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Old 09-13-2019, 09:59 PM
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Here is the giant soul sorcerer origin: Link
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Old 09-13-2019, 10:31 PM
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Agreed, I definitely don't have the vibe. Still interested in the concept and appreciate the vote of confidence but I might need to go back to the drawing board. Maybe do a little reading.
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Old 09-14-2019, 08:20 AM
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Finn Application
right-aligned image

Name: Finn
Race: Changeling
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Criminal
Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs


Leaving the clink of glasses and party music behind, Finn slips out the back entrance unnoticed. They pause briefly to listen, framed in a square of light from one of the mansions large windows. Their long dark hair frames a delicately featured face with lips of glistening crimson and long, heavy lashes. A cloak of deep purple drapes over their slender frame and pools on the cobble stones at their feet. Hearing nothing, they move silently into the darkness. Clipped topiaries loom like living things as the path curves deeper into the garden. As they move, their long dark hair slowly recedes, leaving behind a tangled nest of unkempt curls. A shadow passes over their face and all traces of powder and paint disappear, revealing a hard, square-jawed face. Their stride lengthens as their frame grows, filling out with corded muscle and sinew as their hands rest gently on the twin daggers strapped behind their back.

A hooded figure separates from the shadows. “Your late.” A rough voice whispers.

Me?” Finn responds, flashing a quick smile,“I’m never late."


Finn’s parents worked for the family of a wealthy merchant which allowed Finn to grow up surrounded by the best tutors and the finest dinner parties. They learned as a child that a life of excess and wealth would bring no satisfaction, but they became adept at using their shifting appearance to blend seamlessly into both high society and less “savory” activities. Finn found that by shifting fluidly between body types and genders they could often gain the upper hand in social interactions dealing with "single skins". Finn also discovered that, aside from their ability to alter their appearance, they derived great pleasure from associating with the hustlers and con-men that thrive wherever there is wealth and power. An affinity for deceit and cunning led Finn to rise quickly in the world of illegal smuggling. Finn couldn't care less about the financial success of their underground operation, and will often blow through entire windfalls by gambling and buying rounds of drinks at one of the city's seedier watering holes. What they adore, however, is the thrill of out maneuvering those in power and making the corrupt merchants and government officials look like fools.

Character sheet forthcoming... Character sheet linked

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Old 09-14-2019, 09:43 AM
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right-aligned image
Name: Sorsha Deneith
Race: Mark of Sentinel Human
Class: Warlock (Hexblade)
Background: House Agent (Deneith)

Description: Sorsha stands nearly six feet tall. With crimson hair, green eyes and an easy smile, she is considered beautiful by human standards. Her attire is usually feminine and stylish, but it also possesses a functional bent that some might find off-putting. Until recently, she was never without a wand tucked firmly in her belt.

History: Sorsha is the 6th generation of humans that have had the privileged of carrying the Sentinel's mark. Shortly after its appearance and her family joining with House Deneith, all of its descendants cast off their original family name and assumed their house's.

Much like others of her house, Sorsha's family has always considered their calling a responsibility that must be adhered to. Her family however, has another secret as well. Long before they became dragonmarked, they were presented a gift of a wand, known only to them as the Raven Wand. Why it was given to the family has been lost to time, but they have passed it down from generation to generation, bequeathing its power and responsibility onto the next. Sorsha has recently been given the wand from her mother.

In order to fulfill her responsibility of her house and become a Sentinel Marshall as those in her family before her, the House has sent her to the Clifftop Adventure's Guild, so that she might do good in her own right and obtain the experience necessary to become a Marshall.

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Old 09-14-2019, 01:34 PM
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Name Desteplo
Race human (variant: abhorrent dragon mark)
Class monk (drunken master)
A few sentences of description a drunk lazy human with a drink in his hand. A noxious volatile breath and glossy weak eyes. Life has not been kind to a bastard of a noble house.
A short summary of background: he tried to save his mom from an abusive highborn. As the son of a servant they had no right to complain. However one day he found out who his father was and that was inexcusable. Trying to save his mom he was caught and thrown out of the house, but his mom took the side of the abusive beast.
Link to a character sheet https://www.rpgcrossing.com/profiler/view.php?id=82112
A character portrait
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Old Yesterday, 10:20 AM
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Super interested in Eberron, but never had a chance to play there, couldn't pass this up. Threw something together quickly, as it seems like you're looking to get moving -- happy to add or tweak if you need anything.

right-aligned image
Name: Henk d'Aashta
Race: Half-orc (Mark of Finding)
Background: Noble
Class: Cleric of Blood of Vol (Death domain from DMG seemed perfect for this, but I can change it if desired)

First impressions: Henk's a study in contrasts and overturned expectations. He has the soft twang common in those from the Shadow Marshes, but those expecting the yokel slowness that frequently comes along with the accent are quickly caught out. Similarly, the jerky aggression with which he moves his muscular body undercuts the dandyish way he covers it.

Brief Background: Henk grew up insanely privileged compared to those around him, but it hasn’t been enough.

Both of his parents were full-fledged members of House Tharashk, and growing up in Zarash’ak, the ‘City of Stilts’, his house was one of the highest above the Shadow Marshes. He was trained as a child to one day take a place in the upper reaches of the House leadership. Far at the fringes of Khorvaire he was largely sheltered from the Last War -- the largest impact was that he had more responsibilities managing the dragonshard prospecting than might have been expected from a child at his age.

But through his role in the House he met travellers from all over, was made aware of how much better things could be for him. Fairhaven, Korth, Sharn -- these were real cities. Zarash’ak hardly deserved the ‘city’ part of ‘the city of smells’. With dreams of seeing civilization at last he put in to his house for a position elsewhere -- only to be assigned further Dragonshard prospecting skills in a tiny outpost deep in the jungles of Q’barra.

But one didn’t cross the House leadership, and so Henk found himself aboard a ship bound for Sharn, where he was supposed to switch to switch to another bound for Adderport. As the ship tossed in stormy seas, the crew scrambling and looking tense, another passenger ranted and raved about The Blood of Vol. "We’re going to die -- all of us! But harness the Divinity Within, and you can skip Dolurrh, live on forever in paradise!" His parents, like much of the Aashta clan, were deeply enmeshed with a cult of the Dragon Below, but it had never spoken to Henk like this, and as the worst of the storm passed he sat in prayer with the strange man, feeling a powerful warmth rise from within him, and he felt peace, and a strength inside him that he'd never known before.

The storm passed and the ship made Sharn safely, but the feeling of empowerment stayed. He never boarded the ship to Q’Barra. House Tharashk would find find him, eventually no doubt, and it might not be pretty when they did, but in the meantime he had to find out more about the Blood of Vol.

And with the newly found Divinity Within himself, surely he deserved an upgrade from the City of Stilts to the City of Towers?
Eventually: DMing an Eberron 5e game...
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