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Lost City of Mezro


Game Name
normal image without text wrap
Lost City of Mezro
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeSurvival in the Jungle. Uncovering the Mysteries of an Ancient Civilization. Mosquitos!
FlavourPublished Adventure, Job Quests, Survival
Plot Summary

right-aligned image
"Uncover the secrets of a lost civilization in this adventure for the world's greatest roleplaying game."

The city of Mezro once stood as a shining beacon of hope, safety, and stability for the people of Chult. Protected by the mighty barae, the holy city was the center of most of Chultan civilization for thousands of years. Now, it is little more than a shadow of its former self. Ravaged by the Spellplague, these ruins have long since been plundered for its remaining treasures. There is one, however, that still hold a great deal of interest in the once splendored capital. He is Artus Cimber, a former Harper seeking to unravel one of the jungle's great mysteries.

This adventure is set in Chult, the jungle peninsula in the Forgotten Realms, and occurs after the events in Tomb of Annihilation. The death curse has been removed, but there is still evil afoot in the jungle peninsula.

With the exception of a few coastal settlements, Chult is untamed tropical wilderness: dense jungles and snaky rivers ringed by mountains, volcanoes, and sheer escarpments. Walls of mountains to the west, south, and east shield the interior from the sea and from the view of sailors. The rivers are so sluggish that it can be difficult determining which direction is upstream and which is down. The rivers pick up speed only where they thunder down through steep-sided gorges.

The safest entry points into this overgrown realm (“safest” is a relative term in this context) are on the north and east. The coast from the Bay of Chult to Refuge Bay offers beaches on which to embark into the uncharted jungle. Along the entire coast, the Bay of Chult is the only spot where travelers can find welcoming civilization. The rest of the peninsula is a breeding ground for bloodsucking, disease-bearing insects, monstrous reptiles, carnivorous birds and beasts of every variety, and murderous undead. The farther one moves from the coast, the more humid, hot, and inhospitable the land becomes.

left-aligned image
Player Map

Chult is hot, humid, and rainy throughout the year. The temperature regularly climbs as high as 95 degrees F (35 degrees C) during the day and seldom falls below 70 degrees F (20 degrees C) even at night. A day without rain is rare, but rain varies from a steady mist to drenching downpours.

Visibility in heavy rain is limited to 50 yards. Beyond that distance, only Huge or larger objects can be distinguished. Missile weapon ranges are halved during rain.

On days that receive heavy rain, there’s a chance of a full-blown tropical storm featuring sheets of rain, high wind, lightning, tall waves at sea, and immense surf along the coast.

Races of Chult
Members of every race and nationality of Faerûn can be found in Port Nyanzaru, but few of them ever travel more than a hundred yards beyond the city walls. The native peoples must be divided into those that are commonly known and those whose presence is legendary or only suspected. The first group consists of Chultans (humans), aarakocra, Batiri (goblins), dwarves (including albino dwarves), pterafolk, and tabaxi. In the second category, weretigers are suspected to be present in small numbers; explorers and hunters sometimes report seeing grungs (frog folk) deep in the jungle; and yuan-ti are rumored to be making a resurgence in remote areas.

Finally, the deep jungle is overrun by skeletons, zombies, ghouls, and other types of undead. Everyone in Chult is all too aware of their presence.

InfoWhat am I looking for?

Present Story-tellers.

Plain and simple. It is far more fun to explore characters and watch them grow during the adventure. Looking for PCs to be engaging and willing to work together to solve all the pillars of roleplaying. In order to be engaging, there will be an expectation of post rate. Too many games have I seen die off due to lack of participation, and many times that comes from lack of interest. I will keep things interesting, I promise that. I just ask that if you want to be a part of this game, you do your part and be active.

  • Setting: Forgotten Realms - Chult
  • Starting Level: 5
  • Allowed Sources: Player's HandbookPHB, Dungeon Master's GuideDMG, Xanthar's Guide to EverythingXGtE, and Sword Coast Adventurer's GuideSCAG. PM me for other sources and UA material.
  • Attribute Scores: We will be doing 4d6 drop lowest. I find it makes much more interesting characters. Please do not roll here. Note: I’ll allow rerolling only the second 1 in 4d6. The first one be dropped, and if you get a second one, reroll that second one. If you get a third or fourth....it’s fate.

    Roll HERE instead!
  • Alignments: Neutral or Good
  • Gear: Class starting equipment, 500gp, and One common or uncommon magic item for free. You may spend your 500gp at normal PHB prices for common items, including Healing Potions at 50 gp per
  • Pantheon: Forgotten Realms
  • Multi-classing: Is allowed but limited to one. Main Class + Secondary Class. Also make it believable/PC-background relevant.
  • Post Rate: Minimum of 2-3/wk. This is very important as PbP is a LONG process. I am available most days during the week, but little to none on weekends.
  • Party Size: 5 PCs
  • Resources: We will use RPGX for most everything including posts, sheets, and rolls. Will also be using Roll20 for maps, and finally discord for OOC (typed) information. I have found that this three-tier resource allocation works best. You don't need to really know how to use Roll20 so much, except to see enemies and understand that layout of battlemaps.

ApplicationsWhat do I want in your app?
  • Your typical app; Name, class, race, appearance, 5e background, two personality traits, ideal, bond, flaw.
  • Post a pic so I have tokens for maps, be sure to resize it to at least 250x250px, please.
  • A backstory that includes a few things:
    • Their story, of course
    • Their hometown here in Faerun
    • Why are they traveling?
    • What is their over-arching goal? {Their goal does not need to be within the confines of this adventure, this can easily be a stepping stone in their journey. But having a driving force often brings more life into the character, I find.note}

Q&AHere are some questions and answers that I have fielded so far.

1. What about UA Revised Ranger, UA Runic Fighter, or UA Monster Hunter Fighter? No
2. Can I be a yuan-ti or minotaur? No
3. How about Eberron Aritificer or Wildemont subclasses? No

Application Deadline - June 26 (5PM CST) Will be sooner if interest dwindles. Beginning Date of Game - July 10. Well, it is summer time and the family and I are headed on vacation in late June and early July. I would like to get started on the right foot, and would hate to give the beginning a half hearted effort. So, between acceptance and kickoff, everyone will work on making their sheets, and getting to know one another.Why so long?

Current Apps
User NameClassRaceStatus
GoombaJosh Vesi Wells Paladin - Oath of Redemption V. Human Complete
SnakeOilCharmer Janiisa Thohoko Wizard - Divination V. Human Complete
Numen Wraith TBD Ranger 3/Rogue 2 Wood Elf WIP
penbeast0 Small Druid - Circle of Moon Lizardman DM Review
JaredSyn Keylen Swiftbreeze Ranger - Hunter Wood Elf Complete
Trmmilwwi Ovaas Monk - Way of Long Death Goblin Complete
DialPforPickles Valentine "Lent" Persis Sorcerer (dragonblood) Tiefling WIP
Drachenspirit Temazira "Tema" Fighter (Battlemaster) 3/ Cleric (War) 2 Half Orc Complete
Niyaga Trim Scrymshaw Druid - Circle of the Land Half-elf Complete
kymrel Arabella Lovel (Bella) Cleric - Light Domain V. Human Complete
Zangul TBD Bard - XX Dragonborne WIP
Hiruma Kohaku Death-From-Above Barbarian - Primal Human Complete
Tyeal Segwann Kenir Bard (Whispers) Rock Gnome Complete
Crucius Bancroft Nibworth Warlock 3/Wizard 2 V. Human Complete
routzong Ink on Skin "Ink" Bard (Whispers) Tabaxi Complete
DurinVII Glödir Guntursson Fighter/Rogue Dwarf Complete
Embrodak Ramsay Hayman Fighter - Battle Master V. Human Complete
MarsComulus Ærion Alean'Caelnddare Rogue/Fighter Wood Elf Complete
Berith Eroan Ettrian Mystic High Elf Complete
Thorsten Boram 'Boarsnout' Herzog Ranger (Hunter) V. Human Complete
Zinrokh T'kulu-umbatu Druid; circle of the moon Goblin Complete
Don Cricri Thervan Dyn Wizard (Necromancer) High Elf Complete
oakfed Sedren Amolfi Wizard (Bladesinger) High Elf WIP

DM Review = I haven't read through it fully yet.

I will do another pass of all applications once the deadline is reached. Though marked "Complete" feel free to tweak or adjust as you feel.

Posting Status (September):Multiple times per workday (M-F); Maybe once to none on weekends.

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Old May 28th, 2020, 07:51 PM
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I'm interested in this but I am trying to keep to a minimum of games since I haven't been very reliable of a player due to a lack of available time for posting. I am hoping my own game takes off and perhaps my posting frequency will pick up and I feel comfortable to apply.
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Old May 28th, 2020, 08:46 PM
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Name: Vesi Wells
Stat Rolls
right-aligned image
Violence is a last resort, to suffer for such peace is what my God did and I intend to follow.

Class: Paladin (Oath of Redemption, formerly Conquest and Devotion)
Race: Human (Variant)

Background: Soldier
Personality Trait: I’m haunted by memories of war. I can’t get the images of violence out of my mind.
I have a crude sense of humor.
Ideal: Independence. When people follow orders blindly, they embrace a kind of tyranny. (Chaotic)
Bond: Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for.
Flaw: I have little respect for anyone who is not a proven warrior.

Personality: Vesi is the type of person that would remain loyal to her God and would have a burning desire to redeem herself for him. She would even show the same loyalty to an ally or companion she respects(but won't share any burning desires for them, that would be strange for both groups). In her childhood, she felt she had no place in the world and lacked any self confidence to be anything but that. That lessened when she was taken in the Church of Ilmater, only occasionally appearing in times of stress or depression but she would hide her belittlement towards herself through a crude sense of humour, only laughing off her suffering.

Vesi aspires to show her passion on her beliefs in the Crying God, but is not a good acolyte, only knowing second hand knowledge and lectures from priests and wandering monks. However she carries a Bible to help her quote a scripture or verse to "educate the uneducated". Well she may not excel at preaching, her grace with the rapier is one to behold at. Any common fighter or squire would be amazed at the elegance, swiftness and deadly precision in her strikes.

Vesi clearly is dedicated to her God and aspires to be a compassionate and a virtuous individual but her ideals were muddled in her previous campaign. She's ashamed in what she did and has nightmares of it appearing in far too much details for it to even be a dream. During the war, she showed a reckless need for violence, ruthlessness and holding no emotion to either ally, civilian, or foe, she's afraid of ever showing that side of herself and is why she vowed to walk the path of redemption. She's a good person at heart, but is unsure of herself. She desires to be someone she upholds dearly, a person that is kind, passionate, and confident but can't know for sure if she can ever be like that person.

Appearance: Vesi is not really much to look at, at least according to her, from her shoulder length dark blue hair to her eyes that shine like a ruby to her pale skin; to a passerby, they would just take one look and thought that theirs something unique or charming about her. But to Vesi herself, she doesn't see herself as anything glamorous or unique, but as a person who aspires to change and someone to inspire others in her belief. Her usual attire is I'm going to use medium armor instead of chainmail, going with a mostly Dex based paladin herea scale mail armor mixed with ornamental pieces of plate mail with a rapier on her left hip. The chest piece is emblazoned with a pair of white hands bound at the wrist with a red cord, as a symbol for Ilmater. She also changes to a plain, commoner's clothes whenever she's not doing her duties. A rapier is always by her side, even when she's out of her armor.


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very interested. Will have a submission up in a few hours.
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Player application - complete.
right-aligned image

Name: Janiisa Thohoko
Race: Variant Human (Turami)

Age: 28
Class: Wizard (Divination Tradition)
Mechanical Background: Sage
Hometown: Alaghôn

Physical Description
Janiisa is a tall woman (6') with a sturdy frame that belies her largely indoor lifestyle prior to travelling to Chult. She has thick, dark hair which she keeps short for ease of upkeep, and brown eyes - which often give the impression of boring straight through someone while in conversation. Janiisa carries herself with excellent posture, a legacy of her middle-class upbringing, conveying a quiet confidence in herself.

She wears a heavy, solid golden choker in the style of wealthier Turami women, one of the last gifts she received from her mother, with a dedication written in Turmic wrapped around it. Janiisa received this accessory as a young teenager, and it is now slightly tight on the older Turami, but she has worn it uninterrupted for twelve years, refusing to have it resized by artisan or spellcaster. Other than this, Janiisa favors simple clothing in monochrome colors. She moves in a functional manner, not clumsy but with minimal spare movement, and little apparent grace.


Janiisa's personality can be summed up in one word: intense. She has a businesslike disposition, and while her writing is often incredibly detailed, when speaking she favors short sentences and to-the-point descriptions. She will always prefer to use one long word over several shorters ones. She processes information extremely quickly, and tends to make quick decisions whilst becoming irritated with those who prefer to spend more time contemplating their options. Not quite entirely humorless, Janiisa is nonetheless unlikely to ever be caught cracking a witticism herself.

Janiisa's passion in life is knowledge. She doesn't care much for the arts, or indeed aesthetic considerations in general, but derives her greatest pleasure from learning new things. She can spend hours poring over a piece of written lore or foreign-language literature, creating vivid mental images for herself and jotting down copious notes. Janiisa particularly loves maps, charts, and diagrams, because of how efficiently they convey detail.

She is particularly fascinated by distant cultures and locations. Having lived in one city all her life, though, her awareness of other places is entirely of the book-learning variety, and she is excitable about seeing in the flesh cultures and places she's read about in the past. She has a particular admiration for Dwarfs, whose language she enjoys reading more than any other, despite never having met a live Dwarf in Alaghôn.

Despite her scholarly roots, Janiisa Thohoko is most comfortable around people with a practical bent to their nature. She enjoys the company of soldiers and craftsmen, and is fascinated by (as well as somewhat jealous of) the kind of instinctive knowledge that comes from deep lived experience of a topic. She is unusually suspicious of anyone who comes from a background of extreme wealth, as a result of her mother's disappearance.

Yeah, I got a whole lotta characters y'all.

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I just trimmed back on my games, but I'm going to apply just because Shaede is the DM. The longer start date helps.

ApplicationName: TBD
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Gloomstalker Ranger 3/Rogue 2 Multiclass
Background: Anthropologist
  • Personality Traits
    • I would risk life and limb to discover a new culture or unravel the secrets of a dead one.
    • By living among violent people, I have become desensitized to violence.
  • Ideal
    • Discovery. I want to be the first person to discover a lost culture.
  • Bond
    • My mentor gave me a journal filled with lore and wisdom. Losing it would devastate me.
  • Flaw
    • I complain about everything.

Anders Foundlingson|Djek Carrum-DiAugury|Hittebarn|Howard Slandermark|Potvin|Talisker Scarredheart
DMing: Labyrinth|Fenmire Dynasties|Kharaq Kham Academy|Recruiting: Map House
Back to Normal.

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Whew, that took sometime, anyway I'm finish with my app. Feedback is much appreciated to improve on my writing.
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right-aligned image

Name: Small (Kosj)
Race: Lizardman

"I am Small. I was smaller than those of my tribe. I only survived because my tribe was big and could take enough food so they did not have to eat me. Though they would if food were scarce. That is the way of things.

Bigger than my tribe were the monsters of the swamp. Chult is a land of bigness and the monsters of the swamps were the biggest to my tribe. The hornface with its three terrible horns growing from a plate of bone that could smash through the strongest skin. The snakenecks, heavier than even the biggest of monsters, able to crush the biggest of my tribe with a careless step. And, the biggest of all, from whose bellow all ran in fear, the greatjaws with its monstrous mouth dwarfing its tiny arms. Tooth and fang incarnate.

But there was one place even the greatjaws did not go. Deep in the swamp was a big temple, overgrown with all manner of strangling vines and carnivorous plants. From it came the bellow of deep beating drums and it sent forth from its bigness emissaries that carried fear throughout the swamp and beyond.

And from beyond the swamp came to its environs creature who seemed small, softskinned, and weak. And the emissaries of the big temple sent my tribe forth against these creatures to eat them but they were not eaten. Some of the softskins put on shells of metal and picked up sharp pieces of the same and they killed those of my tribe who came against them. Others stayed soft with sticks of wood but they opened their mouths, tiny mouths with teeth that could not even harm me, the smallest. And from their mouths came god words, words of fire and flashing light, words that caused clouds of sharp metal teeth to appear in the air and all of my tribe were smashed and burned and cut until they lay small and still.

I did not die because I did not challenge them, being small. They took me back to their place, this temple, to eat later if they grew hungry. And I learned to understand them so that I would not be eaten. And I learned their rules and this thing that was bigger even than the godwords they spoke, the Law. And I listened to their stories and listening, I grew even smaller as they grew even bigger.

For they had gone forth after making my tribe small. And they had met the monsters of the swamp and though the monsters had been very big, the softskins were bigger still. The hornface with its horns that could pierce the strongest skin was smashed and stabbed and slashed and burned until it pierced no more. And the softskins ate it. The snakenecks in their immensity heard godwords that made them afraid and they fled deeper into the swamps. Even the greatjaws had bellowed doom at them, and they had bellowed back the words of fire and light and steel and made it small. And so, the softskins were bigger than the monsters of the swamp.

Then the softskins found their way to the big temple with its strangling vines and carnivorous plants all around it. And they entered the temple and faced those within. And those within had godwords of their own and the air was rent with bellowing and power. But the softskins were bigger and their bigness was such that they burst the very stones asunder and brought the temple crashing down in ruins.

And so I remain Small. Those of the temple are big, their god words are bigger but I am not eaten. Because bigger even than the godwords is the Law. If I follow the law, it protects me. If I disobey it, I will be killed. And so, following the law, I become bigger. I learn the godwords and they change me and make me bigger. My bellow causes light and fire. But I do not eat those smaller than I am because the law says I cannot eat those who speak and the law is bigger. And I search for more godwords and grow bigger. Someday I will be so big that no one can eat me and then I will no longer be Small. I will. "

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right-aligned image

Name: Keylen Swiftbreeze
Race: Wood Elf
Age: 127
Class: Ranger (Hunter)
Mechanical Background: Cormanthor Refugee
Hometown: Cormanthor Forest

Trait: I appreciate beauty in all of its forms.
Trait: I hate the dark elves and the Netherese for each driving the elves out of Cormanthyr in the past.
Bond: The forest has provided me with food and shelter. In return, I protect forests and those who dwell within.
Ideal: I've had to look out for number one so long that it has become second nature.
Flaw: I am very uncomfortable indoors and underground.

Physical Description
Keylen has spent her entire life among the thick forests of Cormanthor, and as such has a lithe and athletic build from years of surviving on her own. She has long brown hair and emerald green eyes. She is attractive by elven and human standards, but one would not go so far as to say she is beautiful. She has green tattooed marks on her cheeks and forehead adding to her more rustic look.


Keylen has spent much of her adult life on her own traveling through the great forest. As such she is used to looking out for herself first and foremost. As a result she can be a bit brusk around others at first, not trusting of others, having been on her own for so long. While friendly she is not quick to trust others, with the exception of Drow which she holds a deep disdain for as result of her upbringing. The other common races she gets along with for the most part so long as they do not cross her or get in her way. She holds great animosity for any type of undead, having encountered their treachery and destruction in her travels.

Current Characters: Barthal, Fezaliax, Galileo, Thorin, Vesden,

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Application Status: Ready for Review

right-aligned image
Name: Ovaas
Class: Way of the Long Death Monk
Race: Goblin
Alignment: CG

Appearance: The slight movement of the underbrush draws your eye to an area on the jungle. There are no discernible paths leading from or to the area but you are certain that you saw something move, if ever so slightly. Then you see the top of a staff shift some larger palm leaves away. The staff is splintered and definitely worn from overuse. On the top of the staff sits some ragged fabric that was wound around the wood fragments to help keep it them in one piece. Then you spot the green hand holding onto the wooden staff. A goblin! This one is small in stature and stands just over two feet tall. It's skin is a polished green that tends to fade into the brush around it. A patch of rusty color hair sits on the top of it's head with a row of small horns jutting out from the skin on either side. It has bulbous eyes that scatter back and forth furiously looking for anything that may be a foe. Sharp teeth jut up from its'; bottom jaw and spittle drips down behind a curled lip. It wears a light fabric vest and has a pack of goods on its' back, showing that it has a certain amount of sophistication, if you can call it that. It moves quickly through the brush and in an instant is gone into the dense foliage.

Background: Hermit - I was the defacto caretaker of an ancient ruin or relic.

Personality trait 1: I'm oblivious to etiquette and social expectations.
Personality trait 2: I feel tremendous empathy for all who suffer, including plants, bugs and animals.
Ideal: Free Thinking. Inquiry and curiosity are the pillars of progress. (Chaotic)
Bond: I entered seclusion to hide from the ones who might still be hunting me. I must someday confront them.
Flaw: Now that I've returned to the world, I enjoy its delights a little too much.

Ovaas was a member of the nomadic Kraa Kraa tribe as a young batiri (goblin). They roamed the jungles of Chult and rarely stayed in one place for longer than a day. The tribe is known for wearing feathers on both their armor and weapons. To this day Ovaas is fond of carrying and displaying feathers on various items that he carries. When he was 5, roughly an early adolescent in batiri years, Ovaas was injured and was left behind to die in the jungle. The Kraa Kraa tribe are well known for leaving the old and wounded as it slows down their nomadic movements from one area to the next. Ovaas survived and seeks to get revenge for his being left behind if he ever happens to encounter any from his old tribe. The orphaned batiri survived on his own in the jungle by being small and unseen by anything that could harm him. He lived many years alone and rarely encountering others. As he traveled the jungle he happened upon an ancient temple located near the beginning of the River Tiryki. The ruined temple was very near to the Grung settlement of Dungrunglung which helped Ovaas survive by assisting treasure seekers to find the temple ruins and survive the surrounding jungles, which included avoiding the Grung village. In return the batiri nomad obtained assistance from the various travelers against attacks from the various creatures who lived near the ruins. Ovaas had a peaceful friendship with several different races and creatures although for the most part the clans and villages tried to keep the batiri away by incorrectly assuming he was part of a bigger batiri tribe. In the past few years the treasure seekers have been coming to the ruins less and less as word has gotten out that the area has been almost fully plundered. Ovaas was wise enough to realize that without the treasure seekers he could not keep the various other threats on the temple away for much longer. He decided to travel downriver to seek a new area in which to live. However, as he traveled the long path of the river he encountered not only the great waterfalls which the treasure seekers had mentioned but also the many Grung settlements along the river. He needed to travel all the way to Port Nyanzaru to escape any threats from the downstream jungles. Now he finds himself in a new world with no enemies nor allies.
I have taken the Oath

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Name: Valentine "Lent" Persis
Race: Tiefling
Class: Sorcerer (dragonblood)
Hometown: Waterdeep

Back Story: Lent was raised in the city of Waterdeep in a place called the Athenaeum, a center for para-religious studies dedicated to the idea that godhood is not necessarily a state of being, but a trajectory. He believes that the entities we typically refer to as "deities" were individuals who had advanced to the point where they could traverse planes of existence and wander through time itself. These individuals then encountered the more primitive peoples and cultures of Faerun eons ago, who saw their highly evolved intellect, superior tools, and magical prowess and believed these individuals to be gods. His goal in traveling to Chult is to find evidence to support his theory; he's always preferred field work to lab work.


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If we have a place to roll our stats that isn't in this thread, may we roll them in order to have a better idea of what to build?

I.E. How strong, How tough etc.
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Would a Rune Knight fighter from UA be allowable?
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right-aligned image

Name: Temazira "Tema"

Class: Fighter 3 - Battlemaster Archetype / Cleric 2 - War Domain

Race: Half Orc

Appearance: Tema stands at an imposing six feet five inches tall, and probably weighs in somewhere between two hundred thirty and two hundred fifty pounds, though it is difficult to tell with the heavy armor she has on.
She's an odd mix of human and orc for sure as her facial structure could pass for human were it not for the pointy ears and "tusk" teeth jutting out from the bottom of her jaw over her top lip. Her skin tone is just as muddled, it being a mix of olive, tan and a hint of dark gray. She has brown hair, golden colored eyes, and a scar running almost vertical, down the left side of her face, right over the center of her eye, from her forehead to stop about even with the bottom of her nose.
Though she's dressed for battle in her battered and worn plate mail armor, she even looks to have war paint on her left cheek. On closer inspection, however, the war paint can be seen to be a birthmark.

5e Background: Knight of the Order (Order of the Silver Fang)


Backstory: Tema was born into a small village near Murann. Her parents have a decent sized farm, mostly dealing with sheep, though they grow crops as well. All are sold in the city.
Both of her parents are human, and she decided long ago not to ask how she was half orc, as they were her parents and they had always stated that she was their daughter and it did not matter. They did offer to tell her when she was older once she came home upset at the teasing (that didn't last long due to how fast she grew and how big she got), but she declined.
It quickly became evident that she had a love for fighting, and kept seeking out bigger and bigger "bullies" or just tough folk to scrap with. Sometimes it was friendly sometimes not.
Fearing she'd end up a thug or criminal before long, her parents went to a small temple/shrine of Tempus, aka Gond for guidance since he was the God of war and battles.
An older priest saw Tema's birthmark, and her "fangs" and became convinced she was "touched" by Tempus and should join the order immediately - particularly the almost extinct Order of the Silver Fang.
She had to be trained to a high level before she could be sent to where the order had their own temple, or training location. So, under the "employ" of the Order, she was sent to train with a half-orc "hunter", or Monster hunter named Mahleg so that she would gain fighting skills. She'd also need to learn to survive against all manner of beast and man - both natural and unnatural, and this was what Mahleg put her up against.
This fit right with Tema's mindset, and she was actually not happy when after a few years, which went by too quickly in her opinion, her training was said to be over. She was sent to an obscure temple of Tempus south of the Starspire Mountains, near the River Sulduskoon, and not far from Zazesspur.
Here she dove into the teachings of Tempus and the ways and training of the Knights. At her initiation, she was donned with heavy armor, decked out with weapons of her choosing that she fought well with, and sent into the mountains to battle a small band of orcs, or all things, that had been raiding some villages. This was her final test and graduation in a sense. Upon returning, she had been told that now her armor was scuffed, dented, and battleworn, and deserving of a true Battleguard. Given the rank of such, she was also given a new holy symbol, that of an open faced helm in the color of the crimson hue of blood and all her clothes and garments were replaced with those colored red or amber.
As all of the order save her were old and nearing feeble times, a radical decision was made. Their new charge would be sent south, under her own guidance and that of Tempus to take his ways and more specifically that of their order, to places it has never been. It's time for a change.
Before she left, she heard a huge debate as if this was a bad idea, and the highest ranking Battleguard of the Order of the Silver Fang wasn't thinking clearly, and Tema needed to stay here and try to infuse the order with more young members. The reply was that this kind of thinking hadn't worked in decades, so it was time for something new.

So, her goal is to go where Tempus takes her and after a night of drinking at a bar in Myratma, she boarded a ship headed for Chult, hearing about some lost city she decided she'd find in the name of Tempus and the order. It may not be the best idea she's ever had.

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Intrigued in the game and even more keen to apply thanks to Numen Wraith's recommendation above

I also like the RPGX - roll20 - discord resource allocation as it is how I run my games.

Still working out the details but I'm considering a Circle of the Land (Coast) Druid (and Sailor?) focused on weather magic, casting and utility from a group of sages whose focus is the Chultan Peninsula and its civilisations.

Trim Scrymshaw
right-aligned image
Name: Trim Scrymshaw
Class: Druid. Circle of the Land - Coast
Race: Half-elf
Appearance: Trim is just short of six feet and thin from his elven heritage. He has pale hair and well-cut handsome features bearing some scars and pockmarks from the poor lifestyle of his youth. He wears the rune-inked tabard of a Druid over leather armour and a satchel of components hangs from a shoulder.

Background: Harper Agent
Two personality traits: 1. Trim loves the sea, sailing and travelling to new places. He’s most comfortable on the rolling deck of a ship. 2. Trim is grateful for the opportunities he’s been given and is easy-going and free with a laugh.
Ideal: Freedom and Equality. The freedom to travel must be maintained! All people deserve equal treatment.
Bond: Family. Trim’s adopted family of Ursa, Axinya and Yhemed.
Flaw: It’s not stealing if I need it more than someone else.





That should complete my application but if there's anything more required please let me know.

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