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Old 12-18-2019, 10:42 AM
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November's Post of the Month!!!

November has the Thanksgiving Holiday, and between turkey and cranberry, we stuffed ourselves with some good quality post of the month nominations.

It was a tough battle this time... Two contenders went neck and neck down the wire, and the judges spent a lot of time in debating their merits, and their favorites. But in the end, only one post can win.

And for November, that winner was Elanir!

The judges liked the way Elanir incorporated all the elements of a good game post, shifting from Role Play to Game Mechanics within the post. You've got PC development, action, spell casting, and a great description of the spell Expeditious Retreat, woven into the narrative.

You can read the winning entry HERE, and read the other nominations (great in their own way too) here.

Congratulate Elanir for the well deserved win, and give a little RPXP love to the other nominees too! They all deserve a read, and some reward!

Remember to nominate your favorite post from December. Without you, the judges have nothing to do except break their New Year's Resolutions!
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