medium
Dexterity 15 (+2) Height: 1.9 meters
Constitution 10 (+0) Weight: 135 kg
Intelligence 16 (+3) Skin: Light
Wisdom 14 (+2) Eyes: Blue
Charisma 14 (+2) Hair: Dark Brown; Wavy; Average Beard
Total Vitality Points: 17
Total Wound Points: 10
Speed: 10 meters / round
Defense: 16 = 10 + 4 [base] +2 [dexterity]
Touch AC: 16
Flat-footed: 14

Initiative modifier: +2 = +2 [dexterity]
Fortitude save: +4 = 3 [base]
Reflex save: +5 = 3 [base] +2 [dexterity]
Will save: +5 = 3 [base] +2 [wisdom]
Attack (handheld): +6 = 4 [base] +2 [strength]
Attack (unarmed): +6 = 4 [base] +2 [strength]
Attack (missile): +6 = 4 [base] +2 [dexterity]
Grapple check: +6 = 4 [base] +2 [strength]

Light load:33 kg. or less
Medium load:34-67 kg.
Heavy load:68-100 kg.
Lift over head:100 kg.
Lift off ground:200 kg.
Push or drag:500 kg.

Languages: Speak basic
Read/write basic
Speak moncalamarian

Reputation: 1
Force Points: 5
Dark Side Points: 0
Blaster_Pistol [damage 3d6, critical 20, range increment 10 meters, weight 1 kg, stun fort DC 15, energy, multifire, small, blaster pistol]
Blaster_Rifle [damage 3d6, critical 19-20, range increment 30 meters, weight 4.5 kg, stun fort DC 18, energy, multifire, medium, blaster rifle]

Starship_Dodge (transport)

Skill Name Key
Ability Skill
Modifier Ability
Modifier Ranks Misc.
Appraise Int 3 = +3
Astrogate Int 7 = +3 +4
Balance Dex* 2 = +2
Bluff Cha 2 = +2
Climb Str* 2 = +2
Computer_Use Int 8 = +2
Diplomacy Cha 2 = +2
Disguise Cha 2 = +2
Escape Artist Dex* 2 = +2
Forgery Int 3 = +3
Gamble Int 2 = +2
Gather Information Cha 2 = +2
Hide Dex* 7 = +2 +5
Intimidate Cha 2 = +2
Jump Str* 2 = +2
Knowledge (alien_species) Int 7 = +3 +4
Knowledge (astronomy) Int 7 = +3 +4
Knowledge (bureaucracy) Int 7 = +3 +4
Knowledge (business) Int 9 = +3 +6
Knowledge (engineering) Int 7 = +3 +4
Knowledge (tactics) Int 7 = +3 +4
Knowledge (technology) Int 7 = +3 +4
Listen Wis 2 = +2
Move Silently Dex* 5 = +2 +3
Pilot Dex 9 = +2 +7
Ride Dex 2 = +2
Search Int 3 = +3
Sense Motive Wis 2 = +2
Spot Wis 7 = +2 +5
Survival Wis 4 = +2 +2 [rugged]
Swim Str** 2 = +2
Repair Dex 8 = +2 +6
* = check penalty for wearing armor
This character also has 6 ranks in Speak Languages.
Know astronomy >=5 ranks gives +2 on checks to avoid getting lost or into hazards.
Know business >=5 ranks gives +2 on survival checks above ground.
Extra skill points
Extra feat at first level
Bonus feat (level 1)
Trailblazing (level 2)
Heart +1 (level 3)

Vale Sidhe's Equipment:
Weapons / Armor / Shield (from above)
datacardblank x1
datacardprogram x2

Backround. Vale grew up the son of a Corellian Freighter pilot. When his father retired, he took over the Family ship, and continued running his fathers old trade routes. During one mission, his ship was accidently pulled form Hyperspace by an Imperial Interdiction cruiser that was lying in wait for a Rebel Convoy. Before he could transmit his ID codes, his ship came under attack. Before he managed to escape, his primary Hyperdrive was blown out. Limping back to Corellia, he swore to fight a government that had such casual disregard for life. Selling his damaged ship, he invested all of his family's money to purchase an old YT-2400 Transport. While not a formal member of the Rebellion, he picks his missions carefully, and always for the Rebellions cause.

The Char Sheet Generator I used is one you kind find via Google. It keeps you real honest on feats and such. You can see the stats for his ship in the "Brawl" thread, as well as get an idea of what my posts look like.
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Old Feb 10th, 2008, 10:20 AM
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Name: J9-B7 a.k.a. "Keys"
Race: J9 Worker Drone
Class: Expert 1/Tech Specialist 1
Planet: Barkesh
Gender: Male Programming
Age: 6
Background: J9-B7 was a simple labor droid who was purchased brand new by a computer programmer on Barkesh to perform house duities while the programmer was at work (name can be thought of later). For years, J9-B7 worked his job happily, like a good droid would do. After 5 years, the computer programmer decided he wished for J9-B7 to help him at his job, so he reprogrammed J9-B7 to better suit the job (explaining the Tech Specialist level). However, the programmer got a bit more than he bargained for. J9-B7 became obsessed with the computer, and worked it so fast it put the programmer to shame (Obsessive quirk for Computer Use :P). The programmer gave it the nickname of "Keys" because it could type into the datapad or computer terminal so quick. He shouldn't of nicknamed him though, because it seemed that Keys started to program a new personality on itself to better match the nickname, becoming impatient when the computer was going slow, and tended to mock the programmer (and his associates when Keys was brought to work) when they worked to slow. Eventually, the programmer got so frustrated with Keys that he set him loose, saying he never wanted to see Keys again. So Keys wandered about Taark until he was discovered by some Rebels who noted his skill with the computer. They invited him to work with them in one of their intelligence centers (the one the group shall be guarding is the one I have in mind), and Keys accepted, wanting to further his skills more than help the Rebellion. He could care less about the Rebellion, at least for now...
"Common Speech", "Orc Tongue", "Abyssal Tongue", Narration

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