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Old Feb 29th, 2024, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Crimson View Post
Haven't been really mentally able to handle anything since my wife passed away suddenly in 2021, so I haven't really had any significant posts since then. I still feel like a raw nerve almost 3 years later, but I'm getting tired of waiting for it to get better. I don't think it ever gets better.

So long story short I'm debating wether I should be thinking about considering the possibility that maybe some day in the distant future in a parallel universe under very specific conditions, I *might* be mentally together enough to play in another game with an extremely laid back Dungeon Master. No guarantees.

To prepare for such a day, my plan is to slowly dip my toes back into the forums. No commitments whatsoever, but you might see me tugging in the tug of war, welcoming newcomers, and occasionally tossing my 2 cents in here and there as I ease back in to the swing of things. I've never forgotten about the Wonderful community here on RPGx; you've always been a bright spot in the madness of the Internet. I just hope I can come back to it.
Has it been 3 years already? Welcome back Crimson. Warm hugs or any other form of love and support from a digital screen.

And regarding laid back DMs... If you remember where we left that game thread you can just wonder in and post your next post like there was never a hiatus and I'll pick it back up again no questions asked just a warm welcome back and let's go.

I started a Word Mastermind game in the open roleplaying section. I've seen it also referred to as Wordle. Someone has a secret word that everyone else is trying to guess. Each word guessed prompts a reply of how many letters is Right and in the right spot and how many are right but in the wrong spot. It's a deduction game if that's your type. Feel free to stop on by and throw in a few words.
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