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Hall of Fame Voting Begins!

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Every year, we ask our community to nominate the finest, most exceptional games on this site for inclusion in the prestigious Hall of Fame. The nominations are in!

Public voting to narrow the list of Hall of Fame nominees starts now!

Please read the rules posted in the voting thread BEFORE you vote! If you break the rules your votes will be disqualified, no excuses.

You have two weeks to look over the games that have been nominated – links are provided in the voting thread – and vote for your favorites to be included in the Hall of Fame! The poll will automatically close on September 9th, two weeks from now. Please be aware of the timestamp on the poll, because once it closes, that's it.

Winning games get moved into the Hall of Fame forum for everyone to read. Hall of Fame GMs get a shiny badge that shows up beside their name. And don't forget bragging rights!

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