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Old 11-21-2016, 04:18 PM
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Captain Philip Quartermain - Age: 28, Height: 5'11'', Black Hair and Gray Eyes

Philip was born in Africa, a son of the Quartermain family who have led groups into the veldt to hunt for 3 generations. He has lived amongst the tribes of Africa all his life and has little education beyond that which he has gained by reading the Encyclopedia Britannica and the Bible. When war came he worked with the British Forces in East Africa leading troops into the battles around Lake Victoria.He was raised to the rank of Captain and awarded a Military Cross but does not value either.

With the war over, he has come away from his farm in NW Kenya and has begun the old trade that his family have been famous for again. With his ability to live and work with the natives, and his knowledge of the wildlife and terrain he will be an asset to any expedition.

Psychology: Philip is the strong, silent type. He will often be found watching game to learn more about them and has no interest in the things that interest Europeans. He is a native African whose skin is white. He is loyal to the natives he works with and will aim to give his clients what they have asked for
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Old 12-30-2016, 05:16 AM
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Name: Samuel Kane
Ethnicity: White/American
Age: 27-ish
Occupation: Former Military
Class: Tough 3/bodyguard 3

Appearance: Samuel is unassuming with a strong, athletic build, around 190 lbs and standing about 6'1". He has short-cut black hair and usually stubble on his chin. He favors simple clothes, Plain brown trousers, a white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and suspenders. He wears the sturdy boots provided to him by the military.
He is supposed to be average-looking but the only picture I could find that comes close was from one of Mort Kuntsler's romantic novels.

Backstory: Samuel was born in April of 1899 in Chicago, Illinois. His father was a factory worker and his mother, a stay-at-home mother for her only child. As his father's factory was converted into a munitions factory with the coming of the first World War, it was hard for young Samuel to not get involved in the politics and media of the time. When America declared war on Germany in 1917, Samuel, like most boys his age, wanted to become a man and fight for his country, He joined the U.S. Army. At the end of the war, Samuel returns home to very different Chicago. With his father dead from an accident in the munitions factory his mother, having no apparent choice, re-married, leaving no room for Samuel. Frustrated with the changes he took what little money had saved from his Military service and wanting to get far away from what used to be his family, he moved to London, England. After a year of the pale, boring honest life Samuel fell into a bad crowd where he bootlegged during the prohibition. Eventually after a little jail time he found the call of adventure in Africa pretty enticing and signed on.

He favors his service revolver and in some extreme cases his Springfield service rifle. He also carries a trenchknife and bayonet.

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