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Old Apr 25th, 2019, 12:00 PM
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We have a Bunny Hunt Winner!

We have a winner!

We are happy to announce that Unko Talok is this year's winner of the "Easter Bunny Hunt". Unko found a mess of hidden eggs (all 16 of them), secreted away by that wascally wabbit, and then put the clues together to figure out that this year's bunny was none other than the King of Puns himself, Dirkoth! And, he did it quicker than the other hunters, giving him the crown!

Unko Talok will be awarded a prestigious (artisanal) graphic image to commemorate his achievement as the 2019 Easter Bunny Hunt Winner.

For those who are curious, here are the clues found in the hidden eggs. The eggs are still out there, but you'd best look soon, before the staff comes by to clean them up and return the place to normal.

Our bunny was born in the east. Not that east, the actual, Far East.

Our Bunny is very welcoming.

“When I was your age, television was called books.”

Some people believe our Bunny never sleeps, just types.

Our bunny is not Hall of Fame material.

Our bunny has four eyes.

When it comes to ropes, our bunny is indecisive.

Our bunny has seen a lot of spider battles. Not as many as Lloth, but close.

Our bunny can be a block head.

Like many on our site, our Bunny is an author.

One word: Chainmail.

Our bunny remembers when there were no editions.

"Publish or Perish"

January 11, 1970.

Our bunny has spent time inside a woman's prison.

Our bunny's first language was not English. Sadly, now English is his only language.

All of these clues point to one person as the Hoppy Bunny: Admin Dirk.

Thanks to all who participated, and we hop you enjoyed it! If you didn't enjoy it, that's okay, we don't carrot all!
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