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Old 02-13-2019, 08:29 AM
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Karell - Solo Thread

Karell Leaving Borskul was the hardest thing Karell had ever done but she had deemed it a necessity and proceeded with her self-imposed banishment with the pride of her people and her father. Life was hard in Borskul and it didn't get any easier in the Empty Hills. There was little in the way of honest work to be found and even the honest work came at a price. Most farmers in the area had to 'rent' their land from a local lord who charged so much for the plot of land the poor fools would be tilling his land for the rest of their lives. The only profession that seemed more lucrative than extorting serfs was robbing the lords of the serfs hard labor or working protection for one of the lords against the brigands...who invariably were hired by a neighboring lord. The whole system was ludicrous and Karell found little desire to participate in the madness.

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Until she walked into the small hamlet of Haven. Its workers tilled land they could truly call their own with taxes levied not by demand but by ability. Poor harvest yielded less taxes. Bountiful harvests levied a larger tax. The proceeds of these taxes went mostly into public works. Stone walled wells dotted the hamlet and a small wall ringed the houses nestled around a small manor where the lord lived. There was even a small shrine to the human goddess Evelyn overseen by a middle-aged priest. The tavern served simple yet hearty fare at reduced rates to travelers and free of charge for those who called Haven home. This was a place Karell may find the peace and growth she sought.

oocI'm going to throw you in faster than I had initially expected. The group has reached the village of Haven. You have been hired on as protection against bandits and brigands. Odyssey's character is working with Lady Woonnot, Baroness of Haven as an adviser of sorts. So you're characters are at least familiar with each other. You've been in the village for a few weeks. I'll get you guys introduced in the main thread soon.
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Old 02-13-2019, 08:50 PM
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Haven, with all its concrete walls and stone houses, reminded Karell so much of the home she had lost. Life was hard in Borskul, but save for the rank selfishness of jerks like Lean-Tongue, she felt there was still some sense of communal responsibility among her people. Here in this small hamlet however, that spirit of shared responsibility took on a life of its own. Part of the orc thought that it was too good to be true. Most of the human cities she'd encountered in her travels (not counting those that outright wanted to kill her on sight) were tainted with the same selfish ambition and two-faced neighborliness that plagued the deceased tyrant. Kindness was a rarity, most of all to strange folk in strange clothes - such as they were, with her ragged assortment of animal skins and bones - like Karell.

What could my father have found so attractive about humans that he would share his life with one?


Which was why Haven became so intriguing to Karell. As far as she could tell, this place was unlike the others. The money went where it was supposed to, the people lived in harmony, and there was fairness and kindness, even to one such as her. She had yet to meet the Baronness face to face, but her adviser, Rinnolen, she had met; he seemed to be wiser than he looked. Then again, most elves were; even the murderous ones. Still, he seemed to be a just sort, and the work here chafed less than her previous jobs. As she returns from a routine perimeter check, she spies one of locals running excitedly, heading straight for her.



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