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Old 02-12-2019, 06:57 PM
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Act 5 Scene 1b Simena

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Simena looked down from her vantage point high on the mountain to the little village growing on the side of slopes and hallow. Normally she did not like to leave her home in the great valley but this place reminded her of her mother's home up in the mountains of what was now, southern Skelkor.

She thought back to earlier times.


Simena looked at the smooth, cool stone that appeared in her hand. She was first drawn to the stone when she saw it sitting on a shelf in Grandma Vera's cabin in the High Mountains of Skelkor.

Even a five-year-old knew she was walking in a mystical place, at least that is what it felt like to her when she got a chance to visit the cabin. Little Simena would take her shoes off when she arrived, and off they would stay until she made the trip home to the valley below or the snow fell. Grandma Vera thought shoes were affront to nature's way. The cabin was stock full of the odd nick-nacks a curious child would love - shiny rocks, knives, walking sticks, and combinations of living and stuffed creatures of the forest displayed to show off their natural beauty. In Grandma's work-room and kitchen, hundreds of drying herbs hung from ceiling racks, giving the whole place an exotic smell.

Simena spotted the polished piece of labradorite about the shape and size of her five-year-old hand behind an old brass mortar and pestle which had probably not moved in years. The surface of the stone shown with a sheen of all the colors of the rainbow over a dark green that seemed to fade into blackness down to its core. The effect was mesmerizing as Simena seemed to get lost in the depths of the stone. She jumped as Grandma Vera's voice broke through the moment, "What do you have there young one?"

She wasn't afraid to hold the stone out with both hands. Grandma made it clear that she was welcome to explore anything she wished while she visited. The invitation also came with a warning not to touch anything that might hurt her until she was shown its proper use. "What is it Grandma?"

Grandma Vera took the rock and smiled back at the child's wide-eyed expression. "Well, this is very interesting. Before I answer I'd like to know why of all the things sitting on that shelf, you picked this one?" The young Simena looked over the shelf for what seemed like the first time. Now that she took notice, there really were a lot of great looking options - a small sampling of which included a small knife, a clear crystal point, several old books bound in leather, several colored glass beads, and a brass mortar and pestle.

Simena thought about the question a moment, "I guess it's the only thing I really saw until you said something about it."

"Well, well." Grandma settled into her rocking chair as she turned the stone over in her hand. "The ancients from the northern parts called this the Dark Moonstone. They believed that some of the lights that appeared in the sky were actually spirit folk, and they had become trapped in these stones. Then a great dragon warrior felt such a large sorrow for the spirit folk that she broke the prison with her huge claws, setting them free. The lights we see in those rocks today, are the earth's memory of the great spirit or perhaps some spirits that didn't escape." She passed the rock to little-girl-Simena. "This was your mother's so now I pass it to you."

"There is something else, isn't there grandma?"

"Yes, you notice quite a bit don't you young one." She resumed her slow rocking, "There are those who also say, that people who are attracted to the Black Moonstone are descended from dragon blood." Laughing now, "Wouldn't that be grand?" Looking now at Simena, "You'll have an appreciation of the sea and wind, and perhaps even carry the family gift for sight."

"I can see Grandma."

"I know child, but you may be able to see even more because of your natural connection to the land and its nature." She stood slowly from the rocker. "Walk with me child."

"It's going to be a early fall this year." Grandma Vera stated plainly as she began the walk down one of the many trails that cut through the forested mountain. "I don't have a lot of time left with you child, so there are going to be a few things that I will tell you now that will make more sense as you get older... or not."

Simena thought this would be the moment Grandma would say out loud, what she had already been told silently. Her mother was going to die soon. The eyes of everyone around her shouted this fact even though she had not been able to make out the adult's whispers that seemed to surround her. This turned out to be a talk that changed Simena's perception of life, but the talk had nothing to do with the cold truth that, a week from then Simena would be abducted by a presence so overwhelming that she would block out the memory of that year for the rest of her life. The day she was taken would also be the day that Simena's mother died and she would become a Witch of the Black Robes.


Simena held that same stone in her hand today, as she looked down on the village called, Valressst. Eventually her Grandmother would have passed all her memories to her but Simena had selected the black stone that day she choose her path, her only regret being the loss of her Grandmother Vera memories. Now some Blood Witch may have those same memories, the thought angered her to the core.

The memories Simena had earned on her own would have to do. Grandma Vera was also a seer and gazer, well sought after in the greatest of dragon courts. Even so Vera never allied with realm, alliance or clan. Simena gazed into a clear crystal with several rainbow screens - a rarity in these parts. She turned the stone in her hand and the visions came. Grandma Vera's ruff and almost contra-bass voice spoke to Simena in memories, "Let you mind go where it wills and just follow. Let your vision survey the land, streams, valleys, mountains, even the very air and sky. Feel peace."

Simena smiled as she traveled through the power of her vision in the small space of the crystal sphere. But in a few moments that smile faded. "I can't feel the mountain pass Grandma. Why can't I feel and see to that space?" Her low voice replied, "Anywhere you can not see after a time and then a another, you will find.... mystery and wonder. But you'll have to use your natural eyes and wits to see them."

Today Simena looked down the mountain side with her physical eyes, covering much of her face from the winds with the dark robes of her station. Seeing the village of Valresst she simply said, "there you are - my little secret."

Then, with the next breeze, her form turned to smoke and wisped away to the winds.
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